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Front door lock

One cannot help but notice the trend in homes and businesses installing the new keyless electronic locks. You might think that, in an age of popular and expensive “gadgets”, these locks were just another example of our cultural tendency to always have the latest contraption. But if you assumed that you’d be wrong. The new generation of keyless, electronic and remote-control door locks are a contemporary solution to a security issue that is both old and trending itself. Criminals always want to find a way into your home and business. And an example of one of their tools for that is “lock bumping”. Though lock bumping isn’t new (the lock bumping key, or rapping key, was first patented in 1928 as a locksmithing tool) since around 2006 it has become an ever more popular tool for bad guys. We won’t go into great detail since that might be boring or useful for “bad actors” but the key to understanding bump keys and other lock picking devices (like pin guns) is that they essentially “spoof” the tumblers in a traditional key and shaft lock and cause that lock to open. When this act is performed by a competent and cool-headed criminal it’s almost as easy for them to get inside a locked location as if they had an actual key. So, the key, key channel, and tumblers are the weak point. And that is why we are so happy to see the advent of the electronic keyless locks and why we are so impressed with the Nest X Yale lock product.

The new Nest X Yale door lock results from the collaboration of the Nest company, a cutting-edge producer of high-tech sensors, cameras, alarm systems and camera door bells, and Yale Locks, one of the oldest and most respected lock HARDWARE manufacturers in America. Nest has combined their innovative software with the sturdy Yale hardware to create a key free door lock. The absence of a key channel and tumblers makes this lock a significant security upgrade on any door. The Nest X Yale keypad door lock comes in three elegant finishes to match any decor- Satin Nickle, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass. The lock is battery powered by 4 AA batteries that will last about a year and this keypad door lock will send a signal to your Android when the batteries begin to run low. Thus, there is no need for a new power source or wiring at the time the Nest X Yale is installed. Installation is within the skill set of most amateur locksmiths, but professional installers may be located via the Nest website. This keyless door lock has no key hole channel for a would-be intruder to try to “bump” or “pick” the lock and if someone does try to tamper with it by trying to enter codes into it the lock will go into Lockout Mode after 5 failed tries. AND the lock will let you know that an attempt has been made to spoof it! This effectively seals the door until the owner rescinds the lock out order.

Nest X Yale Lock Communicates

The Nest X Yale digital door lock communicates with its owner and follows its owners’ commands. If someone does attempt to open the lock with an incorrect pass code the lock will alert the owner’s android. The Nest App allows the owner to create an individual pass code for each member of their household as well as create “Guest Entry Times” for the lock to unlock to admit a visitor. The Nest X Yale can also accept voice commands to lock and unlock via Google Home or an android phone. All of this said, there is a keypad on the exterior of the lock so that the entry codes may be entered manually. In cases when it is cold or wet outside, the Nest X Yale generally works fine with gloves during inclement weather.  

Nest X Yale Product Warranty

The excellent Nest X Yale locks includes a lifetime warranty for finish and mechanical components and a two-year warranty for electronic components.

We do recommend that for the highest level of certainty of your security that a professional locksmith install this lock for you.

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LGBT Friendly Locksmith Service

We are Mile High Locksmith®, an 18-year-old company that serves all members of all communities, neighborhoods, ethnicities, persuasions and beliefs. Having said that we wish to state another thing plainly and in print: WE ARE AN LGBT FRIENDLY BUSINESS. We serve and respect all people. The caliber of service that all communities and groups have the right to expect should always be available to the LGBT community, full stop. So, here’s what YOU can expect from us- full service by consummate locksmith professionals in every possible venue encompassing our profession. We are an A+ rated company by the BBB, have over 1000 “5 Star” ratings on Google from real customers, and we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisor. We are also a 24 hour locksmith and a fully mobile locksmith. Wherever in our coverage range and whenever you need us including all holidays, we will come to you when summoned. Whatever locksmith services that you wish or need we will always send one of our technicians to your location to give you a free no obligations estimate for the work. We also warranty our work for 3 months AND we extend a 3 day no questions asked RETURNS policy. That is, if you are dissatisfied with our work and make us aware of that in the 3 days we will return and remove everything that we did, no charge, no hassle and no questions.

LGBT Housing Price, Safety and Neighborhood

As a Gay and Lesbian friendly locksmith we would be remiss if we failed to acquire knowledge of the community. One thing that applies for us particularly is a FreddieMac report that LGBT renters and owners prioritize on price, safety and an LGBT friendly environment in their housing decisions in that order. We understand that and wish to say that while we can’t greatly affect the environment SAFETY AT A FAIR PRICE is our business. Everyone is entitled to that.

About Mile High Locksmith

Allow us to encapsulate our services for you, but please be aware that this is in no way an exhaustive list of same. We specialize in residential security doors (the metal framed door with screen that allows airflow) and residential security door locks. We mention them in tandem because the right lock MUST go with the right door and it’s easy to make a mistake or be misled about that. Mile High is an emergency locksmith and we provide lockout services for homes, cars and businesses. As professionals we comprehend that any lockout can be personally felt as an emergency or, in some cases it might be truly hazardous. Therefore, we are always awake, alert and ready to be called upon. Please see CONTACT DETAILS below to see how committed we are to this. In the event of a lost or damaged car key device we have all the skill, technology and data onboard our mobile units to provide you with locksmith key programming in that, if your car has a “Transponder” key or “Keyless” ignition/door fob, you will require that programming. We sell and install the finest brands of residential door locks and recommend Baldwin door locks for their characteristics of being designer door locks and having a very high security performance level. We also provide garage doors sales and installation as well as garage door repair. This would extend to business and residential garage doors, roll up, overhead and carriage style. If you wish more information about us, please explore our other more product specific pages.

Contacting Mile High Locksmith

We may be contacted either via our Contact Page or by phone at 1-800-351-0548.

These contact points work for both regular and emergency locksmith calls. But one thing that we wish you to be confident of is that when you contact us 24/7 you will always be reaching a salaried employee of Mile High Locksmith and you will never be channeled off to a call center- NEVER. In urgent situations we will usually have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you directly within 2 minutes of your first contact with us. Afterwards, we will usually have that tech at your side within 20 to 45 minutes of the first contact. We are always Rapid Response. To illustrate this let us mention that we have determined that the fastest way for us to get a locksmith at your side is when you use the website. So, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services “booked” on our website.

If you need us on an emergency locksmith or a non-emergency locksmith basis we are here and ready to serve.

Mile High Locksmith®


OK, if your reading this you’re probably having a problem and we want to help you. If you’re driving a rental car and you’ve just realized that you have a lost rental car key and you’ve felt that ugly “Oh No!” sensation in your chest, relax as much as you can and take a deep breath.
There are a few ways for you to get the help that you need. After taking a deep breath the second thing that you want to do is contact your car rental company and let them know that you’ve lost your car keys. They may have an extra key or key fob on hand in their office that they can get to you. If they don’t, some rental companies actually have contract relationships with a 24 hour locksmith and they may be able to send that automotive locksmith to you. Hopefully it will be a local locksmith and they’ll be able to reach you quickly.
If your rental company does not have a contract car locksmith then things have become a little more complicated, but you should still be able to solve matters. Before you move on to taking steps without your car rental company check and see if they have a “Key Code” code on file for your rental car before “ringing off” with them.
Now would be the time to get in touch with your own private car insurance provider and check and see if they have a “road side”-type program that can help you. If they do they’ll want that “Key Code” info. If you have lost your rental car keys or the rental key fob and find that you cannot expect help from your rental car company or your own insurance company you’re going to have to become more proactive.
Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through this. Essentially there are two types of automotive locksmiths. The car dealership for the make of your rental car is generally a full service car locksmith BUT they typically aren’t a 24 hour locksmith and can’t come to you. So, they usually can’t help in your situation. Now you need to find that 24 hour automotive locksmith on your own.
When you speak to prospective locksmiths make sure that they understand that, since you’ve lost the car keys or key fob that you will require a key replacement. Of course you’ll want the lowest car key replacement cost possible, but keep in mind that a cheap locksmith isn’t always the best locksmith. Check out their reviews and see if they have BBB ratings or other pertinent comparatives.

Locked Keys in Car

If you’ve got a locked car door and the rental car keys are inside your situation is better than if you have lost the rental keys entirely. In these cases, if the car keys or key fob are locked in the car trunk your mobile locksmith will be able to get the car opened for you quickly with some basic car locksmith tools. This may, and probably will, set off the rental car alarm but once your locksmith has their hands on the car keys or the key fob they’ll be able to get the alarm shut down and you’ll be on your way. The car keys or the key fob locked in the “Cab” of your rental car is the least serious and easiest to address problem of the three problems that we are presenting here.

Locked Keys in Trunk

Security technology is going to be working against you if you have the car keys or key fob locked in the trunk. In this case you will certainly require car key replacement. Few if any recent car models have a lock channel installed in the trunk, rather, the trunk can only be opened with the button in the interior of the car and then, in many cases, only when the ignition switch is in the “On” position. Your locksmith is just going to have to make you a car key duplicate. Alright, so now you’re looking for a locksmith that can get you out of this mess and this is the time to be conscious of what it is you’re going to need. You do want to find cheap car key replacement but it’s so important that you find someone who is professional and responsive to get your car keys made. So, let’s return to a few salient points; you want a proven 24/7 mobile locksmith, you want to check their credentials and it’s best IF THEY make it easy for you to do so. Be sure that you have the KEY CODE details for them. And make sure that the locksmith service you contact understands your situation and pledges to you that they are qualified to come to your location and provide you key replacement for the make and model that you have rented.

A good tip here is to ask the dispatcher that you speak with or “Live Chat” with whether or not they are a salaried employee of the locksmith company. If they aren’t, think about contacting another company. A locksmith company using a contracted answering service for dispatch indicates, to us at least, a lack of dedication and certainly implies that their response time will be slower than a locksmith using their own people for dealing with customers in these situations.

Toyota Key Replacement

The lowly car key has changed quite a lot in the last 20 years as has the nature of car key replacement and car key replacement cost. In fact, many “keys” are now “Hi-Tech” devices that drivers from 30 years ago wouldn’t even recognize. And many of today’s drivers probably aren’t even aware that there was a time when a car key was a simple, metal mechanical device very similar in use to the old, homely door keys on buildings. Even if you prefer the “Old Fashioned Way” or are perhaps a little “tech-resistant” you should recognize that the evolution of the car key is a good thing for all of us because it is based by and large on making us safer and our cars more secure. Toyota has always been a tech leader and one of their most popular models is the RAV4, so, you RAV4 owners/drivers may consider this an article just for you. Did you know that the RAV4 was introduced in Japan and Europe in 1994 as the first “Crossover SUV” and that it wasn’t called the RAV4 until it reached the American market and was renamed from the Ravufo to the RAV4 which stands for “Recreational Activity Vehicle 4 Wheel Drive”? Now you have a little piece of trivia about your car to tuck away and use at the appropriate time!

Toyota Locksmith

TR47 Toyota Key

As an enhanced security feature for the RAV Toyota went to the “key fob” (Toyota RAV4 Key Fob Part#: TOY-214) in 2006. The “fob” is the synthetic, non-metal part of the key that houses the “remote control” unit for door locks and in more recent models the remote control for starting and stopping the engine. It may be separate from the mechanical key or incorporated into the key head as a one piece device. You will find this type of key on many of the RAV models from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 even though Toyota introduced the latest “key” iteration, the Toyota Proximity Key or “Toyota Prox Key” in 2009.

Toyota Locksmith

Toyota key fob

Replacement Toyota Key

Replacement Toyota Key – Transponder TOY44D-PT

You may think of the Toyota Prox Key as a “Keyless” apparatus because it really basically is. There is no “key blade” that inserts into your steering column or dashboard but, rather, it is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and is held near the car ignition and the fob “talks to” the onboard computer in the car. When you press “Start”, the fob tells the car that it’s time to start and run. All very safe and very convenient unless you lose or seriously damage your Prox Key or key fob with an actual key blade in it. If that happens you’re going to need car key replacement, preferably cheap car key replacement.

Toyota Key Replacement

If you find yourself in the position where you need lost car key replacement or damaged car key replacement for your RAV you’re going to first decide where and by whom you want to have your car keys made. In the case of a lost or damaged “chipped” key for your RAV4 where you have no spare key to program a new key from you can follow one of two courses, going to or getting the car to a Toyota dealership or employing the services of a Mobile Locksmith. You’ll want to go about this in the least expensive way possible so we strongly urge you to take some time to sort out the cost to replace car key. Toyota car key replacement isn’t inexpensive so you need to shop around a little unless you’re faced with an absolute emergency need for key replacement. But here’s a general idea. A Mobile Locksmith will charge in the neighborhood of $30.00-$50.00 for the service call and from $100.00-$200.00 to make the key, so you’re looking at a total of about $130.00-$250.00. A dealership will charge from $150.00- $500.00 for the complete service. But as you are making up your mind, keep in your mind that if you don’t have keys to start and drive the car to the dealership and must have the car towed that’s another substantial expense. Remember that while you might have to get your car to the dealer, a Mobile Locksmith will come to you. And if you have chosen a truly a full service locksmith they will have everything in their mobile units to perform your lost car key replacement, program your replacement car keys if that is required and replace car key by vin number if that must be one of your considerations (your locksmith should be able to advise you on exactly what you need).

Where Can you find Toyota Rav4 key code?

If you have a RAV4 with an actual key with a key blade that inserts into the ignition in the steering column and have lost or destroyed your key there may be a way for you to avoid calling out a mobile locksmith and/or getting the RAV in to a dealership and we want in all fairness to give you a little info on that. You are probably aware that the traditional blade-type key is “Cut” into a key blank using a specific “Key Code” to a specific car. And that key code is available to you. Since 1996 Toyota has stamped their car’s key codes on the door locks. In our experience the code is usually on the passenger door lock, so try looking there first. If you don’t find it on the passenger door lock check the driver’s side. It should be there. Now, we want you to understand that this key code will not be useful for key programming and it will allow a key blade to be cut.

Toyota RAV4 Immobilizer Key Code Reset

The engine immobilizer system is an anti-theft device that became standard equipment on the Rav4 in 2009. The immobilizer system is designed to virtually “immobilize” the engine if the technological link between the key and the car computer has been compromised. When you insert the key into the ignition and the transponder chip signals the car that it’s OK to go ahead and start the engine will only start if the key’s code is the same as the code in the onboard computer. If something has happened to disrupt the “conversation” between the key and the computer the car will not start and the immobilizer system will have to be reset before it will start gain. No doubt you are curious as to whether or not you can reset the immobilizer yourself and, unfortunately, the short answer is “No”. To reset the immobilizer you will need the help of a professional, either a qualified locksmith or the actual dealership.

But remember that a qualified mobile locksmith will come to your location while a dealership most likely will not.

Drive Safely!

Chevy key fob replacement

Some Useful Information From Mile High Locksmith®

Mile High Locksmith® is a full service locksmith company that has been in existence for many years. And one of our areas of expertise is automotive locksmithing. Honesty as well as a commitment to being genuinely helpful in as many ways as possible is a hallmark of the locksmith industry and we take this opportunity to be helpful to owners of the Chevy Malibu. The first Chevy Malibu appeared in 1964 and is still in production today. As most Malibu owners already know, there have been A LOT of changes to the car in those 54 years! Of course, some of the many changes in the Malibu have been in the car’s ignition, key/key fob and security systems. We will address those systems in this article and offer you guidance on how to have Chevy Malibu key made.

Old Chevy Malibu simple metal key

1964 to 1978 Chevy Malibu simple metal key

In earlier days the key for the Malibu was a simple metal, mechanical key but with the introduction of the transponder key and the Chevy Malibu key fob the key/ignition system has become considerably more complex and it behooves the Malibu owner to be familiar with this. For this purpose we will assume that we are not talking about the “Collector” Malibu’s from the pre-1978 period. So the following will be a detail of types of Malibu keys from 1978 onward and we will walk you through the steps for Malibu key replacement, how to program Chevy key with original key and how to program Chevy key without original key. Please note the “programming” will get a little elaborate and we want to make sure that you understand the process.

Chevy Malibu Key Replacement

Chevy Malibu Key Replacement by the year

For Malibu’s built in 1978, 1979, 1980,1981, 1982,1983,1984, 1997, 1998, 1999,2000,2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 the key will be a straightforward mechanical key. These keys have no electronic component and require no programming. These will be the simplest and least expensive keys for the owners to manage and, when necessary, to replace.

For Malibu’s built in 2006, 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, and 2013 there will still be a mechanical key but these keys will have an electronic “Chip” built into them that will dictate that a specific key must communicate only with a specific car. This type of key is referred to as a“transponder key” and it is a nice anti-theft feature but the key must be programmed to the car or else the car will not start. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through that process (see below) and make it clear for you whether your skills will allow you to perform the work or if it will be better for you to consult a professional.

For Malibu’s built in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 you are most likely to have a key fob. You might think of the key fob system as a “keyless ignition”. The programming of these key fobs is generally a process best left to the professionals either at a GM dealership or a professional locksmith.

Chevy Malibu Key replacement, Key blank reference number

The following is a very valuable reference tool for Malibu owners: to insure that you have the correct mechanical key, transponder key or key fob you will need this information. You probably know that in the case of a mechanical key an appropriate “key blank” is required to produce, or “cut” the key that you need. Similarly, an appropriate “blank” is required for the transponder keys and even for the fob, though for the fob it’s not actually a mechanical blank but it’s still called a “fob”. Below are you “Key Blank” reference numbers (KBR#).

  • 1978-KBR#: Ignition GM J, Door GM K
  • 1979-KBR#: Ignition GM A, Door GM B
  • 1980-KBR#: Ignition GM C, Door GM D
  • 1981-KBR#: Ignition GM E, Door GM H
  • 1982-KBR#: Ignition GM J, Door GM K
  • 1983 & 1984- KBR#: Ignition GM A, Door GM B
  • 1997 to 2005- KBR#: B91-P (blank creates key for both ignition & door)
  • 2006 to 2013- KBR# B111-PT (transponder, chip key for both ignition & door)
  • 2014 to 2018- KBR: Flip Key Fob

How can I make a new key for Chevy Malibu?

There are two principal was ways to get replacement Chevy Malibu keys made and that key replacement depends on the year that your Malibu was built.

  1. You can contact your local GM dealership and ask them to make the replacement for you. But keep in mind that you’ll have to have your car towed to the dealership and you’ll have to provide the dealership with proof of ownership (likely the title) and a picture i.d.
  2. Or you can contact a reputable local mobile locksmith and have them come to your vehicle and make you a new key right on the spot where you and your vehicle are.

Chevy Malibu key replacement cost

Of course, these replacements can be costly. Let’s just make some general comparisons in that regard. To get a mechanical key made at the dealership the dealer will usually charge about $20.00 whereas the mobile locksmith will charge about $100.00 because he must charge you the mobile fee. But consider that you will have to have your Malibu towed to the dealership and the typical charge for a 5-7 mile tow is $30.00 to $100.00 and the compared expenses between a mobile locksmith and a dealership start to flatten out pretty quickly. Conversely, for the transponder key the mobile locksmith will usually charge about $150.00 where the dealer will charge about $300.00 and then there is still the cost of the tow added to that. And again, for a key fob the locksmith will charge about $180.00 to $300.00 while the dealer will charge about $400.00 to $500.00 and there’s still the added cost of the tow on top of that. So keep all of this in mind when to take your decision on which way to go.

But there is sometimes another option- saving some money by doing the work yourself!

There are two ways to save some money on your Chevy Malibu key replacement cost by going DIY.

  1. Finding your key code yourself and having your key made by a professional locksmith (the better choice) or at a key making kiosk in a hardware store or mall.
  2. Programming your Malibu transponder key yourself.

Chevy Malibu key code location

To start saving money on your Chevrolet Malibu key replacement cost, dealer replacement fees, vehicle tows and even locksmiths you must first find the key code for your Malibu that will give you the correct key cut.

  • For the 1978 to 2002 Malibu’s the key code will be stamped on the ignition switch. Once you have that code you will be able to contact a key maker or locksmith (your better choice) and have him cut you a new key by using that code. He will need the year of your Malibu to do this and you will have saved money by not summoning the mobile locksmith.
  • For the 2003 to 2005 Malibu there is about a 50/50 chance that you will find the key code on the ignition switch. If you don’t find it there you’re going to have to call in an expert.
  • For 2006 to 2018 Malibu’s your essentially out of luck because there is no key code information anywhere on the vehicle at all. For those Malibu’s the dealership or locksmith will have to use your car’s VIN number to generate the key fob and that’s going to be more costly.

Program Chevy Malibu key

Can you program a Chevy Malibu key yourself? The short answer is “Yes” if you are dealing with one of the transponder keys. The following is only applicable to transponder keys and you need to know what you’re doing so let us help you out there. It’s fairly easy to program a transponder key to the Malibu as a master key you’ve lost both your main key and your spare and it’s easier still to copy a key program if you do have a working key.

In the event that you have no keys at all to the Malibu you’ll have to program a new master key, which will erase the old keys so if you find the lost keys please understand that they won’t work after you program the new “master”. Before you initiate the process of programming the new master key make sure that your car battery is 100% charged and then follow the steps below. Remember, the following procedures apply ONLY to the transponder key systems.

For a new master key:

  1. Once you have found your key code number and have had a new transponder key cut insert that key into your ignition and place the key in the “On” position BUT DO NOT START THE CAR. You are in the process of programming the key, not running the Malibu. Using a timer or watch leave the key in the “On” position for 10 minutes. Keep an eye on the “Theft Warning Light” on the dashboard as it will be on during these 10 minutes.
  2. When the theft light goes out turn the ignition off. Now turn it back on (the theft light will come back on) and repeat the 10 minute “Key In The “On” Position” procedure. When the theft light goes out, once again, turn the ignition off.
  3. Then, one more time, repeat the steps above so that a total of 30 minutes have passed in the programming procedure. When the theft light turns off the third time your new master key should be programmed.

Copy a new key copy from an existing key:

  1. Insert a PROGRAMMED key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the “on” position without actually starting the car.
  2. Count slowly to 10 or 15.
  3. Turn the ignition to the “off” position and withdraw the programmed key.
  4. Insert a new, correctly coded key that you want programmed to the car and turn the ignition to the “on” position without starting the car. The theft light on the dashboard will light up.
  5. Wait at least 5 seconds and the theft light should go off. When it does turn the ignition to the “off” position. The new key should be programmed to your Malibu at this time.

We at Mile High Locksmith® hope that this article has been practical for you and has provided you with useful information. One thing that we would recommend to the reader after all that has been said here is that, as you are trouble shooting your own key and ignition problems, if you reach the point where you sense that you have gotten beyond your level of competence be sure and get in touch with a professional at the dealership or at a mobile locksmith. That’s the wise way to handle this trouble shooting on your own.

Watch for future articles on automotive key and ignition systems from Mile high Locksmith®. And we hope that you keep yourself and your family safe and your belongings secure.


Key Replacement

Honesty and fair play are the hallmarks of the Locksmith profession. Adhering to those hallmarks is very important to us and we believe that disseminating accurate and useful information to consumers is one of the best things that we can do for both the consumers and for our profession. We are Mile High Locksmith and we have been in business since 2002 and maintain a prestigious A+ rating from the BBB and we want to make it a point in this article to give the Acura owner the very best in general and applicable key and key fob information that we can.

The first thing that we wish to alert you to is that Acura keys and key fobs are somewhat more complex to manage than most keys and fobs. We highly recommend that if you lose a key or key fob or have one wear out on you that you consult either an Acura Dealership or a fully mobile Acura locksmith service. Acura owners should be aware that there is a great deal of specialization that comes with the Acura key and the Acura key fob. Please allow us to take some time to make sure that you, as an Acura owner, have a complete understanding of the keys and fobs, the Acura key fob battery which we always have in stock, how to program Acura key fob and the typical Acura key replacement cost.

Acura Key Fob Replacement Cost

Acura Key Fob

Acura Key Fob FCC IDKR5V1X

The Acura owners first cost consideration is whether or not to get your replacement Acura Key at Dealership. The Acura key/fob cannot be “programmed” without the car present. So if you use a Dealership it will usually entail having to have the car towed to that Dealership, which is an added cost, and in many cases having to wait for an appointment to open up in the Dealers maintenance work schedule. By the time you pay for a tow and the service at the Dealer it is not uncommon for your bill to be around $300.00. Add to that the possibility that it might take a couple of days to get the service performed and you’re looking at expenses in money and time. And as the old saying goes- “Time Is Money”.

On the other hand, when you choose a fully mobile professional locksmith they come to you. A 24/7/365 mobile locksmith, and most professional locksmiths that supply car key, ignition and fob services are 24/7/365, brings all of the tools and assets with them in their service vehicles that the Dealerships have which can allow you to avoid the tow and perhaps having to wait on line for the service to be scheduled. The right mobile locksmith can usually be with you within an hour of your call and have the situation with your key or fob rectified in under an hour. And in the end the mobile locksmith typically charges you around half of what the Dealer would.

Acura Key Fob Programming

At this point you may be asking yourself whether or not you can avoid all of the time and expense by just running down to the local hardware store (or a cheap and unprofessional key seller) and having them stamp you out a key or sell you a fob over the counter. The short answer is “No”. Acura is a car maker with a very deep dedication to anti-theft technology and only a professional can make you a key or fob because Acura requires the technician to use key programmer tool “onboard programming” to make their keys and fobs work. Now, from 1997 to 2018 the Acura key code location has been stamped on every lock on the Acura vehicle and a non-professional locksmith can cut a mechanical key for the car without having an original key to format the newer key from. BUT the non-professional still cannot program the new key. This is because since 1997 Acura has produced and supplied Transponder key, or another name for it “Chip key keys and fob devices and in the newer models “Smart Proximity” keys and key fobs for all of their models. What “Smart Proximity” means is that there is a “Chip” or “Transponder” in each key and Fob that “Talks” to the car. In other words, the car and the key/fob recognize each other and if they don’t recognize each other the car won’t start. Originally the “Chip” was in the mechanical key itself or in the plastic fob on the top of the key. This, for example, was true of the MDX model for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 AND 2014. But the transponder program has evolved over the years from being installed in the physical key, to being installed in the vehicle security door opener fob, to being installed in a fob built onto the key and as of 2014 in some models there is no longer a mechanical key to the car or a key channel in the steering column at all! Some models do still have the mechanical key, these being the lower end units (TL, TSX), but the up end models (RDX, MDX) have the keyless fobs for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Now, that said, there are sometimes options in your choice of a key. For instance, in the 2012 MDX you can choose to have a key without the remote door opener installed in it and this will be a less expensive key. But you can also have a key with the remote opener inside the fob that is part of the key and that will be a more expensive option. And then there are models and model years, like the 2013 and 2014 ILX, where you just don’t have any choices offered by Acura and you have to install the key or device that they require. In all of these cases we counsel you to shop around both in terms of the dealerships and the available professional locksmith companies to insure that you are getting the best advice and the best possible price for the service and for overall expense. So be certain to factor all of this into your decision making process when it comes to both dealerships and mobile locksmiths.

You can see that the Acura key/fob system is fairly complex and is clearly something that needs to be done right. So, please be advised that Locksmith companies will offer you mobile locksmith units responding to Acura key/fob calls that are fully equipped with everything that is required to solve your problem. The Locksmiths programming device attaches directly to the car’s ignition system which tells the locksmith how to cut the key when one is required or exactly what steps are necessary to program the key or fob to the car. When the key is programmed to the car the key is then “registered” in the Acura database which is another security feature. For the mechanical keys which have to be cut locksmiths strive to use only Acura produced key blanks. There are however times and circumstances where they have to substitute a non-Acura made product but these are rare and only occur when the circumstances dictate that they get the key made or fob programmed immediately.

Finally, let us politely point out that there are also circumstances that are not uncommon when an Acura owner may have neither lost nor damaged his/her key or fob but it would still be best to have another key or fob produced for their vehicle. We strongly recommend that every vehicle owner have two keys or fobs for each vehicle owned. In that case if a starter device is lost or damaged you have the second one as a back up and you are not trapped without your car. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Locksmiths are happy to come to you and get the second starting device created for you in case you only have one. And remember, Most locksmiths will have a mobile service 24/7 and so come to you at your convenience while the car is sitting in your driveway or some other safe location, do the work and hand you the key.

So, for key and key fob services for your Acura, decide which is the best option for you- the dealership or the mobile locksmith- and if you do decide to employ the locksmith find the best one in your locality (we suggest that you look for that A+ BBB rating) and you’ll have a quality locksmith on your site to get you rolling in your Acura again in the least amount of time and for the least amount of money possible.

Keyless Door Lock

Keyless Door Lock

Allow us to recommend- the Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Lock

Mile High Locksmith® is a seasoned and professional mobile locksmith service and we feel comfortable stating unequivocally that when it comes to the topic of residential locks we are a premium source for service and information. With that said, we would like to recommend the kwikset obsidian keyless touchscreen electronic deadbolt. Mile High has worked with Kwikset lock products for many years and we have in depth knowledge and experience of this fine manufacturer, and in all of our extensive acquaintance with the lock and security industry we’ve never been more impressed with any keyless deadbolt!
First of all, the keyless front door lock or back door keyless lock is the future. The technically pioneering nature of the kwikset keypad lock makes it not only sophisticated enough to compliment any architectural style and decoration scheme but it also delivers a higher level of safety for your belongings, your family and yourself. In fact, its level of delivered security is unparalleled. The elimination of the key and thus the “Key Way” takes away the main weakness in all previous “keyed” locks- without a key way the Obsidian can’t be picked and a bad guy can’t make a copy of your key! You don’t have to carry a key, worry about worn out keys or hide a key outside. And with this digital keyless door lock you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out of your home. You can simply lock and unlock the door by using the touchscreen and entering your personal code.

Keyless lock VS regular deadbolt cost affect

We do acknowledge up front that at the outset the consumer will pay more for this trendsetting residential keyless door lock, just like any other electronic digital door lock, but the follow on savings and enhanced security begin almost immediately. Unlike conventional or “Old Fashioned” keyed locks you’ll never have to rekey the lock in the event of a lost or stolen key. And you’ll never have to have extra keys made for family members or trusted associates because the Obsidians, the best keyless door locks, will accept up to 16 entry codes- which is like having 16 keys to the lock. With this you’ll never have a key that wears out or fails to turn in your lock and if/when you no longer want someone to have access to your home you don’t have to go through the unpleasantness of getting a key back- you just eliminate that persons entry code. So stop looking for a high security key lock and go with the excellent Kwikset Obsidian electronic door locks.

Kwikset Obsidian Keyless

Aside from the facts that the Obsidian is handsome, graceful, elegant and that it will bring your home security system into the future (yes, the “Home Connect” version can be wholly interfaced with your home security techno-suite) we wanted to give you some words of explanation about how this phenomenal device works.
The Obsidian is designed with the Kwikset exclusive SecureScreen technology that prevents inappropriate access to your home with a128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard communications system which meets the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Grade 2 deadbolt security standards. To that you might well respond: but what is it and how does it work? Here is your answer. First, the touch screen is powered by 4 AA batteries and it is equipped with a low power alert so that your lock never quits, even in the case of a power outage. Also, the system is capacitive, which means that in a low battery situation you may simply apply the terminals on a 9 Volt battery to the terminals on the underside of the lock to recharge it. The SecureScreen system displays 2 random digits prior to accepting your personal code which prevents fingerprint acquisition and keypad observation from betraying the actual entry code. So after the random digits are entered by the system just put in your code and the door unlocks. Conversely, there is a dedicated “Lock” key so that with a single press of one digit the lock is engaged- no fumbling with keys in uncertain situations! Also, in case of uncertainty or forgetfulness the lock offers an optional function that automatically locks the door after a 30 second interval of inaction by the person accessing the lock. The Obsidian also has a Mastercode option that puts the Mastercode holder in complete control of the system and an alarm and temporary “Lock Out” program that activates if there are 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter a code into the lock touchscreen.

One last time, this digital keypad door lock is a true thing of beauty, form and function. It is available in two finishes, Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze. And Kwikset provides a Lifetime Warranty on mechanical function and cosmetic finish for the original owners.

Subaru key replacement

Did you lose the key for your Subaru Impreza? Who can make you a new key replacement and what should you watch for when you use a locksmith service? Here are some tips and information about making a new key replacement for your Subaru Impreza when you have no key to copy from.

Important: If you are using a locksmith service to make you a new key replacement for your Subaru Impreza from the years 2012 until 2017, we strongly urge you to verify the OEM part number by using your car’s VIN number with the Subaru dealership. You can then provide it to the locksmith to make sure the locksmith’s key part number matches the key key part number you received from the dealer before the locksmith does any work on your car. The reason is if the locksmith tries to program a different key without verifying the OEM part number, it can cause damage to your car’s computer.

Information: From the year 2012 until the year 2017, most likely your Subaru Impreza has a new keyway. In other words, even if your key looks exactly the same as the key for the 2011 Subaru Impreza, most likely the key for the year 2011 and earlier years will not fit the key holes for a Subaru Impreza from the years 2012 to 2017.

Are all the models of Subaru Impreza difficult to make a new key replacement for?

The answer is no. In fact, most Subaru keys are very easy to replace even when you lost the only key you had.

Who can make me a key for my Subaru Impreza?

Subaru Impreza key programming

What is the difference between a Subaru dealership and an automotive locksmith service?

The difference between a Subaru dealership and an automotive locksmith is the cost and the service. Who will cost less and who will provide you with more comfortable service will depend on your Subaru Impreza’s year. The reason is that over the years Subaru Impreza keys have changed as well as the cost. If your Subaru is older, most likely the Subaru dealership will be cheaper. If your Subaru impreza is a newer model then most likely the automotive locksmith will be a better deal. Here are some examples:

  • If your Subaru Impreza was made in the years 2002, 2003 or 2004, your key has no extra features and the key is just a regular key. The part number is X251. No programming is needed. The owner of the car can take the title and their ID to the closet Subaru dealership and have them make a new key replacement using the car’s VIN number.

From the year 2005 and up, your key will have a transponder chip inside the keyhead. This chip is invisible to you and will need to be programed to your car in order to be able to start it. A locksmith will be able to bring the programing machine to your car’s location and the dealership will ask you to tow the car in.

  • If your Subaru Impreza was made in the years 2005, 2006 or 2007, then you have a transponder chip key with part number SUB4-PT. This key requires programming by a professional.
  • If your Subaru Impreza was made in the years 2008, 2009 or 2010, then you have a high security transponder chip key with part number DAT17T13 that needs to be programmed by a professional.
  • If your Subaru Impreza was made in the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017, then you have a high security transponder chip key with part number DAT17T13 or SR12-PHT. In the later years It is possible you may have a different type of key. The best way to verify which key your car requires is to call your local Subaru dealership and ask them what your key’s part number is using your VIN number and then you can provided it to the professional who makes you the key.
Subaru key replacement
Key for Subaru Impreza Forester Outback 05-06-07
Subaru key replacement
Key for Subaru Impreza Forester Outback 05-06-07-08-09-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017
Subaru key replacement
Special key for Subaru Forester Outback SR12-PHT
Subaru key replacement
Subaru Outback key fob
Littleton locksmith company

Mile High Locksmith®

Did you lose your car key and have no spare? Did you get locked out of your car, house or business? Did you receive the new keys for your new home and need to change the locks? This is where Mile High Locksmith can help. With years of experience our company carries a full line of car keys, door locks, house keys and many other locksmith products to provide you with the best resources for any lock and key service you may need. With our convenient locksmith retail shop in Littleton, CO or our mobile Littleton locksmith services, you can have your keys copied or you can buy a new front door lock directly from us.

How is the Mile High Locksmith shop different from other locksmith companies that provide only mobile locksmith service?

The answer to this question is our locksmith retail shop

Mile High Locksmith store and mobile service:

  • In our retail locksmith shop we have our own security specialist technicians and a wide selection of locks and keys that you cannot find in the hardware stores.
  • We have everyday low prices. We always commitment to providing you with our lowest prices.
  • With Mile High Locksmith you can choose between aftermarket products as well as factory products.
  • Being the Littleton lock shop and supplier, we provide you with a warranty on the locks you purchase as well the labor. When you buy locks from one place and hire a different mobile locksmith to install them, you can find yourself with warranty issues. If the key or the lock stops working the locksmith may blame the lock factory and the lock factory may blame the mobile locksmith for his work. With Mile High Locksmith you will receive a full warranty for any parts and labor. That way you only make one phone call for any lock or key problems.
  • Our trained locksmiths have full access to the shop and will be able to supply locks and keys at your location.

Littleton Colorado locksmith training program

Mile High Locksmith has training programs. We train our locksmith technicians to become expert locksmiths and specialize in the following areas:

  • Business and commercial buildings
  • Home door locks
  • Lost car key replacements
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Vehicle jump start services

Mile High Locksmith Partners

Car insurance key coverage

Many car insurance companies are partners with Mile High Locksmith and provide partial vehicle key replacement coverage for your convenience. When you lose your car key, call your insurance company and asked them if you are covered for a replacement car key. If you are, Mile High Locksmith will split the cost between you and your insurance company separately. That way you will end up paying much less for our service.

Mile High Locksmith DBA Mile HIgh City Locksmith Service in Littleton, CO. Trademark policy

rekey car door lock

Lost car key replacement It can cost significantly less to rekey your car door lock rather than rekeying your vehicle’s ignition. It’s a good idea to ask a professional to make you a new key for your car using the car’s door lock in order to save money. You can save even more money by removing your car’s door lock and taking it to a locksmith shop and having them make a key for you there.

You can find many vehicles that share the same key for the door lock and the ignition switch lock. In fact, many mobile locksmith companies will use the door lock as a reference in order to make the ignition key for your car.
There are many tools today that professional locksmiths use to read the car’s door lock code. The most common tool locksmiths use today is called a Lishi tool.
Many mobile locksmiths will come to your vehicle’s location and read the key information from your car door lock using the Lishi tool without removing the lock from the car door. Some locksmiths will prefer to remove your car’s door lock and read the key information that way. Either way they will use your car’s door lock to make the new ignition key.

We recommend you consider using a locksmith service

We recommend you consider using a locksmith service when making a key for your car.
Using a professional locksmith company will cost about $100 to $200. Using a locksmith company will be the most convenient way to go.

Car rekey service

You can save money by doing some of the work yourself. You can remove the car door lock and bring it into a locksmith shop.

Before you try making an ignition key for your car by using one of your car’s door locks, you will need to confirm that your previous older key was working on both the door lock as well as the ignition lock. If not, it will be impossible to make an ignition key by using the car’s door lock as a reference.

Check if you have a chip key

Check to see if your ignition switch has an anti theft system installed, (also known as a transponder chip key system), by the manufacturer. If your ignition switch does have an anti-theft system, making a key to start your car will require a professional locksmith to come to your vehicle’s location in order to connect a diagnostic key programming machine to your vehicle’s ECU, (your car’s computer), in order to register the new key to your car. You cannot program a key to your car without your car being present.

We recommend you always make a phone call to your local dealership and ask them if they have the key information on file. In many cases it can save you money and time if they do.
Another good thing about the dealership is that you can provide them with your car’s VIN number and get information about what type of key your car requires.

Here is how you can save some money when you lost the only key to your car:

  1. Find a local locksmith shop in your area and give them a call. Ask them if they can make you an ignition key if you bring in the car’s door lock. Make sure to provide them with your car’s make, model and year for confirmation.
  2. Find the most easy door lock on your car to disassemble. We recommend that you do not use the trunk lock or the glove box lock. Remove the door lock from your door.
  3. You can find instructions on how to remove your car’s door lock online or at the auto parts store.
  4. After you have the lock in your hand, take it to a local locksmith shop and ask them to make you a new key to your ignition using your door lock as a reference.
  5. Keep in mind that in some car’s the ignition switch lock is a bit different from the car’s door lock and it will be necessary for the locksmith to provide you anywhere from two up to ten different keys and only one of them will work on your ignition switch lock even when all of them will work on your car’s door lock.

Here is a list of vehicles that share the same key between the door lock to the ignition switch lock:

  • Acura and Honda from 1975. You can find the key code stamped on any of the locks such as the door lock, the trunk lock and yes even the glove box lock
  • Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep remove car door lock cylinder
  • Ford remove car door lock cylinder
  • Isuzu remove car door lock cylinder
  • Kia remove car door lock cylinder
  • Lexus and Toyota from 2003 and up. 90% of the time you can find the key code stamped on the passenger door lock. Lexus and Toyota door locks are very easy to dissemble by unscrewing one screw using a T25 Torx screwdriver.
  • Lincoln remove car door lock cylinder
  • Mazda remove car door lock cylinder
  • Mercury remove car door lock cylinder
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan or Infiniti remove car door lock cylinder
  • Subaru remove car door lock cylinder
  • Suzuki remove car door lock cylinder

How much does it cost to rekey a car door lock?

Using a mobile locksmith company to rekey your car door can cost anywhere between $100 to $200. A mobile locksmith company will charge additional fees such as a service call fee to travel to your car’s location.
It will cost less by doing some of the work yourself such as removing the door lock and bringing it into a locksmith shop.

Key stuck in the ignition or car door lock

Ignition lock cylinder failure symptoms

If your key won’t turn in the ignition switch lock or your car door lock, you are not alone. Ignition switch lock and car door lock failure is a very common problem between many vehicles.
Here is an example of part of an ignition switch lock or a car door lock that can cause the lock to stop working:

  • Ignition switch repair

    Ignition switch

    As you can see in the picture above, this is a standard ignition switch lock with common parts that you can find on many vehicles. The ignition switch lock has parts that help to secure the lock from turning. These parts are called the lock tumbler and they are the parts that are popping out from the top of the ignition switch lock. The two brass colored strips on the side of the ignition lock are holding a part that is called the ignition sidebar.

  • Both the lock tumbler and ignition sidebar always pop out from the ignition switch lock to prevent the lock from turning.
  • Only when a key is inside the lock will those parts level up with the rest of the ignition switch lock for a perfectly smooth circular line in order to allow the ignition switch lock to turn.
  • Lock failure happens when your ignition switch lock or your car door lock has one of these two parts stuck and prevent the lock from turning.

Ignition switch or door lock, how to fix?

Ideally, the better way to fix your door lock or ignition switch lock is by replacing them completely with new locks. You can buy an ignition switch lock or a door lock at aftermarket online stores, auto parts stores, locksmith shops and at dealerships. The cost for those locks can be significantly different. To be a smart shopper it is always a good idea to shop around for those locks online. In many cases you can find differences in pricing between all these places.
Some auto repair shops such as mechanics can change those locks as well.

A convenient option is to use a mobile locksmith company. The locksmith will be able to come to your vehicle’s location which will save you time but in most cases will cost more. They can repair your ignition switch lock or your car door lock right on spot. The locksmith will have additional options to just change a few parts in the lock from actually changing the whole lock itself. That will make it possible for them to repair the lock right on spot. If you’re looking for a locksmith service it is a good idea to call a few companies to get the best price.

GM keys, how to save money:

Programming keys yourself for Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Hummer, (only for the years 1998 until 2010).

In most cases you cannot make a GM ignition key from the car door lock, but most GM dealerships will be able to make you a key from the year 1998 until the year 2010 using your car title and your ID. What is great about GM vehicles is that in most cases you will not need to use a professional in order to program your car key even when you have no other keys.

Program GM key: (30 minute process)

  • Insert your new key into the ignition and turn it to the on position. All the dash lights should come on.
  • Do not start the engine.
  • Look for the anti-theft light. (A lock logo or a key logo or just the word theft).
  • Wait 10 minutes until the anti-theft light turns off.
  • Turn off the ignition and turn it back on so the anti-theft lights come back on for another 10 minutes but still do not start the engine.
  • You will need to have the anti-theft light come on a total of 3 times for 10 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes.
  • When the anti-theft light turns off the third time, turn off the ignition and turn it back on.
  • Now the anti-theft light should turn off after a few seconds indicating that your new key has been programmed.

Program a key copy for GM: (15 second process)

  • Insert your old programmed key and turn it to the on position. All the dash lights should come on.
  • Do not start the engine.
  • Look for the anti-theft light. (A lock logo, a key logo, or just the word theft).
  • The anti-theft light should turn off after a few seconds.
  • Turn off the ignition, remove your old key, and insert the new key.
  • Turn the ignition to the on position again. (Do not start the engine).
  • Look for the anti-theft light. (A lock logo, a key logo, or just the word theft).
  • The anti-theft light should turn off after a few seconds, indicating that your new key has been programed.

These programming instructions are for GM vehicles only and are not valid for other car makes. In fact, most other car makes will need professional programming machines/tools in order to program keys. We suggest using a locksmith or the dealership in order to program a new key. Some other car makes will have the option to program a key copy yourself, but  only when you already have two programmed and working keys. For more information on other car makes browse our website.

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