GEICO Emergency Roadside Assistance

Geico emergency lockout service will assist you by sending an authorized locksmith to get you back into your car. Coverage is limited to $100 total for cost of labor and supplies for the following services: key breaks in the ignition, broken key in the door or trunk, lost keys, or keys locked in the car.

GEICO Emergency Roadside Locksmith

As your official Geico emergency road service automotive locksmith we wish to make you aware of our dedicated commitment to a Rapid Response whenever you need us. Once Geico has summoned us to your assistance a master car locksmith is assigned to your case and you will usually receive an incoming call from that technician within 2 minutes of the assignment and then you will usually have that tech at your side within 20 to 45 minutes. We are that dedicated to you as a valued Geico customer and to Geico as a valued business partner. You can count on Geico and Geico can count on us!

Mile High Locksmith® has been serving the entire Colorado Front Range for nearly 20 years. We are a 24/7/365 fully mobile locksmith for home, business and auto that will come to you anytime, anywhere in our service area. We have an unbeatable A rating with the BBB, over 2500 “5 Star” ratings on Google from real customers and we are a Subscriber Approved & Verified company with Home Advisors. We say with complete confidence that we are the premier locksmith in this area, and we would like to mention our relationship with Geico Insurance as a Geico Roadside Assistance Provider. Geico emergency road service is among the best in the industry and, as the premier mobile locksmith in the Colorado Front Range, we are proud to be affiliated with them. We’ve worked with Geico for many, many years and we know that with Geico emergency roadside assistance we always receive the clearest instructions and the most comprehensive specific customer and vehicle data that we could hope for. Assuming that you are reading this page because you are a Geico customer, we’d just like to tell you that you’ve made a fine choice in an insurance provider- Geico is amongst the best. They will provide insurance coverage of up to $100.00 for labor and supplies for keys broken in the ignition or trunk, lost keys, or keys locked in the car. So, if your overall charge for services is, for example, $280.00 and Geico will take care of the remaining $100.00. And they will always arrange for you to get the speediest Geico emergency roadside response.

The Geico emergency roadside assistance phone number is:


When you call them, they’ll usually call Mile High Locksmith®, or you can specifically request that they call us, and you can’t do better than that.

Ask Geico To Contact Mile High Locksmith

Remember, the Geico emergency roadside assistance number is:


and Geico Website is:

and their staff may always be reached at that number.

Your best option is to contact Geico there and brief their staff on what type of services you require and then, ask them to contact:

Mile High locksmith at 1-800-351-0548 (having our number available for them should speed the process up a bit) and issue us an appropriate Work Order or “PO Number”.

This will formally activate us and get us moving in your direction with the required equipment and/or products you need.

Since we are a 24/7/365, all holidays included, mobile automotive locksmith our technicians are ALWAYS ready to roll.

You can count on that telephone call from our tech within 2 minutes of assignment and on having the tech at your location within 20-45 minutes– so you are receiving a rapid response indeed!

Using Mile High Locksmith to provide you your Geico emergency roadside assistance is the best and fastest way to get the finest service tech available in the Front Range at your side pronto.

Having Geico contact us with a Work Order or PO Number

Will automatically generates their payment of $100.00 to us which defrays your cost by that amount as detailed in the previous section.

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