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Unlock Savings: The Cheapest Way to Rekey Your Locks

Simplify Your Keys: Multiple Locks, One Key Solution

Rekeying house door locks is a familiar service offered by most locksmith companies. Yet, many homeowners aren’t aware of an even more cost-effective option—replacing the locks themselves. This alternative not only potentially saves money but also offers the chance to refresh your door’s hardware. Our guide dives into how you can achieve this, especially highlighting how you can have all your locks operate with a single key for convenience and security.

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Choosing Your New Locks: Brands and Benefits

When considering replacing your locks, focusing on renowned manufacturers like Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, and Defiant is advisable. These brands offer lock packages that cater to various needs, from single to multiple lock sets, all operable with one key. These packages’ convenience is further enhanced by the ability to create additional key copies at most hardware stores, ensuring you’re never without access.

More Than Four Locks? No Problem!

One common query is how to handle situations requiring more than four locks keyed alike. Thankfully, manufacturers have simplified this process. Each lock package includes a key code sticker, ensuring that purchasing packages with matching codes will allow the same key to work with every lock. This system guarantees that personalizing your home’s security to suit extensive locking requirements is hassle-free.

DIY Lock Replacement Guide

Installing new locks is surprisingly straightforward, designed with the homeowner in mind. The majority of deadbolts and knob locks come with comprehensive instructions, making the process accessible even to those new to DIY home projects. With basic tools like a Phillips head screwdriver—and a power screwdriver for speed—you can install new locks in no time. For compatibility and ease of installation, selecting a new lock from the same manufacturer as your existing hardware is recommended.

Quick Installation Guide:

  • Removing the Old Lock: Start by unscrewing the old knob or deadbolt and latch. Decide whether to keep the existing strike plate or replace it.
  • Installing the New Lock: Ensure the latch is oriented correctly (look for the “up” arrow) before securing it with screws. Install the lock body next, being cautious not to overtighten.
  • Adjusting for the Latch: Verify the latch aligns with the door frame. A simple trick using lipstick or a similar substance can help mark the correct position for any necessary adjustments.

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Thank you for exploring this guide. If you have further questions or need specific advice for your lock replacement project, please leave a comment below. Our team is ready to assist and ensure your home security is upgraded efficiently and affordably.

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