Mile High Locksmith® is an expert safe locksmith company.
We provide mobile safe services in the city of Denver and the surrounding cities. If you have a problem opening your safe, such as you forgot your safe combination or just lost the keys
we can arrive to your safes location and unlock the safe for you, change the combination or the keys by your request. Mile High Locksmith ™ provides the following safe services:

Can a safe locksmith open a Sentry Safe?

Yes, any safe locksmith company can open almost any type of safe. The cost to open a safe professionally can sometimes cost more from the value of the safe itself. If you have a low-cost safe that you purchased at the hardware store, sometimes it is more logical to just have us open the safe quickly with some damage to the safe itself. After that, just simply purchase a new safe again. If you are looking to keep the existing safe, the cost to have a locksmith open the Sentry Safe for you will be determined by the time it will take for the locksmith to unlock it, and not by the value of the safe.

Safe Locksmith

Over the years, we have been unlocking and repairing Safes. If you just have questions or need services, we are here to help. Mile High Locksmith® can assist you with any safe services you may need.
You can request service or ask questions by email:, or you can just give us a call 24/7 at (800) 351-0548 (Toll-Free) .

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