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Denver Airport Locksmith

Mile High Locksmith® 24 hour locksmith services at Denver International Airport Colorado, including
  • Locksmith Services
    • Car Key Replacement
    • Unlock car services
    • Car Jump Services

Locksmith near Denver Airport

612 N Wahington St Ste 108 Denver, Colorado
Phone: (720) 248-8087

Are you at Denver International Airport right now? And have you misplaced your car keys? Could they be in another city, state or country? Boy, we at Mile High Locksmith® know what a bad feeling that can be. That’s why we’re ready to step in right now, really, right now, as your emergency locksmith. We understand the urgency of your situation, which is why we are a 24 hour locksmith, 24 hours a day, every day, including all holidays. You can call us now and speak to a real live person and we will do everything humanly possible to reach you within the hour. You’ll also get a call back from our technician to advise what his best estimated time of arrival is.


Mile High Locksmith® is the Denver airport locksmith

We are a locksmith near Denver airport and we are a long established Denver company with an A rating with the BBB.

Is it possible that you’ve locked keys in car? We can perform a car door unlock and get you back in your car so you can get at your keys if that’s where they are. Is it possibly a situation of keys locked in trunk? We can get your trunk open too and there’s very little chance that we will damage the locks on your car. If you need to use our car unlock service to unlock a car door call us RIGHT NOW and we should be there within the hour. Then relax, knowing that we are on our way.

If it’s a more complex situation that keys locked in car we are a full vehicle locksmith service and we can help you with most problems in this arena. If it seems that the keys are lost or just completely elsewhere we can arrange a car key replacement. Our mobile units are comprehensively equipped for these automotive locksmith issues. Believe it or not a car locksmith of our caliber can replace almost any key right from our mobile units. Our technology allows us to access information from within your car that tells us what we need to know to recreate mechanical keys, transponder keys and even “keyless” key fob ignition devices. We also always carry a stock of ignition switches so we can sort out a problem with your ignition switch. So if you need a locksmith for car, a locksmith DIA because DIA is where you are in a pinch right now, or a locksmith near airport because you need help right away, call us now. Oh yes, we also have a car jump service if your battery is dead.

Just a last item about car locksmith prices- We strive to come in at a price lower than our competition. And we bring you, along with our A BBB rating, the most professional, extraordinarily equipped team of experts in the Denver area.

So, give us a call, then take a deep breath, stay calm and keep hydrated, and we’ll be there ASAP.


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Mobile Locksmith Services at DIA.
  • Key Fob
  • Chip Transponder Key
  • High Security Keys
  • Car Key Programming
  • Fob Keyless Remote
  • Car Jump Services


Automotive & Vehicles, Auto Keyless Entry & Security services

DO NOT WORRY if you car is located in the outlying East or West economy parking lots. Mile High Locksmith® will send one of our technicians to you there 24/7/365 including all holidays. So don’t hesitate, go ahead and make the call to us so we can quickly bring you the help you need.

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If your situation is less urgent than we have previously described, let’s say that you are able to have a friend or family member pick you up and deal with the car predicament later, you can make an appointment on our very user friendly website and have us meet you at your car when it is convenient for you. In that more calm environment we can come to you with one of our mobile units which are fully stocked with cutting machines to cut a conventional, mechanical key, or a transponder key which we can program for you or a key fob which we can also interface into your car’s ignition system. And then you’ll be on your way again.

For your convenience we can have a tech meet you in any of the following DIA parking lots:

East Garage, West Garage, Economy Lot, Pikes Peak Airport Parking, WallyPark, One Stop Parking, The Parking Spot, US Airport, Fasttrack Airport Parking, DIA Park and Mount Elbert.

Mile High Locksmith®- We are at your service.


10% Off with Mile High Locksmith when you schedule your appointment online.​

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