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Windsor is BOOMING with development being driven by the old, like wheat, and the new, like wind turbines. The Coloradoan newspaper named it the #1 place to live in Colorado a few years ago and we at Mile High Locksmith Windsor would argue that it still is #1! And we want to be your #1 locksmith Windsor!
1115 7th Ave Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 367-4040

We makes service calls to every location by zip codes:

80528, 80550 and 80551.

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We’ve been serving Windsor for over 10 years, and we’re a Subscriber Verified & Approved company on Home Advisors and we have over 2000 “5 Star” reviews on Google. We are very proud of our locksmith services which are operational every hour of every day of the year! We’re a 24 hour locksmith and a mobile locksmith and we’ll come to you all of the time from I-25 to Windsor Reservoir to Champion drive. Our 24/7 operational format make us your best choice in an emergency locksmith Windsor. Our services go far, far beyond just front door locks! We can sell, install and service locks on any doors. We offer excellent lock installation services for Schlage locks, Kwikset locks, Yale locks, Defiant locks and Baldwin locks but our lock repair services extend to all brands of locks. We offer key replacement and rekeying locks services and we can change a lock on a patio door or any other door you have at your home or business. If you need a locking mailbox, we can install one for you or if you already have one, we can service that and make you mailbox keys. In a place like Windsor that is as much town as it is country you may have or need a secure yard or business lot. So, we design, install and service all types of gate lock with key systems including remote-control and electronic versions. We even perform garage door repair for your home or business- no job too small, large, or challenging for Mile High Locksmith! And here are some standard policies of ours that we think you’ll approve of. For openers, we warranty all work and products for 90 days. And we’ll always be more than happy to send an expert locksmith technician to your location to look over your locksmithing needs or desires and give you a free no obligations estimate for the work. Finally, and we don’t think you’ll find this from any other locksmith Windsor, we extend a 3 day no questions asked RETURNS POLICY! No kidding, we do! If you’re dissatisfied and let us know about that within 3 days we’ll come back out and remove everything that we did- no charge, no hassle, no questions, no Poppycock! How’s that for a team that has confidence in its work?

Windsor Car Keys

Mile High Locksmith Windsor is also a full-service automotive locksmith. Of course, in a car lockout, car key replacement or ignition switch replacement you’re going to want an emergency locksmith who’ll come to you at any time or location in Windsor and, as you know, that would be us. If you’re locked out of your car, we will get you back inside it and we won’t damage your car locks. But here’s a tip on lockouts. Most insurance companies will pay to get a client who’s locked out of an insured car back into it. So, make your insurer your first call- they might even have a lockout service in place. If not, they may want to shoot us a work order direct and keep all the logistics between us and them. Or they may want to have you pay us “out of pocket” and then file a claim for reimbursement with them. We’ll work with you either way. If you find that you’re having ignition switch problems symptoms, like your key won’t turn in ignition, send for Mile High Locksmith. Each of our mobile units carries an extensive stock of ignition switch kits and parts and what we might not have “onboard” we can acquire very quickly to get you on the road again. Now, about car key replacement. Car key replacement has become a lot more complex over the last couple of decades with the advent of “transponder keys” and “keyless” ignition/door fobs. We still carry all the key “blanks” and cutting equipment to cut the old-fashioned keys, but for the modern transponders and fobs you’re going to need locksmith key programming. And we are masters at that! You see, each key device can speak to one and only one car, so your key device must be “coded” to your car. We have all the tech gear, data access and keys/fobs onboard to get this done for you expeditiously. Any locksmith who’s less well equipped than Mile high won’t be able to help you. In fairness, your car dealership will usually be able to perform locksmith key programming but the rub there is you don’t have a working key device so the car doesn’t run! Which means that you’d have to have the car towed to the dealership and then fitted into their service schedule. Could be an expensive and time-consuming pain in the neck. So, just send for us! We’ll get to you any time anywhere and have you rolling in no time!

Emergency Locksmith

Windsor Friends, we are you best choice in an emergency locksmith. We “Get It” that any time you are locked out of your home, business or car it’s AT LEAST a minor emergency and at times it’s a major emergency. Or, if you’ve lost a car key device or your ignition switch is on the fritz and you can’t get where you need to be, also an emergency! We will always treat these types of calls with the professional urgency that they deserve. So, whether you need our house lockout service or our business or car lockout services you may expect us to arrive quickly, get you back “inside” and not damage your locks. So, let’s cover getting us by your side and resolving your problem. We may be summoned in either of two ways. On-line and our phone number is (970) 367-4040. We wish for you to know that they are both monitored 24/7 at the same high level and when you contact us either way you will be served by a trained and salaried employee of Mile High Locksmith Windsor. WE DO NOT use call centers. We would never put a customer in the hands of an amateur who answers phones! And to show you how seriously we take our policy of a Rapid Response when one is called for please be advised that we have determined that the quickest way for us to get a tech at your side is by having you use the website. So, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked on line. Of course, you can schedule our services any time that is convenient for you. But if it’s an urgent matter just make sure our Staff know that and then usually, we will have your tech on the phone with you within 2 minutes and then have them onsite with you usually within 20 to 45 minutes. There are no other locksmith services working Windsor that will reach you more quickly than we will.

So, since you’re reading this it’s likely that you need us. And if you need us right now, as in RIGHT NOW, we are standing by and ready to roll! Don’t forget the 10% discount for using the website!

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