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What is the difference between a lost car key to a key copy? How can you make a car key when you have no spare? What can you do to save some money? What can you do if you have a broken car key? Can you just copy the key, or will it be easier to just make a new one? What does it mean when you have been told that you have a chip in the key? Mile High Locksmith is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We are experts in car keys. Our technicians can make car keys, whether you have lost the key or just need a key copy, for about 99% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. We are here to help you to get the best results in a case where you have lost your car key. If you have any other questions that we don’t answer here, please post your question in the comment box.

Lost Car Key

We did heard from many of our customers that car dealerships have told them that because they have a Toyota smart key, for example, and that because their Toyota is a 2015, or for another example, they have a Lexus or even a Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler 2015, or maybe even a Nissan smart key, (all of these keys are also known as Proximity Keys), that their keys are very special and no one besides the dealer can make them a key. Well, maybe not just anyone can make a key, but many locksmiths can make these keys and they can also make these keys at your vehicle’s location. This means that they can program the key, cut the key, make you a key copy as a spare key, and even erase the old key from the vehicle’s memory, (just to be on the safe side so that anyone who might find your old car key will not be able to start your vehicle. Basically, rekey the car.), right where your vehicle is. A dealership will not be able to come to you and will ask you to tow the car to them. A licensed automotive locksmith that carries a license, will have access to make you a car key the exact same way as a dealership would.

Chip Car Key Replacement

What is this chip? This chip has nothing to do with your car’s door locks or your car alarm, (also know as a keyless entry). In fact, most people don’t even know that this chip exists until they lose their car key. This chip is invisible to you and is located inside the key. This chip is there to add additional security to your vehicle. In simple words, this chip carries a code like an ID card to tell the vehicle that this is the right car key for this vehicle. So even if someone will cut copy your key without cloning the chip or programming the chip, they will not be able to start the vehicle. In most cases, you cannot replace this chip unless the key has been made specially so that you can replace this chip. Let me tell you that I always find that it is much easier to just get a new key. To my knowledge there are two places you can get this chip key. The first place is the dealership, and the second place is an automotive locksmith company. This chip key, also known as a transponder key, are inexpensive in most vehicles. The dealer or the locksmith will charge you for labor, service, programing and so forth. You can find a transponder car key in many online stores but we encourage you to first find a place that will program this key for you and ask them what they prefer you do. Ask them if you can either just bring them a key you have already purchased, or purchase a key from them, and if one of the two ways can save you some money.

Is making a key replacement for a lost car key the same as making a key copy? What type of service should you search for when you have lost your car key?

No, having a key replacement made is not the same as making a key copy. It will always be easier to make a car key copy using a spare key you still have rather than making you a brand new key when you have lost all of your car keys. This is the reason why we always encourage our customers to have two keys for their vehicle at all times. One key in a safe place and one key to use. Let’s take for example a scenario where you have a working car key and you want to get a second car key made. The locksmith or the dealer will find it less expensive and easier if you can, A) drive the vehicle to them and B) they can clone your key using a spare key you still have. This will also save you some money. Another scenario would be where you have lost all copies of your vehicle’s key. Then, A) the locksmith will need to drive to you or you will have to have the car towed to them, and B) they will need to pay fees to get your key information. The key information for example, is your key code or in some cases also your car’s pin code. This scenario would cost you a little more money since you would need to pay for towing your vehicle or a service call fee as well as paying to get your vehicle’s key code and/or vehicle’s pin code. So yes, there is a difference cost wise between making a key copy or replacing your key when you have lost the key and you have no spare. If you are just making a key copy we recommend you grab all of your existing keys and bring them to the locksmith or dealership. Some cars will erase all of the old keys when a new one is programmed to the car causing the old keys to not work anymore. If you bring all of your old keys with you, the locksmith can reprogram them when they program the new key. When the locksmith is done, before they leave, check all of your keys and make sure they all start the vehicle. If your key is just broken, many times, a locksmith will consider it as key copy service. We recommend you have a locksmith look at the key and tell you what they can do.

What to do if you lost all of your car keys and have no spare ?

Many of my customers call me when they have lost their car key. A lot of times, after they have lost the key, they first get a taxi or someone to come pick them up from where they lost their car key, go home and then call me the next day. Then they have to call a taxi again or have someone take them back to where their vehicle is located. You do not need to go through all this trouble. Or sometimes they buy the key blank online, thinking they can save some money, and then call me to cut and program it for them. This is also unnecessary because I already buy these keys at a fairly low cost compared to what you can find online. The work for cutting and programming the key as well as the service call fee is where the majority of the cost comes from. When you have lost your car key, first, you need to know it is our business to help you. We are here to make you a car key replacement if you have lost your key and have no spare. In any city or state, there are automotive locksmiths or car dealerships that can help you in this situation. If you are in Denver, CO please call us. We are open everyday including weekends and holidays, from 7am to midnight. If you are in a different state, we recommend you search for a locksmith on the ALOA Association locksmith website. You can locate a licensed locksmith in your area on their website.
Either way, if you get your car key from the dealership or a locksmith company, they will need to verify that you are the owner of the vehicle or authorize with the owner of the vehicle in order to be able to make you any key. You can use your car title, registration or insurance card, along with an ID to verify ownership. Most locksmiths will take either credit cards or cash as payment. You will need to be by the car or have a representative by the car during the process. That’s about it. Anything else, the locksmith should provide.

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