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With our storefront locations and our 24 hour mobile locksmith services, our technicians have the ability to provide a wide range of locksmith service.

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Buy quality locks for your home. For any other lock manufacturers please call to verify.

What makes Mile High Locksmith stand out from other companies?

Why call a locksmith company just to have them call a local hardware store to order your locks and keys? When you call Mile High Locksmith, you are calling a locksmith company and locksmith supply store all in one place. We carry a full stock of the top locks and keys on today’s market. As always, with our low, low rates, you can find competitive prices as well as some additional locks and keys you cannot find at any other store.

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Easy way to get your locks and keys replaced.

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Every day people lose their keys and it always seems to happen right when they need to leave. Mile High Locksmith wants to make the rest of the day easy for you. Our mobile service vans will go wherever you are. Give us a call or email us.

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Stop by one of our locations today. No trip charge or service fee - duplicate keys, house keys and car keys.


We also provide door lock repairs and installation services. If your door lock stops working and you are not sure why, you can use our free on-site estimate services. Our technician will come to you and diagnose the problem for you and, in many cases, will be able to provide you with different options to either repair the lock or replace some parts.


We will send one of our experienced technicians to you. They should arrive within 45 minutes after your call.

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Yes. To re-key a lock means to change the keys that operate the lock. It’s a great thing to do at a lower cost rather than change the whole lock itself. You can re-key both types of locks, (Schlage and Kwikset), however many times you want.
It is a very common thing for people to hire a contractor to improve their home before they put it on the market. In many cases these contractors will need access to the home even when the home is vacant to finish their work. The contractors do not always return the keys and who knows if one of the employees did not make a key copy. Maybe the previous owner’s roommate, spouse or kids still have a key to your newly purchased home. It is always better to be safe and change the keys when you move in just to keep peace of mind knowing that no one has your house keys.
After you close on a new home it is a good idea to look into the latest technology for door locks. A lot has changed. Most locksmiths and realtors will suggest that you rekey your locks after closing but we recommend you look into keypad locks, keyless locks, bluetooth locks, and keypad WIFI locks from Schlage or Kwikset.
Be ready with your vehicle information. The information you will need is the vehicle’s make, model and year. Second, if you are the owner of the vehicle, have your driver’s license or another form of ID and the vehicle's title, registration or insurance card.
If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you should get a letter or an email from the owner of the vehicle that authorizes you as the agent for the owner. Also, ask the owner of the vehicle to take a picture of their ID and send it to you and make sure they are available in case the technician making the new key needs to speak with them over the phone for further verification.


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