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Mile High Locksmith® Manitou Springs really want to a historically good job from the Cave of the Winds to Crystal Park, Colorado, including
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Manitou Springs may be Colorado’s earliest and oldest Resort! “Manitou” seems to mean “Breath of the Great Spirit” in reference to the effervescence in the cold mineral springs here. And it is certain that at least the Ute, Arapahoe and Cheyenne tribes wintered near the springs peacefully with each other. Manitou has a population of over 5000 and covers over 3 square miles with lots of that acreage  concentrated in the quaint avenues of the town and in the hills above. An historic town like Manitou deserves locksmith services from a Colorado locksmith company that wants to do a historically good job. And we at Mile High Locksmith Manitou Springs really want to a historically good job from the Cave of the Winds to Crystal Park. And we’ll always find a way around the “Coffin Race”! We are a totally mobile locksmith and a 24 hour locksmith as well. And what that means, Manitou, is that we can get to your location every hour of every day, including holidays, at every spot in Manitou. We can work on all of Manitou’s locks and are proud to announce that we have the best possible A rating with the BBB, over 2000 “5 Star” ratings from real customers on Google and the coveted Subscriber Approved & Verified status with Home Advisor.

We are distributers for the beautiful Baldwin locks, Defiant locks, Schlage locks, Yale locks and Kwikset locks. These are the safest door locks available and in some cases they come in the electronic door locks or “Smart Locks” that are becoming ever more popular on the market. We are not focused exclusively on residential locks. Our lock installation services, lock repair services and rekeying locks services apply to all of the front door locks, back door locks and all entry door locks for home and business. And our locksmith services go well beyond that too. We can change a lock on a patio door or screen door and if you have a locking mailbox we can service that lock and make you mailbox keys. Do you like to keep a secure perimeter at your home or business? If you have any sort of gate lock with key system, including electronic and remote control systems, we can supply all of your requirements on that. We even sell and install the finest brands of garage doors and perform garage door repair. There is no garage door project too large or too small for us, and for businesses we can install the largest and most Industrial Strength garage doors that you need. And all of this comes with policies to provide you a free no obligations estimate by a well trained technician before the project, a 3 day no questions asked returns policy on goods and services, and a 90 day warranty on our work. Add to that our extremely competitive locksmith prices and we suggest that when you hire Mile High Locksmith you’ve hired a winner!

Manitou Car Keys

More and more commonly when you lose a car key or damage it to where it can’t function you will find that you require locksmith replacement car keys or key devices. Back in the day, so to speak, car keys were fairly simple blade and channel implements with straight forward tumblers that could be produced just about anywhere. And we still carry the information and key blanks in our mobile units to make you those keys if you need them or, if we don’t have your specific info and blanks we can get them. But since about 1997 car makers have been leaning progressively toward the anti-theft technology of the transponder key and the “Keyless” key fob. These devices are electronically coded to your car, and your car only, and they must identify themselves to your car before the car will accept their orders to start and run. Mile High is a thoroughly modern automotive locksmith and we carry onboard our units all of the computer, info and tech gear needed to provide you the locksmith key programming that will get you the car key replacement appropriate for whatever vehicle you drive. We’ll mention here that your car dealership can replace or create the transponder keys and keyless fobs as well but just consider that if you don’t have a working key you’d probably have to have the vehicle towed to the dealership and that could be a substantial added expense while Mile High comes right to you whenever, wherever.

There’s another problem that can arise with your car that we can assist you with and that is a problem with the ignition switch itself. If the key won’t turn in ignition or you are experiencing other ignition switch problems symptoms you’re probably going to have to have the switch repaired or replaced. All of our techs are highly trained on ignition switch problems and carry an array of switches with them and can readily acquire less common switches when needed. So, again, we are a mobile locksmith and will come to you wherever you are in Manitou. Also, you get the same free estimate, 3 days no questions asked return policy and the 90 day warranty. We don’t think that you can beat that!

Emergency Locksmith

People lose their keys or lock themselves out of the cars, homes and businesses all of the time. It happens to lots and lots of people, we’re all busy and have a lot on our minds, so don’t ever feel bad about it, just call us and get us rolling to your location. Consider us your 24 hour emergency locksmith ready to hurry to your location with the lockout services that you need. Here’s how our emergency locksmith procedures work. You can reach us in two ways, either by contacting our dispatch center by phone or via our website. Our phone number is 719-299-5995. The phone lines and the website are monitored 24/7 by our live dispatch team and if you place a phone call you will speak with a live person who will assign a tech to your case and you should have an incoming call from that tech within a a few minutes to give you an ETA. After that the tech will usually be at your location within an 25 to 45 minutes of your initial call. The process is very similar when using the website and the website is monitored just as closely as the phone lines. As with the phone call you should receive an incoming call on your phone from our tech within a half hour of your completing your “booking” on the website and that tech then should be with you in about an hour after your booking. Our records have taught us that having a customer use the website to summon us is the quickest way for us to get a tech to them. So, to encourage all of our customers to book our locksmith services via the website, we automatically apply a 10% discount for services scheduled that way. And here’s a tip on saving some money on an automotive lockout. But please remember that this tip applies to automotive lockouts only. Most car insurance companies will pay to get a locked out client back into the insured car. So there are a couple of ways to go about this. You can contact your insurance carrier and have them contact Mile High Directly and issue us what amounts to a work order and then the entire matter, including payment for services, is handled between us and the insurance company. Or, you can pay us out of pocket for our services and then file a claim for reimbursement with your carrier. Either way, it ultimately makes getting back into your car very inexpensive. So whether you need to take advantage of our house lockout service or our business or car lockout services we are always on standby and waiting for your summons.

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