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Hi Chrysler owners, greetings from Mile High Locksmith! We’ve been serving the Colorado Front Range for nearly 20 years as a full service car locksmith and we know a lot about Chrysler. For instance, did you know that Chrysler was established by Walter Chrysler in 1925? We did! And we know all about lost keys to Chrysler and most other car makes. But we’ll just be focusing on Chrysler car key replacement in models since 1985 with an aim at helping you here and showing you how we can help “in the clutch” if you ever need Chrysler car key replacement. A few of our credentials first; we have a coveted A rating with the BBB, over 2800 “5 Star” ratings from real customers on Google and we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisors. We can get you the exact keys you need at the best Chrysler key replacement cost. We are also a 24/7/365 MOBILE LOCKSMITH so when you find yourself asking “Where can I find Chrysler key replacement near me?” you need look no further than Mile High Locksmith! We’ll come to you when you need us any time of any day, including all holidays, anywhere in our extensive service area. So, we can serve you with Chrysler car key replacement for all Chrysler models manufactured in 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

Count on it. And here is some information on key types that we believe you will find helpful in this process if and when you need us. LIKE NOW, perhaps? Until a relatively short time ago car keys were very much like house keys; simple shaft and channel devices that tripped tumblers in the dashboard or steering column and sometimes the keys could even be made at hardware stores. But since around 1996 they have evolved first into “transponder keys” and then into “Keyless” ignition and entry “fobs” (recognizable by their 3 electronic buttons). These are more secure devices but each of them must be coded to just one car and that requires locksmith key programming, which all our mobile units can bring to you anywhere in our service area. That said, please be advised that “Old Fashioned” generally pre-1996 keys are the least expensive for car key replacement while transponders are more expensive, and fobs are the most expensive. The following Chrysler model list will help you see which type you are most likely to need.

Chrysler Key Blank Reference List

200– 2011-2014; The 200 had a transponder key designated EK3p-Y164, EK3LB-Y160, or Y160-GTK#.

300– 2004- 2015; The 300 for ‘05- ‘07 will have transponder keys designated EK3P-Y164, EK3LB-Y160 or Y164-PT. For ‘08- ‘15 the transponder will be designated EK3P-Y170, EKLBY170 or Y170-GTK#. There was also a Dealer Fob designated Dealer FOB /Y170-PT.

300M– 1994-2004; The “M” will have a transponder designated either EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160, Y160-GTK# or Y160-PY.

Aspen– 2007-2009; The Aspen will have transponder keys designated EK3P-Y164, EK#LB-Y160 or Y164-PT.

Cirrus– 1995-2000; From ‘95- ‘98 the Cirrus had an old-fashioned key designated P1794-Y157. From ‘99- ‘00 it may have either the old-fashioned key PT795 or Y175 or transponder keys designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK# or Y160-PT.

Concorde– 1993-2004; From ‘93- ‘94 the Concorde had an old-fashioned metal key designated P1793 or Y155. From ‘94- 97 the old-fashioned key was designated P1794 or Y157. From ‘98- ‘04 there was a metal key designated P1795 or Y159 and also a transponder designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK#, or Y160-PT.

Crossfire– 2004-2008; This model had only the DEALER KEY FOB. 

LHS– 1999-2001; LHS had transponder keys designated EK3-Y160, EK3-LB-160*, Y160-GTK#, or Y160-PT.

New Yorker– 1998-2001; From ‘94- ‘97 the New Yorker had an old-fashioned metal key designated P1794 or Y157. From ‘98- ‘01 there were transponder keys designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK#, or Y160-PT.

Pacifica– 2004- 2018 & 2017- 2019; For the ‘04- ‘08 Pacifica’s there will be a transponder key designated EK3P-Y164, EKLB3-Y164, Y160-GTK# or Y164-PT. For the ‘17- ‘19 models there will be Prox Smart Keys designated OEM-CHRY-1624, OEM-CHRY-1625, OEM-CHRY-1626, OEM-CHRY-1627, OEM-CHRY-1628, OEM-CHRY-1629, OEM-CHRY-1630, OEM-CHRY-1631, OEM-CHRY-1632 and OEM-CHRY-1633. 

Prowler– 2001- 2002; All Prowlers will have an old-fashioned key designated P1794 or Y157.

PT Cruiser– 2001-2011; From ‘01- ‘05 the Cruiser had both old-fashioned keys and transponders, the old-fashioned keys were designated P1795 or Y159, and the transponders were designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK# or Y160-PT. From ‘06- ‘11 it had transponder keys designated Y164-PT, EK3P-Y164, EK3LB-Y160*, or Y160-GTK#.

Sebring Coupe– 1995-2006; The ’95 had the old-fashioned key designated X176 or MIT1. The ‘96- ‘97 had the old-fashioned key designated X245 or MIT4. From ‘98- ‘00 the old-fashioned key remained and was designated X245, MIT4, X213, or MIT2. In ‘01, still an old-fashioned key designated Y162-PT. From ‘02- ‘06 there was still an old fashioned key designated Y165-PT but transponders designated EK3-MIT9, EK3LB-MIT9*, or MIT9-GTK# also became available.

Sebring Sedan– 2006-2011; The sedans always had transponders. From ‘01- ‘06 they were designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160GTK#, or Y160-PT. After that the transponders were designated EK3P-Y164, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK# or Y164-PT.

Town & Country Van– 1990- 2007; The ’90 had an old-fashioned key designated P1786 or Y153. For ‘91, also an old-fashioned key designated P1789 or Y154. ’92, still old-fashioned and designated P1793 or Y155 while for ‘93 the old-fashioned key was designated P1793 or Y155. ‘94- ‘95 the old-fashioned key was designated P1794 or Y157. Thankfully for your humble correspondent Chrysler chose to keep the same old-fashioned keys from ‘97- ‘03 which were designated P1795 or Y159. However, there were also transponders designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK#, and Y160-PT. From ‘04- ‘07 the Town and Country went exclusively to the transponders with the devices designated EK3P-164, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK# or Y164-PT.

Voyager– 2001- 2003; From ’01-’03 the Voyager had both an old-fashioned key and a transponder series. The old-fashioned key was designated either P1795 or Y159. And the transponders were designated EK3-Y160, EK3LB-Y160*, Y160-GTK#, or Y160-PT.

Chrysler Key Replacement Price

If you’re wondering now how much to get a key made for your car and/or can I get a car key made without original, we have the answers for you. To the former question the answer is “Yes”. Mile High Locksmith has everything required on all our mobile units to make almost any car key that you need. But let’s drill down a little on the cost. For lost car key replacement or duplicate car keys it will, as we said, depend on the type of key you have. An “Old-Fashioned” car key replacement will run you around $90-$120.00. A transponder around $149-$180.00. And a fob around $180-$300.00. Though, depending on the model, it could be more. Contact us right away at (720) 248-8087 and we’ll get a firm quote for you. By the way, your first call if you have lost car keys no spare and need help should be to Mile High Locksmith. We have been working with all the best insurance agencies for years. They know us and like working with us and we like working with them. And we know exactly how to help you get the most financial assistance from your insurer for your Chrysler key replacement cost.

Car Locksmith Near Me

One last time, where to get car keys made is anywhere in our extensive service area at any time of any day including all holidays. We’re the ones. Here’s what to do if you lose your car keys. First, contact Mile High Locksmith. Not only are our locksmith technicians 24/7/365 but so are our dispatch Staffers. And they are OUR STAFF, OUR OWN EMPLOYEES, and we’d never shuttle you off to some contract call center. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you usually within 2 minutes. And after that we’ll have that tech at your location usually with 20 to 45 minutes. No other Colorado Front Range mobile car locksmith is more dedicated to getting a tech to you more rapidly than we are. To demonstrate that, let us mention that we have determined that the fastest way for us to get that tech TO YOU is to have you summon us online. So, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. We just figure that it’s a small reward to you for helping us serve you better. And do not worry, the website is monitored just as closely as the phones are. We have shops in Denver, Greeley, Ft. Collins and Dacono and we can get to you quickly wherever you are in our service area. So, if you need us RIGHT NOW hit us online for the 10% discount or call and we’ll be heading your way as fast as humanly possible!

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