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Brinks Locks

It’s a Digital world these days, and it will be a more Digital world tomorrow. Digital devices and technology are improving many industries and devices and making those devices easier and more convenient to use. That’s certainly true in the area of home security and it now even extends to the residential digital keyless door lock. A great many reviews on-line now report very favorably on the keyless door locks for home. Modern folks just like not having to carry a house key and the keyless option is becoming more and more popular.

Brinks door locks

Brinks hardware

An excellent and cost effective option in the realm of keyless door locks are the Brinks door locks and Brinks security locks. Brinks has been in the security business since 1859! So you can be confidant when you purchase Brinks door locks and Brinks hardware that you are getting one of the best affordable products on the market.

The “Keyless” function in the Brinks locks is an option, there is a key channel and a key provided with each lock but the digital keypad allows the owner to refrain from carrying a key. They have deadbolt level security, the convenient keypad access, they are easy to install and program and have an “Auto-Lock” feature that locks the door after a pre-programmed period of time that is loaded via the “Master Code”. The Brinks security locks are powered by 4 AA batteries and come in an attractive Satin Nickel finish. The Brinks locks can serve as either a keyless front door lock or a front door key pad lock and of course can be installed on the back or any other door that can take a deadbolt-style lock. In the case of a multi-door installation you can hire a qualified locksmith to set the Brinks locks keyed alike so that you have all of your locks working with the same key (remember, there is a mechanical key with each lock so this would be an arrangement where you only needed one mechanical key for all of your locks).

Cheap door locks

We mentioned that that the Brinks door locks are cost effective and affordable. But we want to assure the reader that they are not cheap keyless door locks in the sense that they are poorly made or undependable. They are not “Cheap” in that sense. They are a safe and dependable product brought to you by a very well established American company and we recommend them as a less expensive alternative to some of the more expensive keyless door locks that are on the market.

You should feel perfectly comfortable installing Brinks door locks at your home.

Littleton locksmith company

Mile High Locksmith®

Did you lose your car key and have no spare? Did you get locked out of your car, house or business? Did you receive the new keys for your new home and need to change the locks? This is where Mile High Locksmith can help. With years of experience our company carries a full line of car keys, door locks, house keys and many other locksmith products to provide you with the best resources for any lock and key service you may need. With our convenient locksmith retail shop in Littleton, CO or our mobile Littleton locksmith services, you can have your keys copied or you can buy a new front door lock directly from us.

How is the Mile High Locksmith shop different from other locksmith companies that provide only mobile locksmith service?

The answer to this question is our locksmith retail shop

Mile High Locksmith store and mobile service:

  • In our retail locksmith shop we have our own security specialist technicians and a wide selection of locks and keys that you cannot find in the hardware stores.
  • We have everyday low prices. We always commitment to providing you with our lowest prices.
  • With Mile High Locksmith you can choose between aftermarket products as well as factory products.
  • Being the Littleton lock shop and supplier, we provide you with a warranty on the locks you purchase as well the labor. When you buy locks from one place and hire a different mobile locksmith to install them, you can find yourself with warranty issues. If the key or the lock stops working the locksmith may blame the lock factory and the lock factory may blame the mobile locksmith for his work. With Mile High Locksmith you will receive a full warranty for any parts and labor. That way you only make one phone call for any lock or key problems.
  • Our trained locksmiths have full access to the shop and will be able to supply locks and keys at your location.

Littleton Colorado locksmith training program

Mile High Locksmith has training programs. We train our locksmith technicians to become expert locksmiths and specialize in the following areas:

  • Business and commercial buildings
  • Home door locks
  • Lost car key replacements
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Vehicle jump start services

Mile High Locksmith Partners

Car insurance key coverage

Many car insurance companies are partners with Mile High Locksmith and provide partial vehicle key replacement coverage for your convenience. When you lose your car key, call your insurance company and asked them if you are covered for a replacement car key. If you are, Mile High Locksmith will split the cost between you and your insurance company separately. That way you will end up paying much less for our service.

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Same key for all door locks

Why should you rekey your door locks after closing?

It is a very common thing for people to hire a contractor to improve their home before they put it on the market. These contractors in many cases will need access to the home even when the home is vacant to finish their work. The contractors do not always return the keys and who knows if one of the employees did not make a key copy. Maybe the previous owner’s roommate, spouse or kids still have a key to your newly purchased home. It is always better to be safe and change the keys when you move in just to keep a peace of mind knowing that no one has your house keys.

Rekey vs new locks

How much does it cost to rekey a house and will changing locks on a house cost more?

Rekeying your house doors using a locksmith service can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 for each lock, plus a locksmith service call fee and labor fee. We recommend you consider buying new locks and this is why. If you have locks from the manufacturers Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant or Emtek on your doors, you can buy the same manufacturer’s locks in a 4 pack of locks. These locks are already keyed to the same key and cost about $30 to $60 for each pack depending on the manufacturer. This option will let you change your locks from old locks to new locks, allow you to change the color of the locks, come with a manufacturer warranty and will  have the latest technology for locks on the market. You can buy the locks from the  manufacturers Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant or Emtek at most of the hardware stores such as The Home Depot or Lowes, order them online from websites such as Amazon or Ebay, as well as buy them at your neighborhood locksmith shop. For more information on buying new locks visit our page Cheapest way to rekey locks. The lock manufacturers Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant and Emtek make these locks easy to install using their installation guides. The packages of locks will always have a small instruction book attached and all you will need are a few very simple tools  for the installation. These manufacturers also have full support if you have any questions on how to install them. You do not need to be a professional locksmith in order to install these locks.

Schlage lock
House keypad door lock

Latest technology door locks

After you close on a new home, it is a good idea to look into the latest technology for door locks. A lot has changed. Most locksmiths and realtors will suggest that you rekey your locks after closing but we recommend you look into keypad locks, keyless locks, bluetooth locks from Schlage locks, Kwikset locks or keypad WIFI locks from LockState.

Keyless door lock
WIFI Door Lock

WIFI door locks from LockState

Have you ever had the nagging feeling you forgot to lock your door? With the WIFI door locks you can check if your house door is locked, lock or unlock your door using a computer, tablet or your phone from anywhere in the world just as if you were standing by your door using a traditional key. No more getting locked out from your home. Allow people to enter your home with a temporary code. No need to hire a locksmith to rekey your doors in the future.

When should I consider hiring a locksmith?

  • When you just want to rekey the existing locks on your doors.
  • If you have more difficult locks to work on such as French door locks.
  • If your house doors are old it can be a challenge to change the locks yourself.
  • Just for a more convenient way.

Hiring a locksmith will be the most easy option when you either want to rekey your locks or when you are replacing your locks. A locksmith will have the experience and additional tools. We recommend you always use a locksmith for your home projects, but after that being said, it is possible to change your locks yourself and we would like to share with you some tips in case you decide to change your door locks yourself:

  • Size. To avoid modification problems try to measure your old locks and buy the same size locks.
  • Try to keep the same manufacturer’s locks
  • Make sure your door is not more thick than a normal door. It can be a challenge if your door is thicker.
  • If you have a metal door. It is easier to install a lock on a wooden door and can be difficult on a metal door.

Another good tip is to have a locksmith on speed dial just in case when you are trying to install a lock yourself and decide to let the professional finish the job.

Key copy

Losing your house keys is a common thing people do. Even more common than what you might think. As a locksmith company located in Denver, CO, we see many people day after day losing their house keys and after many years in the business and after rekeying many homes every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we have learned a thing or two about door locks and deadbolts for homes. We also know the options that you have in a case where you have lost your house keys. We would like to share with you some of this information and provide you with recommendations about how to rekey your house door locks quickly and easily. We will answer some questions such as who you should call, how to lower the cost, or even how to rekey your locks yourself. If you have lost your house keys we recommend you either use a locksmith to rekey your locks, (a locksmith is also a good option to use if you haven’t lost your keys but are only locked out), or go to your neighborhood hardware store and buy new door locks yourself.

Rekey Locksmith

Using a locksmith company to rekey your locks will be the easiest way to go. However, before you run to the phone and call a rekey locksmith company, be sure to know which locksmith company to call. There are a lot of good locksmith companies to use out there but some of them can get you and the final cost will have hidden fees and they could possibly even overcharge you by hundreds of dollars. We believe there shouldn’t be any hidden fees for rekeying services for house door locks.
To get away from these locksmith companies, first you need to understand rekeying locks is a pretty easy thing to do for a professional locksmith company. Parts cost only a few dollars and many times it is so easy to do that with the right tools you can even learn how to do it yourself in a very short time.
If the locksmith you call does not give you a total cost for rekeying your locks during the phone call, and if they mention something about the lowest service call and the lowest rekey fees in town plus “and up” fees, (by this we mean something like $15 and up for a service call), then we believe it is a big red flag.

Rekey house door locks

What are your options? To rekey locks or replace them, you can use a mobile rekey locksmith company. Using a locksmith company will provide you with the premium service, and yes it will cost more. We estimate that by using a locksmith company to rekey your house door locks, on average, it will cost you about $100 more than it would by doing it yourself. However, by using a locksmith company you will get professional service, the process will be fast and easy, and if your lock is broken, you will have an option to fix or replace it right away. Also, most locksmiths will care about your lock condition and will provide you with a warranty on their work. You will be worry free about rekeying your locks and will be able to focus on other stuff.

Another option will be to do some of the work yourself. Most of the house door locks are very easy to disassemble or install. Most of the house door locks will be held by only two screws, as you see in the picture, and you can easily remove the screws with a phillips screwdriver.

You can take the locks to your neighborhood locksmith shop and rekey them there for a lower fee than the premium service.

Another option and the first one we recommend you do, (if you are ready), is to do it yourself. This is a way to save some money. Instead of rekeying the locks though, you will be changing the locks to completely new door locks, and yes your locks will all still share the same key just like if you rekeyed them.
There are all kinds of types of door locks for homes like electronic door locks or simple door locks such as deadbolts and knobs. Whatever you decide to spend will be up to you. We recommend you read our, “cheapest way to rekey locks,” post, but as an idea we would like to tell you that most of the door locks for homes are very easy to change yourself and it is not always necessary to use a professional in order to get it done.

Front door lock change cost

Most of the house door locks for homes will cost anywhere from $7 to $40 in hardware stores. Keep in mind that many locksmiths will charge you about $60 for each new lock including the labor to install it. The most common locks you can find will be either Schlage or Kwikset locks. Most locks will come in a package of 1, 2, or 4 locks and the most common front door lock color you can find will be bright brass or bright nickel.

Same key for all door locks

Cheapest way to rekey locks

Multiple locks with the same key

Rekeying house door locks is a very common service that most locksmith companies provide. However, did you know that you do not need to rekey your house door locks at all? You can actually change your own door locks. In many cases it can even cost less and you will get fresh, brand new locks on your door. By replacing your old locks with brand new locks you can take the opportunity to change the color of your locks if you would like, and maybe most importantly, you can get all the locks keyed to the same key. With a big thanks to places like The Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware, finding house door locks is easy.

You might be wondering how you can have multiple locks with the same key. First, you need to know the most common house door lock manufacturers make lock sets with one, two or four locks per package. These packages will come with a key that will work on all the locks. You will even be able to make house key copies in most of these hardware stores. These manufactures are Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, and Defiant. There are other brands of locks, however, if you do decide to buy new locks yourself, these are the bands we recommend you look at first.

A common question is what do you do if you need more than four locks working with the same key? These manufactures have already thought this through for you. In every package there is a sticker with a code on it. In many cases the sticker will say “key,” or “key code,” and have a serial number on it. If you match the serial number between the packages, you will find the same keys work on all the locks.

After you know that you can get as many brand new locks as you want that work with the same key, the next question is, is it easy to replace them? Yes it is. First you need to understand that these manufactures are selling the locks to you, not to a professional locksmith. This means they are trying to make it easy to install them. Most locks such as deadbolts and knobs will come with an instruction booklet inside the package that will explain to you how to install the new locks. In most cases, each lock will have a total of four screws. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and… that is about it. Before you become a professional locksmith, we want to give you a few more tips on how to install a door lock. First, if you have a power screwdriver we recommend you use it. Do not use the power screwdriver on the lock itself, but it is a good tool to use on the door or the door frame.

Tip: To avoid a difficult situation, try to get a new lock made by the same manufacture as your old lock. At least make sure they are the same size if not the same manufacture. This will help you avoid a situation where the new lock will not fit in the space that the old lock fit in.

Here is a quick guide on how to replace a door lock:

  • To remove the old lock, always start by removing the screws on the old knob or deadbolt. Next, remove the screws from the old latch. Now you should be able to remove the old lock. After you remove the old lock, you will be able to remove the old latch as well. You can decide if you want to remove or keep your old strike plate. In many cases you can just leave the old strike plate on the door frame.
  • To install the new lock, place the latch on the door and screw it in. When you place the latch on the door, look for the arrow with the word “up” on the latch to know the right direction to place the latch.
    Next, you can install the lock itself. The lock will only need two screws. Do not overtighten the screws on the lock.
  • After you have the lock on the door, you need to check to make sure the latch will go into the door frame. If not, open the door and put the lock on the lock position. Then simply take for example lipstick or something sticky, color the latch where it will hit the door frame, put the lock back to the unlock position and close the door. Then repeatedly lock and unlock the lock to have the latch mark it’s spot on the doorframe. Now you can adjust the plate on the door frame.

Thank you for reading our blog. If you are installing new locks on your door and you cannot find all the answers you need here, please leave your question in the comment box and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What is the most secure lock for a front door?

Best door locks

Mile High Locksmith™ is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We have been working with design house door locks and security for many years. We have become experts on the more common house door locks when it comes to either repairing or installing them. We are familiar with door locks that are common in the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. It is safe to say that about 90% of the locks that you can find on homes are locks that have been made by the manufactures of Schlage or Kwikset. Even if the lock has a different factory name, it can still be owned by Schlage or Kwikset. For example, Defiant door locks is owned by Kwikset. Dexter door locks is owned by Schlage. The difference between Defiant and Kwikset or between Dexter and Schlage is the quality and cost of the lock. We find that the quality is better with either Schlage or Kwikset and we encourage you to buy these two brands instead of Defiant or Dexter, for example.

There are many different types of door locks. There are deadbolt locks, knob locks, keypad door locks, high security locks, handle locks, decorative locks, just simple door locks, as well as many other types. On most of the residential door hardware you can find two types of locks. You can find knob locks or deadbolt locks. The deadbolt lock will be on the top and the knob lock will be on the bottom.

Even when you have two locks on the door, the most secure lock to use will be a deadbolt. A knob lock is made more for the purpose to use as a handle or knob to open and close the door. The knob lock can also keep the door shut, even when the door is unlocked. The knob lock is used also to have the option to shut the door and keep it closed. The weakness of the knob lock, or handle lock, is the latch part of the lock. No matter what you do, even if you place the knob lock in the lock position, the latch part will always remain unlocked. In simple words, when you have the knob lock in the lock position and you cannot turn the knob to open the door, you are still able to use the old fashioned way of opening the door using a credit card or a tool of some sort to push open the knob latch. With a deadbolt, it is completely different. When you lock the deadbolt, the deadbolt latch is locked as well.

Where to buy door locks, The best place we recommend you buy door locks is at a locksmith storefront. The locksmith company will be a more reliable source to sell you more quality locks at a lower cost. The second place we recommend you buy door locks is at the lock company. If you want to lower the cost of buying new locks, the biggest hardware stores will be good places to shop at. After you buy the locks, many of the mobile locksmith companies will be able to install the locks for you, or you will even be able to install the locks yourself. Most of the locks will come with instructions on how to install them.

What can you do if you lost your mailbox key? Why won’t your mailbox key turn? How can you change your mailbox lock? A mailbox lock is one of the most simple locks to replace. In a case where you need to replace your mailbox lock, all you really need is a screwdriver and pliers. The lock is also inexpensive.

Did you know that you can buy a mailbox lock at many hardware stores or online for a few dollars and replace it yourself?

How do I replace my lost Mailbox key

If you lost the key to your mailbox, moved to a new house, condo, or apartment, and you are the owner or legal tenant, you can rekey or change the lock and the key. If you are a tenant, you will also need to get permission and provide a copy of the key to the owner. You might also have a problem where your mailbox won’t open. If your key won’t turn and you want to replace your mailbox key, in most cases it will be easier to just replace the whole lock. There are three different ways you can replace the lock to your mailbox.

  • The first way, and most convenient and quickest, is to call a locksmith. A locksmith will be able to unlock your mailbox in order to replace the locks right away.They will also provide you with a new key right at your mailbox location. Most locksmiths will charge around $100 or less for this service.
  • The second way is to call the post office. They will be cheaper from a locksmith. In most cases they will ask you to wait a few days to provide this service.
  • The third way will be to replace the lock yourself. Keep in mind that to replace the lock yourself, you will have to have your mailbox unlocked.

How to change a mailbox lock yourself

There are many places you can buy a mailbox lock. You can buy it online, at a hardware store, or at a locksmith shop. Most mailbox locks cost $10 or less and are very easy to replace.
We recommend to try Home Depot or Ace Hardware to buy the lock. Most of the locks will come with instructions on how to install it yourself. Some will be different than others, but below we will give you the general idea on how to replace it:
Remove the clip that is located on the inside of the mailbox door with a screwdriver. Next, remove the lock cylinder and cam through the front of the door. Match the new clip to your old one to make sure they are the same size. Last, re-install the new lock by repeating the same process backward.

House locksmith
Rekeying locks

Rekeying your locks, most of the time, will cost about the same as buying new locks.

The only difference between the two is the service. In many cases, it can be harder to change the locks because of the difference in the sizes. Sometimes the door and door frame will need to be modified to fit the new lock.
There are a few options to rekey your door locks. You can have a mobile locksmith come to rekey your locks, which will be the most convenient way to have it done. You can disassemble the lock yourself and take it to a locksmith shop and get it rekeyed there. Many hardware stores will rekey the locks for you as well. Places such as Home Depot and Lowes can do this. We recommend that you shop around for prices between different locksmiths and hardware stores.

Average cost to rekey a house

Most of the time, house locks are very easy to rekey.

Usually the locksmith will be able to rekey the locks in his service van. Most of the locks will take about 10 minutes to rekey and the locksmith can charge you anywhere from $10 to $30 for each lock rekeyed. Most locksmiths will include a few free keys. The locksmith will also charge you for the travel time to you. What we recommend you do is to shop around between a few locksmith companies and always try to get the total cost over the phone.

  • Tip: If you are thinking of just buying new locks for your home and you want to have the same key work on all the locks, Home Depot and Lowes will sell you a combined package of either two or four locks that are already keyed alike. If you need more than four locks rekeyed to the same key, on the package you can find a key code. Look for another package with the same key code and if the key codes match, it means the two packages will share the same key.
  • Warranty: The most common locks you will find on houses are Schlage or Kwikset. You can find these locks installed on houses that are at least 20 years old. There is no question that these locks are high quality locks. If you want to know if you have a warranty on your lock, you can call to the lock company and find out. You can find the lock company name on the lock latch.

Mile High Locksmith is your Highland neighborhood locksmith company.

Many businesses such as restaurants, bars, boutiques, as well as homeowners, in the Highland community, have been using our service for many years. Mile High Locksmith is known for our great response time and our great reputation. For any job we do, we make sure we provide you with a free estimate on site to fit our services to your budget.

We are so comfortable with our highly trained, technicians that for any job we do, we provide a one-year free warranty.

Mile High Locksmith would like to share with you some information on some of the services we provide in the Highland neighborhood.

Mile High Locksmith is your Highland neighborhood locksmith company. Many businesses such as restaurants, bars, boutiques, as well as homeowners, in the Highland community, have been using our service for many years. Mile High Locksmith is known for our great response time and our great reputation. For any job we do, we make sure we provide you with a free estimate on site to fit our services to your budget. We are so comfortable with our highly trained, technicians that for any job we do, we provide a one-year free warranty. Mile High Locksmith would like to share with you some information on some of the services we provide in the Highland neighborhood.Locksmith in Highland Denver, CO

Mile High Locksmith is open every day from 7am to midnight. We do not charge any additional fees for late hours, weekends or holidays. When you call us, we will always have a mobile locksmith ready to be on the way to you. Our travel time to the Highland neighborhood is around 10 to 20 minutes. Our technicians will always arrive to you with a van that is fully equipped and will be able to do any job necessary that is connected to a lock and key.What services do we provide?• We replace lost car keys for all types of cars including, Audi, Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen.• We have a great response time for unlocking house doors and opening car doors.

• If you have lost your keys to your house or apartment, you can use our re-key mobile unit. With a small fee, we can cancel your old keys and make new keys for you that will work on your locks without changing the lock itself.

• We carry mailbox keys and locks in our service vans. If you have misplaced or just lost your mailbox key, we can either make you a new key or just change the lock.• Many of our customers in the Highland neighborhood like our selection of lock designs. If you have purchased a new home and have antique locks on your doors and would like to keep and repair them, as well as try to match the design with new locks on different doors, Mile High Lock and Key will come to you with a lock design. This can provide you with a few different options for your locks.Commercial locksmith at the Highland neighborhood

Mile High Locksmith is an expert commercial and industrial locksmith company. All our technicians are highly trained with grade 1 and grade 2 hardware locks, and high security locks and keys. We carry DND keys, (stamp of “Do not Duplicate” keys), in our service vans. We can always make you as many keys as you need. If you own a restaurant or a bar, our technicians are familiar with the fire code requirements of the Denver fire department. We carry all the exit door devices, such as panic bars, push paddles, door closer, electric strikes with buzzers, as well as many other types of commercial hardware.Business break in repairs

Unfortunately, break-ins happen to businesses as well as houses. If you ever have a break in happen to you in the Highland, Mile High Locksmith can come and help repair the damaged locks with special tools we have just for that. If it is late at night, we can even close and secure the door for the night and come back in the morning to repair the damage. We also have the equipment needed to unlock safes.

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