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Mile High Locksmith® has been serving the entire Front Range for nearly 20 years from our base in Denver and we love serving Fountain, Colorado, including
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    • Lock installation services

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Fountain, Colorado, HELLO from Mile High Locksmith Fountain! At Mile High Locksmith we know just where you are, 10 miles south of Colorado Springs and a bit east of Ft. Carson. We know that you have almost 28,000 residents in a 25 square mile area, that you’re the home of the Pikes Peak International Raceway and we know about “The Blast”, the legendary train wreck of 1888. Mile High Locksmith has been serving the entire Front Range for nearly 20 years from our base in Denver and we love serving Fountain and are organized to be your local locksmith. Don’t think that your status as the 2nd largest city in El Paso County behind Colorado Springs means that you aren’t entitled to 1st class service because you are! Mile High Locksmith is a 24 hour mobile locksmith with an BBB rating, a Subscriber Verified and Approved status with Home Advisor and over 2000 “5 Star Ratings” on Google from real customers who have used our services. When we say “24 hour locksmith” we mean every hour of every day of the year including all holidays and when we say mobile locksmith we mean that we can get to you anywhere in Fountain from Highway 87 to East Squirrel Road and from Fountain Blvd. to The Buttes. We are at your beck and call and will happily bring our world class locksmith services directly to you.

Mile high Locksmith serves your home, business and car. Around the home and business we do much more than just front door locks and other entry door locks. But for those primary locks at your residence and business we always recommend, sell, install and service the beautiful Baldwin locks as well as Defiant locks, Schlage locks, Kwikset locks and Yale locks. Our experience has taught us that these are the best business and residential locks available. However, we can effectively install and service all types of locks so never hesitate to ask us to work on any lock you need serviced.  For home and business we offer comprehensive lock installation services, key replacement, lock repair services, and rekeying locks services. Not only for primary doors, we can change a lock on a patio door and if you have a locking mail box we can we bring your our lock installation services and make you mailbox keys. If you have a gate lock with key device, including remote controlled electric systems, we can offer you full service on those. We even offer the best names in garage doors for sale along with garage door repair. When it comes to garage doors no job, residential to industrial, is too big or too small for Mile high Locksmith.

And to make our services even more attractive we will send a qualified tech to your location to give you a free no obligation estimate to approve or reject and after services are performed we warranty our work and products for 90 days and extend an unprecedented 3 day no questions asked returns policy for services and products.

Fountain Car Keys

Lost your car keys? You probably weren’t aware that there’s a locksmith for cars in Fountain, but here we are! In the last 20 years a whole new generation of car keys and “Keyless” car starter devices has changed the face of car key replacement. Transponder keys and “Keyless” key fobs, unlike old style “blade and channel” keys, require locksmith key programming to properly accomplish the job of replacing a car starting device. Both the transponder key and the fob communicate with the car’s Engine Control Unit, or onboard computer and each key or fob can speak to one, and only one car. So your new key absolutely requires that the tech making it be able to “code” the key to the car. Rest assured that all of our mobile units are completely equipped with the most detailed information and high tech gear to create your transponder key or fob and get it “talking to your car”. And one thing about the old style keys, we still carry all of the codes and key blanks in all of our mobile units to allow us to create those keys to get your car on the road again. By the way, your dealership can perform transponder and fob programming too but the problem with that is that they have to have your car and that, since you don’t have a working key, probably means that you would have to have your car towed to that dealer. But Mile High Locksmith will come to you 24/7 anywhere in Fountain. That’s a better and easier deal.

The other common technical problem with the car that Mile High can assist you with is related to your ignition switch. Your key won’t turn in ignition? Having other ignition switch problems symptoms? Well, you probably have to have your ignition switch repaired or replaced. Wait, don’t call a tow truck, call us! Our mobile units carry a broad selection of the most common ignition switches and otherwise we can get a hold of less common ones very quickly. Our techs are extremely well trained on ignition switch problems and will be able to diagnose yours and give you the best input on whether repair is possible or replacement will be required. Our free estimate, 90 day warranty and 3 day no questions asked return policies will all apply.

Emergency Locksmith

Being locked out can be like a bad dream and whether you’re locked out of your home, your business or your car it is a real emergency to you. And we’ll treat it like one. You can contact Mile High Fountain, your 24 hour emergency locksmith, by phone at (719) 299-5995 or you can log onto our website using your Smart Phone, I-Phone, Tablet or PC. When you call you’ll get a live person on our dispatch team who’ll assign a tech to you and then within a half an hour you’ll receive an incoming call from that tech to give you the best ETA at your location possible, usually within an 20 to 45 minutes of your initial call. Our team monitors the website every bit as closely as they monitor the phone lines and the procedures are essentially the same. A tech is assigned who gets in touch with you by phone and then strives to be with you physically within an 20 to 45 minutes of your booking online. Our records reflect that using the online booking on the website is consistently the quickest way for us to get a tech to your location so to encourage you to use the website we automatically give you a 10% discount on services when you go that route. And please don’t conclude that “That’s not an auto locksmith near me” from the “denver” in our web address, we have techs in reach of you at all times. So use our 24 hour lockout service at any time and location in Fountain. And let us mention that whether you use our house lockout service or our business and car lockout services we are always there as your locksmith Fountain. And even when we have to unlock door without key we vow to do our very best not to damage your existing locks and the estimate, warranty and return policies all apply. And last but not least, here’s a tip on making your car locksmith cost less. Now, this only applies TO CAR LOCK OUTS. Almost all car insurance companies will pay to get their clients back into cars that they have been locked out of. So you can call your insurance company and have them call us with what amounts to a work order and they will handle payment for our services directly with us. Or you can pay us out of pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement with your insurance company.

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