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What is the average cost to rekey a lock? What will be the cost to rekey a house using a locksmith? Where can I go to rekey locks for my house?

We do not recommend you try and learn how to rekey your locks yourself. Even with a lot of information that you can find online about how to rekey the locks yourself, what is not usually mentioned, is that how to rekey your locks will depend on the age of the lock. Over the years, the process to rekey a lock will change.
The cost to just bring the locks to a locksmith shop or just buying new locks from a hardware store, will be fairly low. It will make more sense than to try to rekey the locks yourself.

Mile High Locksmith™ is an expert lock and key company. We have been rekeying locks for many years and would like to share some of the most common questions we get from customers and the answers.

Using a mobile locksmith company will be the most comfortable and easiest way to re-key your locks, without any work necessary from your side. Normally, it will cost about $100 more by using locksmith services. You can save this money by disassembling the locks from the door yourself and taking it to a locksmith shop, having them re-key the locks for you, and re-installing the locks back on your door yourself. What we recommend you do, is call around to different locksmith companies and check the price differences between them coming to you or you bringing the locks to them.

Rekeying Schlage locks
Rekeying Schlage locks is the same process as rekeying any other locks. It will normally cost the same as any other lock manufacture and most locksmith companies will be able to rekey this type of lock easily. You can use Schlage locks on residential properties and they will have higher grades of locks to be able to use on commercial properties.

Rekey locks without key
You can rekey almost any type of lock, without having your old key with you. If you lost your house key and worry about who will find your key, the quickest and easiest way to rekey your locks will be by using a mobile locksmith company. The locksmith will be able to pick open your old lock without the key, and simply rekey your locks to a different key.

Rekey locks cost
The cost to rekey locks by using a mobile locksmith company actually costs the same as just buying new locks. We still recommend you to rekey your locks rather than changing the locks to new ones, because of the modification that can occur to the door and door frame by the different sizes between the old locks to the new locks.

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