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The motto of Fort Carson Army Base outside of Colorado Springs, CO is “The Best Hometown in the Army. And what a “Hometown! Fort Carson covers 137,000 acres, has 1679 households and is home to the 4th Infantry, 10th Special Forces, 440th Civil Affairs, 71st ordinance, 4th Engineers, 759th Military Police, 10th Combat Support Hospital, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, Army Field Support Battalion, 423rd Transportation Company, and the 13th Air Support Ops Squadron of the USAF. There are 13,816 residents in this hometown but unlike most hometowns this one’s a little difficult to get into. So what do you do when you are in your hometown, Ft. Carson, and you need an 24 hour auto locksmith for your car? Call Mile High Locksmith Fort Carson! There are a few things that you need to know about us, the first being that all of our professionally certified locksmiths have undergone extensive background checks that the Gate Security Teams can access online. So our techs get on base FAST. We are also a 24 hour locksmith and a totally mobile locksmith which means that wherever you are on base, whenever you need us 24/7/365, we can get to you. Also, for further credentialing we have an A rating with the BBB and over 1000 “5 Star” reviews on Google. So please look to us as your 24 hour auto locksmith Ft. Carson.

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Military protocols prevent us from bringing locksmith services other than our automotive services to you on base but we do bring you just about every car locksmith service that you may need. Lockout services, car key replacement services, ignition switch services, and all of these at the most affordable car locksmith cost, this is what we offer Fort Carson. You’re probably aware that things have changed a lot over the last 20 years as regards car ignitions and “Key” systems. While we carry everything that we need to cut a new set of old style “Blade & Channel” car keys those are probably not what you have. You most likely have a “transponder” key or a “Keyless” key fob. Both of these devices must be “coded” to one and only one car. Thus they require locksmith key programming and each of our mobile units has everything- information, technology and parts- to create a new key device for you without a problem. So if you need key replacement for an older car or any modern car we can get that handled for you. In all honesty, your dealership can provide you locksmith key programming but the dealer needs your car to be at the dealership and that might mean you have to have the car towed there. Which would mean a tow fee and really, tow trucks at Gate Security are not exactly smooth.

The other problem with a car that our locksmiths can assist you with is with your ignition switch. If your key won’t turn in ignition or you are having other ignition switch problems symptoms we recommend that you contact us sooner rather than later. The longer you try to force the ignition switch to work, or “trick’ it into working the more likely you will eventually have a 100% failure, which complicates replacement. Our techs carry an extensive array of switches onboard and if what you need isn’t onboard we can get it. Then once our tech is onsite with you they can determine whether the switch needs repair or replacement and do whichever is the best thing for you. And here is a customer support program that you won’t find anywhere else. We will happily send you a tech to give you a free onsite and no obligation estimate for the scope and cost of the work we recommend, we warranty work and parts for 30 days ourselves, and we even have a 3 day no questions asked returns policy. You can’t beat that.

Emergency Locksmith

So, everything we’ve described so far pretty much applies to a situation where you need an emergency locksmith, what with car lockouts, lost or damaged keys or “shot” ignition switches. When you need a locksmith for cars Mile High Locksmith Fort Carson is your best bet. Off base we guarantee that we’ll arrive within an hour of your first contact with us but because of the delays that anyone can run into at the base gates we pledge that we will reach you when you need us as quickly as humanly possible. Please consider us your ASAP locksmith. Here’s how getting us to you works. You can either call us at (719) 299-5995 or reach us via Smart Phone, I-Phone, Tablet or PC on our website. Both the phone line and the website are carefully monitored 24/7 and within about a half hour of your first contact with either of them you should receive an incoming phone call from the tech assigned to your case who will then give you their best ETA at your location. The tech will do their level best to reach you in an hour from your first contact although delays at the gate might make that impossible. By the way, we have determined that using the website is actually the most efficient and speedy way to get our tech at your side so for all services booked online we automatically extend a 10% discount. Another way to save some money on our lockout services is by using your car insurance. All of the car insurance providers that we know of will pay under the policy to get one of their insureds back into a car that they have been locked out of. You can get insurance to take care of this in two ways. First, you can call your insurance company and have them call Mile High Locksmith Fort Carson with a work order in which case everything but any deductible is handled between Mile High and the Insurance Company. Or you can pay Mile high out of pocket and file a claim for reimbursement with your insurance company. This approach always seems to go pretty smoothly.

Last thing, please remember that we are a FULL SERVICE locksmith off base and can deliver expert services not just to cars, but to all residential and business site locksmith requirements as well.

Fort Carson, when it comes to a 24 hour auto locksmith Mile high has your 6.

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