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Mile High Locksmith™ is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We have been working with design house door locks and security for many years. We have become experts on the more common house door locks when it comes to either repairing or installing them. We are familiar with door locks that are common in the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. It is safe to say that about 90% of the locks that you can find on homes are locks that have been made by the manufactures of Schlage or Kwikset. Even if the lock has a different factory name, it can still be owned by Schlage or Kwikset. For example, Defiant door locks is owned by Kwikset. Dexter door locks is owned by Schlage. The difference between Defiant and Kwikset or between Dexter and Schlage is the quality and cost of the lock. We find that the quality is better with either Schlage or Kwikset and we encourage you to buy these two brands instead of Defiant or Dexter, for example.

There are many different types of door locks. There are deadbolt locks, knob locks, keypad door locks, high security locks, handle locks, decorative locks, just simple door locks, as well as many other types. On most of the residential door hardware you can find two types of locks. You can find knob locks or deadbolt locks. The deadbolt lock will be on the top and the knob lock will be on the bottom.

Even when you have two locks on the door, the most secure lock to use will be a deadbolt. A knob lock is made more for the purpose to use as a handle or knob to open and close the door. The knob lock can also keep the door shut, even when the door is unlocked. The knob lock is used also to have the option to shut the door and keep it closed. The weakness of the knob lock, or handle lock, is the latch part of the lock. No matter what you do, even if you place the knob lock in the lock position, the latch part will always remain unlocked. In simple words, when you have the knob lock in the lock position and you cannot turn the knob to open the door, you are still able to use the old fashioned way of opening the door using a credit card or a tool of some sort to push open the knob latch. With a deadbolt, it is completely different. When you lock the deadbolt, the deadbolt latch is locked as well.

Where to buy door locks, The best place we recommend you buy door locks is at a locksmith storefront. The locksmith company will be a more reliable source to sell you more quality locks at a lower cost. The second place we recommend you buy door locks is at the lock company. If you want to lower the cost of buying new locks, the biggest hardware stores will be good places to shop at. After you buy the locks, many of the mobile locksmith companies will be able to install the locks for you, or you will even be able to install the locks yourself. Most of the locks will come with instructions on how to install them.

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