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Locksmith near me

Introducing Mile High Locksmith Denver, a nearly 20-year-old Denver based locksmith services company that is a virtually a “Locksmith Shop on Wheels” that you should know about. There are a lot of decisive reasons that Mile High should be your locksmith Denver. First, they are a fully mobile locksmith so though they have brick and mortar locations where they are happy to serve you, they are more than happy to come to your location as Denver’s premier 24-hour locksmith. Mile High is a mobile locksmith that is also a 24-hour locksmith, all holidays included. ***Mile High Locksmith also has a great number of “5 Star” reviews online. And they are licensed and insured to provide any type of locksmith services ***and have a remarkable refunds policy- a 3 day no questions asked refund policy on all work performed and a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. Consumers will not find better surety than that. Mile High’s locksmith technicians are all highly trained experts in their profession who also receive ongoing training form Mile High’s own Master Level Locksmiths in all the cutting-edge developments in their rapidly evolving industry. And each locksmith tech is a salaried employee (not a subcontractor) who has been through a rigorous background check before being accepted as an employee who is always driving a Mile High owned vehicle and employing Mile High owned key machines, tools and technology. Thus, all responsibility lies with Mile High, a firm that is glad to shoulder complete responsibility. ***Mile High stands behind their professional team 100%.*** So, for a physical location, whether it’s a residence or a business, Mile High Locksmith Denver will provide you the best service in the Front Range and all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For lock installation services or repair on front door locks, back door locks, or to change a lock on a lock on a patio door Mile High’s work is unsurpassed. If you have lost your house or business keys Mile High offers key replacement work as well as rekeying locks services. They always try to fulfill your needs with their lock repairs services but when required you may count on Mile High to have whatever replacement lock that you require because they are not only a full service mobile locksmith but a wholesale lock and lock parts distributer. Whatever you need, they can get- including a gate lock with key for fenced properties and even mailbox keys. Each Mile High Staffer knows how inconvenient, and sometimes really dangerous, it is to be locked out of a home or business. And in that event, they offer comprehensive lockout services; a house lockout service and a business lockout service. All day and night, every day of the year, including all holidays.

24 Hour Locksmith

Mile High Locksmith Denver doesn’t think that their 24-hour locksmith practices can be overstated, so they want you to understand those practices a bit better. A 24-hour locksmith always needs a superb 24/7/365 Staff of people monitoring their phones and internet contact points, and Mile High has just such a Staff. Both phones and internet are always monitored by salaried, well-trained employees of the company. Mile High management states that they would never consider letting a distant contract “Call Center” attempt to service their valued clients. Mile High Locksmith doesn’t work that way. ***Customer’s incoming phone calls and internet contacts are responded to immediately. And that means EVERY customer. Mile High will respond quickly to any customer service call whether it’s for a new service, a re-tune on a service, a “fix” or a refund. This is different from most locksmiths who are only make an immediate response to requests for entirely new services. This level of responsiveness from Mile high is unique in the industry.*** After the initial customer contact technician assigned to the customer’s case will be in touch by phone with that customer usually within 2 to 5 minutes! And Mile High’s next step will be to have that assigned technician onsite with the customer usually within 20 to 45 minutes! No one can doubt that this is a true “Rapid Response” for the customer. And Mile High Locksmith expressly wishes all their current customers to know that they have determined that the fastest way for them to get their technician by your side is to have to you use their website to summon them. So, for that reason, and to encourage customers to use the website, they will be extending an automatic 10% discount to all bookings made that way. They say they consider that just a small show of appreciation to the customer for helping Mile High do an even better job. This would tend to make Mile High the perfect choice as a residential locksmith, a locksmith for car and an all-around emergency locksmith.

24 Hour Locksmith for Car

Yes, Mile high Locksmith Denver is also your best choice in an automotive locksmith and again, they stand behind their professional team 100%. That includes as your Denver International Airport locksmith as well as almost all the Colorado Front Range. All sorts of things can go wrong that will require automotive locksmith services! Car key won’t turn in ignition? Those kinds of ignition switch problems/symptoms might require a new ignition switch and each of Mile High’s mobile units carries an extensive inventory of those. Lost your keys? Or locked keys in car or locked keys in trunk? That’s a bad situation but the Mile High car unlock service can usually reach your location, on the road, at your house or business, or in any lot at DIA (including employee lots) in under an hour. If the key is lost or damaged beyond use their tech can provide car key replacement for old-fashioned metal keys, transponder keys, key fobs, “Smart Keys” and Prox keys even if they don’t have an original to work from. With the more advanced key devices this requires locksmith key programming, but Mile High assures its customers that each mobile unit has all the tech gear, data access and skill required to get the job done and done right. Mile High advises that they always provide the most competitive car locksmith prices. Finally, Mile High Locksmith points out that some car insurance companies will pay for all or part of a car key replacement and some will also pay all or part of a car door unlock. Mile High has had EXTENSIVE business dealings with the insurance companies throughout their nearly 20 years serving the Colorado Front Range and they want customers to know that they can count on Mile High there too. They will make certain that their customers using automobile insurance to cover all or part of a car locksmith service will have exactly the right paperwork needed to get the greatest financial help from their insurer. 

***Mile High is confident that whether they come to a residence or business to install, service, change or rekey locks, or perform a lockout entry, or perform a car key service or lockout they will make the customer a satisfied client and a friend.***

Per Mile High Locksmith Denver they will have a locksmith technician meet you at any of the following DIA lots: The Landside employees lot, the East Garage, the West Garage, the Economy Lot, Pikes Peak Airport Parking, Wally Park, One Stop parking, The Parking Spot, US Airport Parking, Fasttrack Airport Parking, DIA Park and Mount Elbert. 

They would also like you to know that though they have several physical locations in the Front Range they generally serve the following cities and municipalities with their mobile locksmith vehicles: Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Denver (entire metro area), Ft. Collins, Golden, Greeley, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Longmont, Loveland, Lyons, Monument, Parker, Sedalia, Thornton, Westminster, and all environs of these cities and towns.

Don’t forget the 10% discount for all online bookings!

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