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Mile High Locksmith® has been a Denver locksmith for almost 2 decades and we have a wonderful and well deserved reputation as Denver and the Front Range’s local locksmith. We do not say that to boast because we submit that the statement is justified by our A rating with the BBB, our Member Scanned & Approved status with Home Advisor and our over 1000 “5 Star” ratings by actual customers on Google. We are a full service 24 hour locksmith and a fully mobile locksmith and we can reach you every hour of every day, including all holidays, almost anywhere in the Colorado Front Range. Mile High is a residential locksmith as well as a commercial locksmith and we also offer an extensive suite of car key replacement services. Our focus is upon providing real, meaningful help to our customers in terms of sales, installation and key and locksmith services at their homes, their businesses, or in their cars. If the problem is a lost key, a new lock, a key duplication, a need to have locks rekeyed or locks changed or to have car key programming done Mile High can manage all of your local locksmith services needs efficiently and expertly. Moreover, we are your emergency locksmith for home, business and car lockouts all of the time, non-stop. We are just a call or an internet contact away via our nationwide dispatchers at 1-800-351-0548 or a visit to our website by Smart Phone, I-Phone, Tablet or PC.



612 N. Washington St., Ste 108, Denver, Colorado 80203.

Phone: (720) 248-8087 24/7

E-mail: milehighlocksmithteam@gmail.com

Store Hours:

9:00am – 5:00pm

Mon thru Fri

We Trained Our Technicians To Become Expert Locksmiths

At Mile high we make it a point to send you the very best locksmith Denver has available. Each of our locksmiths is a highly trained and expert technician. Each of them is also a salaried staffer who has gone through a full and complete background check before they begin work with our company. They are always driving company owned vehicles and using company owned key machines, tools and technology to bring the highest level of service to our clients. Our techs receive ongoing training in the field of car keys and car starting devices through a program with the prestigious automotive locksmith school Lishi and we train on and use their excellent systems and tools because they are simply the best in the industry. The Lishi training is always open and available to our techs. For non-automotive training we have learned through experience that our own Master Level Locksmiths at Mile High are as skilled and competent, and as good of teachers, as any locksmith school instructor we’ve ever met. So we have a monthly “In House” training program where our Master Level Locksmiths provide training on standard skills and new technology for our staff. We stand behind these fine professionals and their work 100%. So whether our crew member is coming to you to install or service door locks, get your locks changed or locks rekeyed for you or perform car key replacement we know that they will make you a satisfied customer.

Denver Colorado

Mile High Locksmith ® is an officially registered trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Mile High Locksmith® Locations

We hope that you are now asking yourself “Where is the closest locksmith to me or the locksmith for cars near me that works for Mile high Locksmith®?” If so, here’s the answer. While Mile High Locksmith® is based in Denver we also have locksmiths operating in the Salt Lake City “Wasatch Front” and in the Las Vegas, NV metro area.

Find a Store

So if you need a locksmith in these areas and want to find our locksmith locations you may dial our nationwide dispatchers at 1-800-351-0548 or you may go to our store locator page online.

It is very common in our industry for us to see a homeowner or business owner who needs an emergency locksmith, and also a mobile locksmith, because they have locked themselves out of their home or business. These customers may need our lockout services or for us to make them new keys on the spot. So even when our techs are scheduled to be in one of our shops from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on a given day they are always still ready and waiting for your call and will make an emergency run over to your location to bring you the services that you need.

What to do when you’ve lost your car keys and have no spare?

Car key replacement is one of our areas of expertise. We serve as both a car door locksmith and a car ignition locksmith. Here’s some useful info on the fast moving technology of car keys. In the old days, say before the 1990’s, most all car keys were simple, metal mechanical blade-type devices that could be created in local locksmiths shops or even sometimes hardware stores. And we can still make those types of keys from the extensive code information and the key blanks that we carry onboard our mobile units. But the more modern vehicles will often have transponder keys or “Keyless” key fob devices that “speak” to the onboard computer in the car and signal it to go ahead and start and run. Each of these devices is specific to a given car, which is a useful anti-theft tool. But of course if you don’t have a spare key the data required for making a new key has to come from somewhere. Getting that info may be as simple as examining your car’s VIN number. But if it’s not that simple we have all of the computer gear and technology onboard our mobile units that we need to get the right codes for your car and create the key or fob that you need to get your car rolling again.

Should I Call A Locksmith After I Move In?

Yes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some of your local locksmiths and find a locksmith that you trust after you move into a new home. You never know for absolute certain who may have had a key to the locks that are on your new home in the past so it only makes sense to ask yourself “Where can I find a locksmith near me?”, then find the best locksmith available and get those locks changed if only for your peace of mind. Getting your door locks changed when you move in is just smart and safe!

Commercial Locksmith Services For Businesses And Offices

Security at your business is always a critical concern. And we hasten to point out to you that there are many companies and people out there that will attempt to sell and install door security hardware to businesses and offices who are not even trained locksmiths. When it comes to the safety of your inventory and business records there’s a big, big difference between a remodeling company or a handyman and a professional locksmith. The handyman or remodeler might be a perfectly good person, but they are not a professional locksmith, let alone a Master Level Locksmith. Here are some differences professional locksmiths and non-professionals that we would like to point out to you: First, a professional locksmith will always have a full suite of the most modern locks available on the market and will have the right lock in stock to meet your requirements. That’s Professionalism; we keep current on everything happening in our profession. A remodeler or handyman will have what he has and might be more focused on selling something to you that is convenient for him to get out of his inventory than focused on getting you the product that is best for you. Second, our technicians take yearly classes on business and office security devices to keep them abreast of what are the latest and most improved products available- remodelers and handymen usually can’t afford to stay that current. Third, Warranty. We warranty our work and our products for 30 days and offer our clients a 3 day no questions asked returns policy. We’ve got your back and we’ll do whatever is in our power to keep the products, records and trade secrets of your business safe and secure 24/7/365. We suggest that you avail yourself of our knowledge, expertise and our comprehensive and current inventory of business security products.

Please give us just a couple more minutes of your valuable time to wrap up our services. With our many “5 Star” reviews online we hope that you will see that we believe in giving our customers the best services at the right price. We think that your confidence in Mile High Locksmith® is also supported by our A+ BBB rating and our Home Advisor Member Scanned & Approved status. If you are considering any of our services our technician will provide you with a free no obligation estimate for the service and at least 3 different options on new locks and prices when you are considering new door locks. We will always strive to insure that you get the best lock at the right price and that the price fits your budget exactly.

Allow us to remind you of our terrific 30 day warranty on services and products as well as our 3 day no questions asked returns policy.

Please remember that we are open 24/7 so you can get in touch with us and make a service order late on a Saturday night, early on a Sunday morning, every holiday and every hour of every day all year long. We are always on duty and here to help you.

How Do I Contact Mile High Locksmith?

For 24/7 locksmith Services please call: 1-800-351-0548. Or you may use the scheduling app on our website at: Schedule Appointment. We have found the online scheduling app is actually the quickest way to get one of our techs to you, so to encourage you to use that app we automatically give you a 10% discount when you do.

You can also reach us via email at: milehighlocksmithteam@gmail.com

And, finally, our “Guest Services” main number for insurance claims, product returns or refunds is open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (720) 340-5333.

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