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Here at Mile High Locksmith, we know that there used to be a lot of folks who sort of looked down on Hyundai cars. But not anymore! The outstanding British “Reliability Index” awards Hyundai a 93% reliability score, indicating a reliability rate equal to Nissan! The founder of the company, Chung Ju-Yung started out repairing vehicles for the U.S. Armed Forces after WWII and he put what he learned there to good use! As you can see, at Mile High Locksmith we know Hyundai! We are a full-service Hyundai car locksmith and when we say “Full Service” we really mean it. If you require duplicate car keys or you’ve lost keys to a Hyundai and need Hyundai car key replacement you can count on Mile High Locksmith EACH AND EVERY TIME. That’s because we are around the clock car locksmith, 24/7/365 every day of the year including all holidays. We are also fully mobile with comprehensively supplied service vehicles and we will COME TO YOUR LOCATION anywhere in our vast Front Range Service area. Permit us to mention some credentials of which we are justly proud: we are members with Colorado Better Business Bureau, we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisors, we have over 2800 “5 Star” ratings on Google and we guarantee our work 100%, end of the story, full stop. So, if you need any type of Hyundai car key replacement or service, we’re the ones to summon by phone at our primary phone number of 720-248-8087, a secondary number of 800-351-0548 or visit us online. We’ll give you some “best practices” for contacting us in just a minute.

Hyundai Key Replacement Price

But first, we’re sure you have a few very reasonable questions on your mind like how much to get a key made for your car, and can I get a car key made without the original? We always assure you the most competitive Hyundai key replacement cost and will give you extensive and useful information on that directly. But first, the answer to the latter question is a resounding “YES.” Each of our mobile units carries all the tools, blanks, data access, and tech gear on board to replace a Hyundai key, whether an original is available or not. As to costs, here comes some general info, and we’ll provide you, in-depth model, by model data after that. But first, some “techno talk.” In the “Old Days,” a car key was a straightforward shaft and channel device, much like a house key. But times have changed, and security and convenience concerns have changed. Now there are Transponder Keys, Smart Keys, Fobs, and even “Prox” keys. No worries, we handle them all. So, an Old-Fashioned unchipped key will run you about $90- $120.00. A chipped Transponder, $149- $180.00. A fob or remote start key fob, $180- $300.00 depending on the model, and in some cases, it may be even more. Get in touch with us for a hard quote, which we will guarantee. But we also believe that giving you valuable information is part of what we should do as professionals. So now, let us do just that so you can get a quick idea of what YOUR Hyundai needs in a car key replacement model by model and year by year.

Hyundai - Key Blank Reference List

  • Accent– 1995 – 1999 these years will have an Old Fashioned key designated X235 or HY13; 2000 – 2005 still had the Old Fashioned keys designated X236 or HY14; 2006 – 2011 got a Transponder designated HY16; 2012 – 2017 kept the Transponder designated HY18P; 2018 – 2019 another Transponder designated KK12-P.
  • Accent Canada– 1999 – 2010 this “Canadian” had a Transponder designated HYN6MH; 2012 – 2016 it received a Smart Key designated OEM#81996-1R010; 2017 – 2017 there was a new Transponder designated HY18-GTS/T80
  • Azera with Prox- 2006 – 2011 these years had a Transponder designated HY20-PT; 2012 – 2014 the Smart Key comes in designated OEM#95440-3V021; 2015 – 2016 another Smart Key designated OEM# 95440-3B022.
  • Elantra– 1992 – 1995 this one had an Old Fashioned key designated X216/HY6; 1996 – 2005 kept the Old Fashioned Key designated X236/HY14; 2006 – 2010 switched to a Transponder designated HY17; 2011 – 2018 went to a Transponder designated HY15.
  • Elantra Canada– 2000 – 2006 this Canadian had a Transponder designated HYN6T14 or HYN6MH; 2007 – 2016 retained the Transponder designated either HYN14RMH or HYN14RT14; 2017 – 2017 still a Transponder designated HYN14R-GTS/T80
  • Elantra Touring– 2009 – 2012 had the Transponder designated KK10-P. 
  • Elantra Touring Canada- 2009 – 2012 had a few Transponders designated HY20-PT/EK39, HY20/EK3LBOY48, or TOY48-GT
  • Elantra GT– 2013 – 2016 one Transponder here designated HY18-P.
  • Elantra GT Canada– 2013 – 2016 this one had two Transponders designated either EB3-F-TOY48/GTHT80+ or TOY48-GTS/T80+.
  • Elantra with Prox– 2011 – 2017 there was a Smart Key designated OEM#955440-3X520; 2018 – 2018 another Smart Key designated OEM# 95440-F3000.
  • Entourage– 2007 – 2008 a Transponder designated HY15-P
  • Entourage Canada– 2007 – 2009 this Canadian had a Transponder designated HYN14RT or HYN14RMH.
  • Equus– 2011 – 2013 had a Smart Key designated OEM # 81999-3M020 or 95440-3N250; 2014 – 2015 had a Smart Key designated OEM# 95440-3N470 or 95443-3N10
  • Excel– 1986 – 1989 these had an Old Fashioned key designated X160/HY2; 1990 – 1994 X196 still an Old Fashioned key designated X160/HY5.
  • Genesis Coupe with Prox– 2010 – 2015 a Smart Key designated OEM#95440-2M300, 2M351 or 2M420.
  • Genesis Coupe without Prox– 2010 – 2016 had a Transponder designated HYN14RT14 or HYN14RMH.
  • Genesis 4 Door with PROX– 2009 – 2010 these years had a Transponder designated HY20-PT; 2009 – 2014 got the Smart Key designated OEM#95440-3M22; 2015 – 2015 had the Smart Key designated OEM#95440-B1200-BLH.
  • Genesis 4 Door without Prox– 2009 – 2010 had several Transponders designated EK3P-HY20, EK3LB-TOY48 or TOY48-GTK3.
  • Pony– 1985 – 1987 here an Old Fashioned key designated X121/DC3 
  • Santa Fe– 2001 – 2006 these models had one of two Old Fashioned keys, either X232 or HY12; 2007 – 2012 had a Transponder designated HY15-P; 2013 – 2018 had a single Transponder designated HY18R-P.
  • Santa Fe Canada– 2002 – 2006 had a Transponder designated HYN6MH; 2007 – 2010 had a Transponder designated either HYN14RT14 or HYN14RMH.
  • Sante Fe with Prox– 2013 – 2018 a Smart key designated OEM#95440-4Z200; 2019 – 2019 alos a Smart Key designated OEM#95440-S2000.
  • Sante Fe Sport– 2013 – 2018 these years had a Transponder designated HY18R-P.
  • Sante Fe Sport with Prox– 2013 – 2018 had a Smart Key designated OEM#95440-4Z200.
  • Sante Fe Sport Canada– 2013 – 2018 had a Transponder designated HY18R-GTS/T80.
  • Scoupe– 1991 1994 had an Old Fashioned key designated X196/HY5.
  • Sonata– 1989 – 1994 these had an Old Fashioned key designated X187/HY4; 1995 – 2006 still had the Old Fashioned key designated X232/HY12; 2006 – 2010 got a Transponder designated HY15-P.
  • Sonata Canada– 2011 – 2018 had four Transponders designated HY20-PT, EK3P-HY20, EK3LBTTOY48*, or TOY48-GTK#.
  • Sonata with Prox– 2011 – 2014 had a Smart Key designated OEM#95440-3Q000, 2015 – 2017 this Smart Key was designated OEM#95440-C1000; 2018 – 2019 the Smart Key was designated OEM#95440-C2500.
  • Sonata with Regula Key– 2011 – 2019 a Transponder designated KK10P.
  • Sonata Hybrid with Prox– 2011 – 2015 the Smart Key was designated OEM#95440-3Q000; 2016 – 2018 the Smart Key was OEM#95440-C1001.
  • Tiburon– 1996 -2009 had an Old Fashioned key designated X236/HY14.
  • Tiburon Canada– 2001 – 2010 these Canadians had a Transponder designated HYN6MH.
  • Tucson– 2005 – 2010 had Old fashioned keys designated X236/HY14; 2011 – 2011 these got the Transponder designated HY15-P; 2012 – 2017 got the KK10-P Transponder key.
  • Tucson with Prox– 2016 – 2017 received the OEM#95440-D3100 Smart key; 2019 – 2019 got the OEM#95440-D3510 Smart key.
  • Tucson Canada– 2005 – 2009 was assigned the HYN6MH Transponder key; 2010 – 2012 was assigned the HYN14RT14 or the HYN14RMH Transponder key; 2013 – 2015 received either the HY20, the EK3LBTOY48, or the TOY49-GTK Transponder key; 2016 – 2017 got the EB3-G-Toy40/GTHT80+ or the TOY40-GTS/T80+ Transponder key.
  • Velostar with Prox– 2013 – 2017 got the OEM#95440-2V100 Smart key; 2018 – 2019 got the OEM#95440-J3000 Smart key. 
  • Velostar– 2012 – 2017 was assigned the HY18-P Transponder key; 2018 – 2019 was assigned the KK12-P Transponder key.
  • Velostar Canada– 2015 – 2016 got the HY18-GTS/T80 Transponder key.
  • Veracruz with Prox– 2008 – 2012 received the OEM#95440-3J600 Smart key.
  • Veracruz with Regular Ignition– 2007 – 2012 was assigned the HY15-P Transponder key.
  • VG 300– 2001 – 2005 had the X232/HY12 Old Fashioned key.
  • Kona with Regular Key– 2018 – 2019 got the KK12-P Transponder key.
  • Kona with Prox– 2018 – 2019 was assigned the OEM# 95440-J9000 Smart key.
  • Ioniq– 2017 – 2018 received the OEM#95440-G2000 Smart key; 2019 – 2019 was assigned the OEM# 95440-G2010 Smart key. 

If you didn’t find exactly what you needed in the last segment simply get in touch with us and we’ll get you sorted out, we guarantee it.

Car Locksmith Near Me

As you have been scanning these pages you’ve no doubt wondered where can you get Hyundai key replacement near me and how far is it to someplace where I can get car keys made. Here’s the short answer- Mile High Locksmith is as near as your cell phone or device. Just to remind you; we are a 24/7/365 fully mobile car locksmith and can be on our way to you in minutes. MINUTES! Here are what to do if you lose your car keys or need car locksmith services for your Hyundai- Call us. Our phone lines and website are monitored every second of every day by our own well trained and salaried Staff. OUR OWN, no contract and/or distant call centers for Mile High! We wouldn’t do that to a customer. Whether you contact us by phone or online we will usually have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you within 2 to 5 minutes and then we will usually have that tech at your location within 20 to 45 minutes. No kidding and no other car locksmith in the Front Range will get there quicker than we will. Guaranteed. Since we have determined that the quickest way for us to get our technician to your location is to have you summon us via the website, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. And we know all the insurance companies and we’ll make sure that you have the documentation to optimize your coverage for this type of service under your policy. 

You’ve waited long enough. Give us a call we’ll be there as fast as humanly possible, usually with 45 minutes. 

See you soon.

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