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The motto of the United States Air Force Academy in El Paso County and adjoining Colorado Springs is “Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do”. What a great Motto! We at Mile High Locksmith Air Force Academy wish that we had thought of it! Every day we strive for excellence and integrity. We believe that this is demonstrated in our unbeatable A rating with the BBB and the over 2000 “5 Star” reviews that we have on Google. At Mile High we bring superb automotive locksmith services to the entire 18,000+ acres of the Academy and to all of its 4200 Cadets and 550 Academic Staff. We are a 24 hour locksmith, and that’s every day at any hour holidays included and a fully mobile locksmith which means that we can reach your location and car anywhere from Academy Drive West Side to Stadium Blvd on the East. We Serve the US Air Force Academy and have done so for almost 20 years. So though we haven’t been there ever since the Academy opened in 1959, we are old friends and helping hands to the facility. We extend to Cadets and Staff alike an excellent system of service supports beginning with a free, no obligation estimate for scope and cost of recommended services, a 30 day warranty on services and products and unprecedented 3 day no questions asked returns policy. We don’t think anybody can beat us when it comes to service and support.

Air Force Academy Car Keys

Military protocol prevents us from bringing our full suite of comprehensive locksmith services on base but we do bring  the AFA a complete array of 24 hour auto locksmith services with a focus on providing our AFA customers with the lowest possible car locksmith cost. You may be familiar with the technology of what we want to touch on here but allow us to give you a useful brief in case you aren’t. The last 20 years have seen a dramatic change in the technicalities of car key replacement. Whereas car keys used to be simple “blade and channel” devices with actual tumblers they are no longer that and, unless you have a collector car you probably don’t have that type of key. If you do, don’t worry, we carry almost all types of “old style” key info and “blanks” and can make you the key that you need. But what you probably have is a “transponder key” or ever more likely a “Keyless” key fob. As an anti-theft tactic these types of “keys” must be coded to the ECU or onboard computer in one, and only one, car. So to replace these “talking keys” you’ll require locksmith key programming. Again, no worries- we have onboard each mobile unit a deep stock of technical supplies and full access to detailed info that will get the transponder key or fob that you need fabricated for your car. In all fairness let us advise that your dealership can also offer you this service. But the problem there is that the dealership has to have the car onsite at their location. And that probably means that you would need a tow to the dealer and have to pay a tow fee while we, as your AFA mobile locksmith, come to you with all of these services.

Another automotive locksmith service that we offer has to do with your ignition switch. If you are having ignition switch problems symptoms like your key won’t turn in ignition or it jams up frequently but not all the time it’s probably a good time to have us come look at that ignition switch. Because the longer you keep forcing or “tricking” the switch to work the more likely that you’ll ultimately have a 100% failure on the switch and that will add to the cost of replacement or repair- we might have to drill the ignition and that is costly. Our techs carry a variety of ignition switches onboard and what they don’t have onboard they can acquire. So have us make a run to you and we will give you the best in expert assessment as well as the free estimate, 90 day warranty and 3 day no questions asked returns policy. Bet you may never have thought that you might need a locksmith for cars but as you can see you very well might and we suggest that you have found the right one that’s serving the Air Force Academy in Mile high Locksmith.

Emergency Locksmith

A lot of what we’ve covered implies that you are having an emergency automotive situation. If you’ve lost or damaged your car keys, or locked keys in car we appreciate that something like that really does amount to an emergency for you and/or your family and we will treat the matter as such as your emergency locksmith. Whether you require our car lockout services or our key replacement services we are your “ASAP locksmith”. We’ll get to you any place on the Academy grounds. Please be advised that every one of our techs has gone through extensive background checks that can be accessed directly by Gate Security. They don’t just wave us through, but access almost always goes smoothly. So, here’s how to get us on a rapid response to your location in an auto locksmith emergency. You can summon us in two ways. First, you can call us at 719-299-5995. Second, you can signal us via I-Phone, Smart Phone, Tablet or PC on-line. Both the phone lines and the website are constantly monitored by live staff and whichever you chose you should receive an incoming phone call from the tech assigned to your case within a half hour of your first contact with us. That tech will gather whatever more info they may need and give you a sound ETA to your location. Off base we assure our clients that we will almost always be with them within 20 to 45 minutes of the first call but with Gate Security we have to be careful about that. We’re sure that you understand. But we will get to you as quickly as is humanly possible. Also, we have determined that using the website is the quickest way to get one of our techs in motion so to encourage our customers to help us do a more efficient job for them we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked via the website.

And here’s one more tip for saving you money on your car locksmith cost. All of the car insurance companies that we are familiar with will pay to get one of their clients back into a car that they have been locked out of. You can pursue this in 2 ways. You can call your insurance company and have them call us directly with a work order, which, aside from any deductible, keeps the payment arrangements completely between Mile High and your carrier. Or you can pay Mile High “out of pocket” at the time of service and then file a claim for reimbursement with your insurance company. Either way, it makes our services free or nearly free.

Finally allow us to mention that if you or your family or friends have need of a locksmith off base we offer complete locksmithing services for the car, home and business to include entry doors, gated yards and lots, locking mail boxes and garage doors. So please keep us in mind.

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