Honda Key Replacement

Honda Key Replacement
Honda key fob

Greetings Colorado Honda owners from Mile High Locksmith, your EVERY DAY 24/7/365 mobile car locksmith! And we mean 24/7/365- every single day of the year including all holidays. Beyond being 24/7/365 and fully mobile we are also an A rated company with the BBB, we have over 2800 “5 Star” ratings from actual customers on Google, and we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisors. That’s hard to beat, but we also know Honda lock and key devices top to bottom, inside and out. We like Honda and with very good reason. Did you know that for 2019 listed 24 reasons to choose Honda over Toyota, the leading import brand? We did, because we know our stuff and have been serving the Colorado Front Range for nearly 20 years! So, if you need Honda car key replacement, Honda duplicate car keys or own a Honda and have lost car keys no spear we are the “Go To” car locksmith service provider for you. Every minute of every day. Now, lost car key replacement or making duplicate car keys may be more complex than you think it is, but it’s OK, you can count on Mile High Locksmith! Honda has been in America since 1970 and Mile High can handle lost keys to Honda cars of almost every generation, but allow us to focus on the more recent model years of 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 19989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 1015, 1016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. And let us give you a little inside knowledge on technical matters that will give you an idea, dollar wise, how much to get a key made for your car.

Now, in “Old-Fashioned” times there were old-fashioned keys; simple shaft and channel devices much like a house lock and key. But as security needs increased over the years car key devices evolved from old-fashioned keys to transponder keys and, finally, to the key fob- a remote entry and ignition device. The more recent the car, the more modern the key device and, unfortunately, the more expensive. The least expensive device is the old-fashioned key, the mid-priced one is the transponder and the most expensive is the remote start key fob. The Key Fob can also be known as the “Prox” key or the “Smart Key”, but for our purposes here we’ll stick with “Fob”, which will make this easier to keep a handle on.

Honda Key Replacement Price

Generally, an old-fashioned key will cost around $90- $120.00, a transponder, $149- $180.00 and a fob around $180- $300.00. But these are general prices and to get a solid quote call Mile High locksmith at 1-800-351-0548 or contact us online at and we’ll get you a firm quote. The following list of Hondas, year by year and model by model will help you to get an idea what type of key your Honda will require and about what your [Honda key replacement cost] will be. For your convenience we include the specific key product designation in bold print LIKE THIS.


CL– 1995-2003; ’95- ’98 should have the old fashioned key designated X214 or HD103. ’96- ’03 may have either the old-fashioned key X214 or HD103, but most will have transponders designated HD106-PT or HD106-PT5.

ILX– 2013- 2019; For the entire model run you should see transponders designated OEM#72147 or 72147-TZ3-A21. But there also may be an optional Fob designated 72147-TX6-A11, 72147-TZ3-A11 or 72147-TZ3-A31.

Integra– 1984- 2001; You’ll see either old-fashioned metal keys or more modern transponders on the Integra. From ’84- ’99 you will see the old-fashioned keys designated either X183/HD92 or X214/HD103. After that the Integra will have a transponder designated either X183/HD92 or X214/HD103.

Legend– 1986- 1996; All Legends had old-fashioned keys designated either X183/HS91 or X208/HD101.

MDX– 2001- Present; From ’01- ’13 the MDX had a transponder key designated HD106PT, HD106-PT5, EK3P-HO03, EK3LBHO03*, HO03-GTK#, or HO03-PT(V). In ’14 the Fob came in and was designated OEM# 72147-TZ5-A01 or 72147-TZ5-A11.

NSX – 1991- 2005; From ’91- ’96 there was an old-fashioned key designated X204/HD99. From ’97- ’05 there was a transponder key designated either HD106-PT or HD106-PT5. In ’17 the Fob arrived, and it was designated OEM# 72147-T6N-A01 or 72147-T6N-A11

RDX– 2007- Present; From ’07- ’12 the transponder keys were designated EK3P-HO03, EK3LBHO03*, HO03-GTK#, or HO03-PT-(V). In ’13 the Fob arrived and from ’13- ’15 the Fob designation was OEM# 72147-TX4-A41 or 72147-TX4-A51. From ’15 to Present the Fob designation is either OEM# 72147-TZ5-A01 or 72147-TZ5-A11.

RSX– 2002- 2006; The entire run of the RSX had two designations of transponder keys. These were either HD106-Pt or HD106-PT5.

TSX– 2004- 2014; All models had transponders and from ’04- ’08 these were designated either EK3p-HD111, EK3LBHD111*, HD111-GTK#, or HD111-PT. From ’09- ’14 the transponders were designated EK3-HO03, EK3LBHO03*, HO03-GTK#, or HO03-PT(V).

Vigor– 1992- 1996; The Vigor only had the old-fashioned key designated X208/HD101.

ZDX– 2010- 2013; The ZDX had both a transponder and a Fob that ran through the model years. From ’10- ’12 the transponder designations were EK3P-HO03, EK3LBHO03*, HO03-GTK#, or HO03-PT. From ’10- ’13 the Fobs were either 72147-SZN-A71 or 72147-SZN-A81.

And we reckon that that will give you all the specific information on the keys that you might require. 

Full service, yeah?

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After all of that you’ve probably forgotten where to get Honda key replacement near me or even where to get car keys made at all! No worries- the answer is ANYPLACE at ANY TIME in our extensive coverage area. Remember that we are a 24/7/365 mobile locksmith and we will come to you at any hour within our service area detailed below. And, since you have presumably lost your car keys if you are reading this, you’re probably wondering “Can I get a car key made without original”, to which the answer is a straightforward “Yes.”. Each of our mobile units have all the data and technical gear onboard to get you the Honda car key replacement that you need RIGHT NOW. All you must do is call us at (720) 248-8087 or get with us online. Our phones and our website are ALWAYS monitored by our own salaried and well-trained employees- we would never use a contract service located in some other state or country. NEVER. No other car locksmith will get to you faster than we will within the Colorado Front Range. And to illustrate our commitment to that assurance let us advise that since we have learned that the fastest way for us to get a technician to you is to have you summon us online we always automatically apply a 10% discount to all of our online service requests. Just a way to reward you for helping us serve you better! So, here’s what to do if you lose your car keys, contact us by phone or online and we will usually have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you directly within 2 minutes. Then, usually, we’ll have our tech at your location within 20 to 45 minutes. No one’s going to beat that. And we’ve been working with all the major insurance companies for years and we know exactly what you’ll need from us to get your best dollar assistance from them. 

Well, you’ve been reading this, so you need us right now. What are you waiting for?

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