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At Mile High Locksmith® we see all kinds of things every day. And one of the things that we like least to see is a stolen car situation. It can be and most of the time is so devastating and really debilitating to the victim. We hope that you will consider us your emergency locksmith for almost the entire Colorado Front Range in these unpleasant circumstances. We are a 24 hour locksmith as well as a fully equipped and mobile locksmith with an A rating from the BBB and over 1000 “5 Star” ratings on Google from actual customers which means that we can bring our superlative automotive locksmith services to you every hour of every day, including all holidays, anywhere within our expansive service area. To speed up this distasteful process and help you through it allow us to offer you some input on a few of the most frequently asked questions by people in your position.
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Police Found My Stolen Car Without Keys

The Police Found My Stolen Car Now What?

The first thing to find out is whether or not they have recovered your keys. But, unfortunately, they probably have not. So if it’s a case of “the Police found my stolen car but the keys are gone” we can come quickly to the location of the vehicle and perform car key replacement. This can be a fairly simple process in older vehicles that have basic metal mechanical keys. Each of our mobile units have all of the key blanks, cutting information and equipment onboard to replace the old fashioned keys quickly. This is a solution providing the ignition switch has not been damaged during the theft. If the ignition switch has been damaged each mobile unit carries a wide array of ignition switches a can usually get access to more uncommon ones that are not being carried.

But many of the more modern vehicles come with transponder keys or even “Keyless” key fobs, which makes the situation a bit more complex but not insurmountable by any means. In the cases of the more modern key devices you will require our locksmith key programming services to get the electronics/computers in the keys and cars “talking to each other”. We carry all of the technical gear in each mobile unit to accomplish that task as well. So we can usually come to the vehicle location and get the car reactivated, even if the ignition switch has been damaged, as long as nothing more major has been done by the thief to disable the car.

I Found My Stolen Car Now What?

The very first thing that you should have done, and hopefully you did do, was call the Police. A stolen car is never a joke and even in the not uncommon event where an acquaintance takes and relocates your car without permission it’s still a stolen car in the eyes of the Law. So, report it. And really, you shouldn’t be out looking for your stolen car because it may have been stolen by someone who is truly dangerous and we should always let the professionals of Law Enforcement deal with that. But if you have for whatever reason located your stolen car call the Police immediately and do not try to “reclaim” or “investigate” the car without the Authorities. Once they have arrived and taken care of all the preliminaries and you have their permission to contact us, contact us. All of the things that we have said so far will apply regarding our services.

What if my stolen car recovered during claim process?

It can happen that the Police will find your stolen car after you have filed a loss claim on the car with your insurance carrier. Actually, it happens more than you might think. In that case what will typically happen is that the police will contact you after they have located the car. That is the time that you should contact us. We will arrange to meet you with the police at the location of the car and if you are locked out of the car we will provide you our car lockout services and, again, if all we need to do is make you a basic mechanical key we will do that. If the keys that are missing are transponders or “Keyless” fobs we get those replaced, coded and working.

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If you contact us by phone you will speak with a live human in our dispatch center who will assign your case to a tech, and then directly you will receive a call from that tech who will give you their best ETA. You can then interface that ETA to the Police. But, in a situation like this we know that you’ll be looking for any way possible to save a little money on getting this whole thing handled. So, we will automatically give you a 10% discount on our services if you book us online. We have determined through comparison research that the website is actually the fastest way to get our tech to your location. Our dispatch team monitors the website just as closely as they monitor the phone lines so the processes are similar. You should receive an incoming phone call from the tech assigned to your case within a 20 minutes to 45 minutes of your completing the “Scheduling” page on the website giving you a real world ETA to convey to the Police.

We would never look forward to a customer having an auto theft experience, but if it happens we do look forward to helping you get out of the vehicle recovery stage with the least stress possible.

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