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The statutory town of Monument has a small town feel and we at Mile High Locksmith Monument like it that way. Stretching out from its’ beautiful west corner at Pike National Forest to Fox Run on the east, and from the Air force Academy on the south to Beacon Light on the north the town is comprised of 6.75 square miles and has just under 6000 residents. Monument was at first known as “Henry’s Station” after an early settler but was renamed in 1882 for Monument Creek which runs down from the forest. The business base is almost entirely small businesses that are locally owned; now that’s a real “Home Town”. But being a small town doesn’t mean that Monument can’t get world class locksmith services. Mile High Locksmith has been based out of Denver for almost 20 years and has locations that can and will respond to Monument at any time. And we mean that! We are a 24 hour locksmith every hour of every day of the year including all holidays and we are a fully mobile locksmith meaning that we will come to you anywhere in Monument and its environs so you never have to have the feeling of “There’s just not a locksmith near me”. Mile High has an esteemed A rating with the BBB, a Member Screened & Approved status with Home Advisor and over 1000 “5 Star” reviews on Google. Our locksmiths have the “Master” locksmith certification or are studying to achieve it and have all undergone sweeping background checks so we proudly state that we are the best locksmith in Colorado. And we are your locksmith Monument.

For your front door locks and other primary door locks we confidently sell, install and service Schlage locks, Defiant locks, Kwikset locks, Yale locks and the beautiful and excellent Baldwin locks because we know that these are the best security door locks available. Please note that we also supply state of the art electronic door locks which may be thought of as “Keyless” smart locks. But that said we can successfully service any lock that you need us to and don’t think for a moment that your main structure doors are all that we can assist you with, far from it. Our lock installation services and lock repair services extend to all of your doors as do our rekeying locks services and key replacement services. We can also change a lock on a patio door or screen door for you and if you have a locking mailbox we can install and service those locks and make you mailbox keys. Many Monument homes and businesses have a gated entry so we sell and service gate lock with key systems including the electronic remote entry variety. We even sell and install the finest brands in garage doors and offer garage door repair. For businesses please be advised that there’s no size or industrial strength of garage door that we cannot install or service.

And for all of these offerings we will always send out a tech to give you a no obligation estimate on the work. We also supply our customers with a 30 day warranty on work and product and a 3 day no questions asked return policy on products.

Monument Car Keys

A great advantage of our being a 24 hour mobile locksmith is that it allows Mile High to be your automotive locksmith as well. We do almost as much automotive locksmithing as we do structural locksmithing. And, as always, we’ll come to you anywhere in Monument at any time. Let us point out here that locksmith services for cars have changed a lot in the last 20 years or so. Whereas in older times a car key was a simple, mechanical metal device with a blade and channel layout it’s generally not that simple anymore. Rest assured, we still carry all of the codes and key blanks in our mobile units to solve problems with the older keys, but anymore you are likely to have a transponder key or even a “Keyless” key fob device for starting your car. Each of these devices basically “talks to” the onboard computer in your car and each transponder or fob is only able to speak to one specific car. This is a great anti-theft concept but it does require locksmith key programming when you require car key replacement or fob replacement. Don’t worry, each of our mobile units has all of the info and technology onboard to get you the correct modern device that you need and get that device talking to your car. Incidentally, a car dealership can perform this service for you but they need to have the car there at their location which frequently means that you would have to have your car towed to the dealership. So, because we come to you and may save you that cost, that’s another good reason to use us as your 24 hour auto locksmith.

Another way we can help you with your car is if you are having ignition switch problems symptoms like key won’t turn in ignition. That’s almost certainly going to be your ignition switch and we carry onboard or can quickly acquire the right ignition switch for your vehicle and then assess the problem and determine whether we can repair your switch or whether it will require replacement. We’ll always give you best advice possible on that and save you money wherever possible. And as in our home and business services we’ll give you the no obligations estimate, 90 day warranty, and 3 day no questions asked returns policy.

Emergency Locksmith

The previous section pretty much implies an emergency situation since we’re talking about summoning an automotive locksmith to come to you to get your car running so let us advise you that we are also your 24 hour emergency locksmith for your home, your business and your car. If you’ve locked key in car we can unlock your car and if you need more extensive car locksmith services provide you with those. If you are locked out of your home or business and need our house lockout service or business lockout services we can come straight to you and solve that problem. Here’s how it works. You can reach us by phone at 719-299-5995 or through our website using I-Phone, Smart Phone, Tablet or PC. When you call us you’ll speak to a live human who will then assign your case to a tech who will call back and speak to you within a few minutes and then be at your location usually within 20 to 45 minutes of your call. The phones are monitored 24/7 and we will get to you. The website is monitored just as closely as the phones are and when you go that route you will receive the same incoming phone call from our tech and, again, have the tech with you usually within 20 to 45 minutes. In fact, we’ve learned that the quickest way to get our tech to you is using the website, so we automatically apply a 10% discount to all bookings done that way. And here’s another way for you to save some money on the automotive car lockout services only. Most auto insurance carriers will pay to get their client back into the car when they’ve been locked out. You can either have your insurance carrier contact us directly and assign us the case with a work order, which generally means you have no out of pocket expenses, or you can pay us out of pocket and file a claim with your carrier for reimbursement afterwards.

So remember Monument, Mile High Locksmith Monument is your all around full service Colorado Locksmith!

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