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Usually when someone realizes unexpectedly that they need an emergency locksmith, a 24/7 locksmith, a residential locksmith or a business locksmith the first thing that say to themselves is: Where is there a locksmith near me? Well in the Colorado Front Range all you need to know is US- Mile High Locksmith! Here’s why, YOU NEVER have to ask “Is Mile High Locksmith near me?” That’s because the answer is a simple and resounding YES! Mile High Locksmith is the Colorado locksmith that serves the ENTIRE FRONT RANGE of the State. 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including all holidays and weekends), every hour of every single day bringing our superb locksmith services to every City, town, and neighborhood in the Front Range. We have several thousand “5 Star” reviews on Google, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we provide FREE ONSITE ESTIMATES for all work proposed and every one of our locksmithing technicians is a Certified Master Locksmith. Regardless of the locksmith problem that you find yourself faced with we are not just “Up to It”; we love it! There IS NO locksmithing assignment on any structure, door, window, gate, slider, security door, or automobile, from installation to service or replacement, that our Staff cannot bring to a successful solutio.

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