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Hi there, Colorado Front Range Ford owners! Greetings from Mile High Locksmith, your full service car locksmith serving the entire Front Range. Hey, Fords are some of our favorite cars, and we know all about them. For instance, you probably knew that Clyde Barrow, of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde gang once wrote Henry Ford a letter praising the Ford. But did you know what he said? We do, because we know Ford. Here’s a bit- “I have drove Fords exclusively when I could get away with one”, “…the Ford has got every other car skinned…”, and “…it don’t hurt anything to tell you what a fine car you got in the V8”. Gosh, we love the Ford! And when it comes to Ford car key replacement or the creation of Ford duplicate car keys Mile high has every other car locksmith “Skinned”! Here’s why; we are a 24/7/365 fully mobile locksmith (including all holidays), we have the unexcelled A rating with the BBB, over 2800 “5 Star” reviews on Google and we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisor. Nobody in our field can beat that in the Front Range. So, the answer to the question “Where can I find Ford key replacement near me?” is simple- anyplace in our extensive service area, any time of any day. We are the Ford car key replacement experts in this area and we can be on our way to you within minutes of receiving your summons. We can perform lost car key replacement for almost any Ford but allow us to focus on the more modern models, say, from 1985 to present. So, specifically and for your reference we can help you with Fords from 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. And More!

Ford Key Blank Reference List

Please allow us to provide you with some key device technical info that will help you gauge what your Ford key replacement cost is likely to be. You see, in the past a car key was very similar to a house key. A key shaft and lock channel with tumblers, it was easy to create keys (sometimes even at a hardware store) and easy to steal cars! Like Clyde Barrow! But since about 1996, car key devices have really advanced in terms of security. First there was the “Transponder Key” and following that the “Keyless” ignition and entry Fob. The “old-fashioned” key is the least expensive to replace, the transponder is in the middle on costs, and the fob is the most expensive. So, the following is a nearly comprehensive list of Ford models, years and which key type each requires. You should find your vehicle on the list and we show the actual Key Name or Designation IN BOLD LIKE THIS.

Aerostar– 1987- 1997; These will all be old-fashioned keys and the key designation will be 1196FD or H75.

Aspire– 1993-1997; Old-fashioned keys with the key designation X231 or H70.

Bronco II– 1984- 1996; These will have the old-fashioned keys with the key name S1167FD or H50.

Cargo Truck– 1986- 2002; This truck will have the old-fashioned key with the name X239 or RV4.

Cobra (Mustang)– 1981- 2004; From ’81- ‘93 an old-fashioned key named 1167FD or H51, then for years ’94- ’95 an old-fashioned metal key named 1193FD or H67, ’96-’97 still the old fashioned metal key names 1196FD or H75 but also in ’97 a transponder key identified as either EK3-H72EK3LB-H72H72-GTK or H72-P2 became available.

Contour– 1995-2000; All models have the old-fashioned keys but the key name for the ’95-’96 is 1195FD or H71 while for the ’97-’00 it is 1196CM or H78. There are two exceptions- the V6 LX which still has the old-fashioned key but with the designation being either 1195FDH711196CM or H78. And in the 2.51 V6 LX3 there is still an old-fashioned key named EK3-H73 or EK3LB-H73 AND there is an available transponder named H73-GT.

Crown Victoria– 1981- 2012; from ’81 to ’89 it’s an old-fashioned key named 1167FD or H51, from ’90-’92 also an old-fashioned key but designated 1184FD orH54, ’93-’96 still an old-fashioned key with name 1193FD or H67. Still the old-fashioned key for ’97 and that one’s named 1196FD or H75. In ’98 the transponder arrives and until ’02 the name is either EK3-H72EK3LB-H72 or H72-GTK. From ’03- ’12 the transponder key names will be EK3-H84EK#LB-H84 or H84-GTK.

Econoline– 1980- 2006; The ’80- ’91 will have an  old-fashioned metal key identified as 1167FD or H51, while ’92 to ’93 should have an old fashioned key identified as 1184FD or H54, the ’94- ’96 will have an old-fashioned key identified as 1193FD or H67 and the ’97-’06 models should have old- fashioned metal keys identified as 1196FD or H75.

Edge, SE, SEL– 2007-2019; the ‘07s- ‘09s will have transponders identified as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84, or H84-GTK#. The ‘10s- ‘15s will have fobs identified as OEM# 164-R8091OEM# 164-R8092, ’16s – ‘19s will have fobs identified as OEM # 164ZR8109 or 164-R7989. There are also Edge models with Lift Gates and those must be divided by powered and non-powered Lift Gates. In models from ’10- ’15 without a power lift there will be transponder keys identified as EK3-H84, EKLB-H84H84-GTK#H84-GTST80, or EB3D-H84 orGTHT80+. With a power lift between ’11 and ’15 there will be a transponder identified as EK-H84 or EH3LB-H84*H84-GTK#H84-GTST80EB3D-H84 or GTHT80#.

Escape– 2001- Present; ‘01- ‘12 will have a transponder identified by EK3-H84EK3LB-H83* or H84-GTK#, ’13- ‘19s will have transponder keys identified as H94-PTHU101GTS orT80.

Escort– 1997-2003; All Escorts will have an old-fashioned metal key identified as X244/H76.

E series– 2008-Present; All models will transponder keys identified as H92-PTEK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#H84-GTST80+ or EB3D.

Excursion– 2000-2006; All of these will have a transponder identified as either EK3-H72EK3LB-H72* or H72-GTK#.

Expedition– 1997- Present; ’97- ‘02 will have transponders identified as EK3-H72EK3LB-H72* or H72-GTK# ’03- ‘10 will have transponders identified as EK-H84EK3LB-H84 or H840GTK#. ’11- ‘17 will transponder keys identified as H84-GTST80+ or EB3D-H84/GTHT80+. From then on there will be a fob identified as OEM# 164-R8197 or 164-R198.

Explorer– 1991- Present; 91- ‘98 will have old-fashioned keys identified as 1193FDH501193FDH671196FD or H75. In ’98 regular Explorers went to the transponder keys and from ’98 – ’10 they had transponder keys identified as EK3-H72EK3LB-H72*, H72-Gtk#, EK3-H84EK3LB-H84* and H84-GTK. Now, the Explorer Sport had a transponder key from ’99 – ’01 identified as EK3-H72EK3LB-H72* or H72-GTK# and the Explorer Sport Track also had transponder keys from ’01- ’10 identified as EK3-H84, EK3LB-H72* or H72-GTK#. ’98- ’01 it had transponders identified as EK3-H72EK3LB-H72 and H72-GTK#. From ’01 – ’10 the Explorer transponders were identified as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84 or H84-GTK#. In ’11- ’15 the Explorer and these same identifications were present in the ’16- ’17 year in transponders but there were also fobs available from ’10-’15 in identities of OEM # 164-R8091 or 164-R8092.

F-150– 1992- Present; Bestselling truck in America! And though we can do key/ignition work on all versions of the F150, for ease we’ll keep the models modern here. ’80- ’91 it had an old-fashioned metal key identified as 1167FD or H51, ’92- ’93 it had an old-fashioned key identified as 1184FD-H54, and ’94- ’95 an old-fashioned key identified as 1193-FD or H67. From ’96- ’03 the old -fashioned key was identified as 1196FD or H75 but from ’99- ’03 a transponder key was available that was identified as H72-PT. From ’04-’10 the transponder keys were identified as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# and H92-PT. From ’11- ’14 the transponder keys were identified as H84-GTS or 80+ and EB3D-H84 or GTHT80. For ’15 the fob came in identified as OEM# 164-R812. And from ’18 to present the fobs are identified as OEM# 164-R8163 or 164-R8166.

F-150 Heritage– 2003-2004; Each will have a transponder key identified as either EK3-H72EK3LB-H72* or as H72-GTK#.

F-250– 1980- Present; A little “Heads Up” here, for years the F-250 was the top end of the Ford standard truck line, but when the later F-350, 450, and 550 went into production some models shared the same key array. So, we’ll cover the “stand alone” F-250s first and then give you a combined description of the key arrays for those. Pay close attention here. From ’80- ’93 the 250 had the old-fashioned metal key, either 1167FD or H51. From ’94-’95 it had again an old-fashioned key, the 1184FD or H54. From ’96- ’03 it had an old -fashioned metal key defined as the 1196FD or H75. But from ’99- ’03 a transponder, being one of EK-H72EKLB-H72*H72-GTK#, or H72-PT was also available. From ’04-’10 the 250 key designated as either EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# or H92-PT.

Now then, in the Super Duty series there are F-250s, 350s, 450s, and 550s. So, we’ll take them in chronologic order and in groups as they were produced in the same period. For the 250, 350 and 450 produced from ’04- ’10 there were transponder keys called EK3-H84EKLB-H84*H84-GTK#, or H92-PT. From ’11- ’16 there were transponders identified as H84-GTST80+EB3D-H84GTHT80+, or H92-PT. Finally, there were fobs or smart keys available to the series, including the 550, styled OEM#164R8128OEM#R8163, or 164-R8166.

Festival– 1989-1993; Only one old-fashioned key identified as X202 or H59.

Fiesta– 2011-2019; For ’11- 12 Fiesta had a transponder named HU101MH#HU101GTST80, or H94-PT.

Five Hundred– 2005-2008; From ‘05- ’08 it had a transponder identified as either EK3-H84EK3LB-H84H84-GTK#, or H92-PT.

Flex– 2009-2018; The Flex had numerous permutations and key technology that changed along with the car. From ’09- ’10 it had a transponder key styled EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK3 or H92-PT. In ’13 there was a Flex model that had only a fob designated as OEM#164-R8091 or 164-R8092. The Flex permutation without a power lift gate for ’11- 12 had a transponder key styled EK3-H84EK3LB-H84* or H84-GTK#. From ’12- 18 the Flex transponder keys were identified as H84-GTST80+EB3D-H84GTHT80+ or H92-PT. The Flex with the power lift gate from ’11- 12 had a transponder styled EK3-H84EKLB-H84* or H84-GTK#. From ’12- ’18 its transponder key was assigned the i.d. of H84-GTST80+EB3D-H84GTHT80+, or H92-PT.   

Focus– 2000- Present; Focus has always had a transponder or a fob. From ’00- ’10 the transponder keys were given the identifiers of EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#, or H86-PT. For ’11  the old-fashioned keys remained, but the H92-PT was added. For ’12-’19 the transponder keys became the HU101GTS, the T80, or the H94-PT. There was also an option from ’15- Present for a fob device styled  OEM#164-R8147164R8100 or 164-R8092.

Ford GT– 2005-2006; All GTs transponders or fobs ’05- ‘06 designated as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#, or H72-PT.

Free Star– 2004- 2007; The Free Star has a transponder key that will be identified as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# or H92-PT.

Freestyle– 2005-2008; Freestyles have a transponder key described as EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# or H92-PT. The ‘o8 will also have a transponder key but the K3-H84 can also appear along with all key designations listed for the earlier models.

Fusion– 2006- 2019; Each ’10-’12 Fusion will have a transponder key designated either EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#, or H92-PT. In ’13 the fobs began appearing and, with one exception, the key designations for ’13- ’15 will be OEM#164-R7988 or 164-R7989. For ’16 the key designations will be OEM#164-R8110 or 164-R8109 and for ’17- ’19 the designations will be OEM#164-R8149 or 164-R8150. The exception we mentioned is the ’13 with the “Regular Ignition” and the key for this model is the fob, designated OEM#164-R7986.

LTD– 1998-2003; Each LTD will have a transponder key designated H72-PT.

Mustang– 1996- Present; the ’96- ’04 model will have a transponder key designated EK#-H72EK3LB-H72*H72-GTK# or H72-PT. ’05- ’10 will also be a transponder key ONLY designated as H92-PT. ’05- ’12 will also have transponder keys designated EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*, or H84-GTK#. The ’11- ’14 model will have only one transponder key designated H92-PT. In ’15 the fobs arrived and for ’15- ’16 they were designated OEM#164-R8121164R8120, or 164-R8119. For ’17 the Mustang fob device was designated either OEM#164-R8159 or 164-R8162. And, finally, for ’18- Present the fobs are designated OEM#164-R8159164R8160 or 164-R8172.

Mustang GT– 1996; The GT has a transponder key designated EK3-H73EK3LB-H73*H73-GTK# or H73-PT.

Probe– 1988-1998; Each Probe will have the old-fashioned metal key. For ’88-’92 the designation will be X202 or H59, for ’93- ’98 the designation will be X221 or H65.

Ranger– 1980-2012; The Ranger has had a mix of old fashioned and transponder keys. From ’80- ’92 the metal key was designated 1167FD or H51 and for ’93 it was designated 1184FD or H54. From ’94- ’96 the old-fashioned key was designated 1193FD or H67. From ’97- ’98 the metal key designation was 1196FD or H75 and from ’99- ’00 that metal key was still in use but there were also transponder keys styled EK3-H72EK3LB-H84*H72-GTK# and H72-PT. From ’01- ‘04 there were transponder keys designated EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# or H92-PT. But in ’05 the old-fashioned key came back for a year designated H75! From ’06- ’12 transponder keys designated were EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK# or H92-PT.

Taurus– 1986- Present; The Taurus has been in steady production for a long time and has come in many models and permutations. So, this section may get a bit “Thick” but we’ll make it as streamlined as possible. The first models were the SHO & LS and from ’86- ’89 they had old-fashioned metal keys designated 1194MU and H66. For ’90- ’92 there were still old-fashioned keys, 1184-FD or H54. ’93- ’95 the metal keys remained and were designated 1193FD or H67. In the ’96- ’97 model year transponder keys arrived with designations 1196FDH75EK3-H72H72-GTK#, and H72-PT. For ’98- ’99 you must throw in the keys to the ’96-’99 Taurus LX which introduced the key designation series EK3-H72EK3LB-H72*H72GTK#, and the H72-PT. But here’s where it starts to get really mixed up so try to stay with us. From 2000- ’11 the standard Taurus and Taurus X had transponder keys designated EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#, and H92-PT. But in that same period there were available Taurus models with fobs. In ’10-’12 there was the DEALER FOB and from ’13- Present fobs designated OEM#164-R8091 and 164-R8092. But also, through ’11- Present in the Taurus with “Regular Ignition” there are still transponder keys designated H84-GTST80+EB3D-H84GTHT-80+, and H92-PT.

Tempo– 1983- 1994; The Tempo always had old-fashioned keys. From ’83- ’86 they were designated 1167FD or H51 and from ’87- ’94 they were designated 1184FD or H54.

Thunder Bird– 1985- 2005; T-Birds from 85- ’93 had the old-fashioned keys designated 1184FD or H54, from ’94- ’95 the old-fashioned keys were designated either 1193FD or H67, and from ’96- ’97 the metal keys were either 1196FD or H75. From ’02- ‘05 the transponder key designations were EK3-H84EK3LB-H84*H84-GTK#H74-PT and H92-PT. There was also a T-Bird Turbo from ’85-’87 and its old-fashioned key was designated 1185T-P.

Transfer Heavy 6000, CF7000 & 9000– 1980- 2006; From ’80- ’85 the truck had an old-fashioned key designated 1167FD or H54, from ’86- 96 the metal key was designated 1184FD or H54, and from ’96- ’99 the metal key was designated either 1196FD or H75. In 2008 the transponder arrived and from then until ’06 the transponder keys were designated EK3-H72EK3LB-H72*H72-GTK#, or H72-PT.

Transit– 2013- 2019; Each of these has a transponder designated HU101GTST80, or H94-PT.

Transit Connect– 2010- Present; From ’10- ’13 the transponder was designated

FO21MH#, or FO21T17. And from ’14- Present the transponder keys are designated HU101GTST80, or H94-PT.

Windstar– 1994 – 2003; From ’94- ’96 the Windstar had an old fashioned key designated 1193FD or H67. From ’97- ’00 it still had the metal key designated 1196FD or H75 OR an available transponder designated H72-PT. From ’01-’03 it had transponders designated EK3-H84EK3LB-H84* or H84-GTK#.

ZX2– 1983-1996; All of these had old-fashioned keys. From ’83-’90 the key was designated 1181FD or H53, from ’88- ’90 the key was designated 1184FD or H54, and from ’91- ’96 it was designated 1191ET or H62.

Whew! We can supply everything that we’ve just listed! Now, that’s comprehensive service!

Ford Key Replacement Price

Of course, after all of that you want to know how much to get a key made for your car and can I get a car key made without original, right? The answer to the latter concern is easy enough, yes, you can get a key device made by Mile High Locksmith without the original. Each of our mobile units has all the data access and tech gear needed for that. The former concern may be simplified as follows; the old-fashioned key will run you about $90-$120.00, a transponder about $149-$180.00 and a fob about $180-$300.00, though it may be more based upon model. To get a solid quote for the job contact us at 1-800-351-0548 or online. In fact, if you have a situation where you’ve lost keys to Ford, or any other make, Mile High Locksmith should be your first contact.

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Lost car keys no spare? NO PROBLEM! Here’s what to do if you lose your car keys- Call Mile High Locksmith. We’ve been working with nearly all the major insurance companies for years, they know us, and we know what to provide you with that will secure the greatest financial assistance for  you from them. And remember, where to get car keys made is any place in our huge service area at any time of any day. In fact, when you call us or contact us online, we’ll usually have your tech on the phone with you within 2 minutes, and then we’ll usually have that tech at your side within 20 to 45 minutes. No other Front Range car locksmith will get to you more quickly than Mile High. And to demonstrate our commitment to that let us advise you that since we know that the fastest way for us to get a tech to you is by having you summon us online, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. No kidding!

So, you know that you need us, and that we’ll be on our way to you as soon as you contact us.

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