Kwikset VS Schlage
If you’re deciding Schlage VS Kwikset in a lock product, your most crucial consideration is SECURITY.

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Suppose you are considering the initial installation or the replacement of a residential or business lock. In that case, you’re probably going to end up having to decide between the manufacturers of Kwikset vs Schlage. Allow us to give you a brief comparison of some aspects and qualities of the two brands. 

Schlage vs Kwikset

If you’re making the decision of Kwikset vs Schlage in a lock product your most important consideration is SECURITY.

Now we appreciate that in some buyers’ minds security may be a relative issue that depends on their particular view of circumstances, so please consider the following. Kwikset is a lighter and somewhat less reliable lock than Schlage which lacks what we believe are critical modern features. Kwikset typically will do for an average home or apartment, though we would still refer you to the Schlage (and we’ll elaborate on that in a moment) as optimal for a residence. Certainly, the Schlage will be preferable for the best business place security and a product from the Schlage Commercial Locks Series will be preferential for that.

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Schlage Keypad Lock

Schlage vs Kwikset Smart Locks

Smart locks are a rage, but they also may be much more intelligent than you are aware, and they are “The Future.” If you’re comparing a Schlage vs Kwikset electronic lock, there’s a lot to be said for both brands, but Schlage has one feature that Kwikset doesn’t that makes us prefer the Schlage technology. Both have locks with high “Smart Home Functionality”- Schlage has systems that “Talk To” your home locks with Key by AmazonGoogle Assistant, and Amazon Alexa remotely using your Smart Phone and the locks will tell you if you’ve forgotten to lock them. At the same time, the Kwikset lock offers fewer Smart Home interfaces. But what brings the in Schlage at First Place for us in security, aside from its’ bomb proof toughness, is the function that detects an attempt to break or bypass the lock. It not only tells the criminal trying to get into your home or business that s/he’s been detected, but it can also be programmed to TELL YOU about it by cell phone. This is a tremendous deterrent feature!

Schlage vs Kwikset Smart Key

All of this having been said, we will stipulate that in the area of a Schlage vs Kwikset Smart key, the Kwikset is much easier to rekey. The process is very straight forward while the Schlage lock must be disassembled for rekeying. But even with that stipulation, we would recommend that your first choice in a lock system be the Schlage, and we would not recommend that you replace Schlage with Kwikset. 

Please think of this brief essay as a “Sketch” of the Schlage vs Kwikset lock products. We recommend that you speak with one of our Master Locksmiths to determine which Schlage or Kwikset model is best for you.  

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