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Honda key fob replacement

From the year 2003 to the year 2012, we have been repairing Honda key fobs in the Denver metro area. The types of Hondas we repair key fobs for are Accord, Civic, CR-V, Element, Fit, Insight, Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline.We are talking about the key fob with the push buttons to lock and unlock the doors with the red panic button. Honda has been making these keys that often times fail for many years. The reason these keys fail is because there is only one small screw that holds the key blade and the plastic together. The plastic is big and weak and the blade is smaller and stronger. I don’t know how they didn’t see the failure coming.
In fact, we have seen so many of these keys break, that first we would like to tell you not to blame yourself because it is the quality of the key that is to blame. Second, there is a way to repair the key at a low cost and we will try to explain how in the most simple way we can.

Honda key fob shell replacement

Honda key fob shell replacement

Replace Honda key shell

At first, as you see in the picture, you can buy a Honda key shell for just a few dollars online. These shells have been made for any type of a Honda key fob. Whether you have more or less buttons on your key fob, Honda makes shells for both. You cannot just buy the right shell for your Honda and fix it yourself. The reason is because the blade is attached to the shell permanently and you will have to have the high security blade cut by a professional. The only part that you can replace yourself will be the inside part. Some key fobs will have one part inside and some will have two parts.

So obviously, the part you are replacing between the broken key fob to the new key shell is the inside part with the push buttons. Most of these parts will have everything inside of them and you will not need to replace anything else besides this part. Some of the Honda key fobs will have two inside parts. The first part will be the part with the push buttons on it and the second part will be an additional electronic chip. As you see in the picture, the green square is where the second electronic chip is located. This chip is the one that makes your car start, so be very careful with it. It is kind of difficult to get it out, so we recommend you just break the plastic around it and be very gentle with the chip inside. After you get this chip out, install it in the new shell.

Honda key cutting

Your Honda key, in professional terms, is called a High Security key. Not just any locksmith can cut this key for you. Only locksmiths that have specific machines for High Security car keys can cut these keys. As you can see in the video, this cutting machine points a laser to a key in order to cut the key from the inside out. That is what makes this key a High Security key.
When you fix your key by replacing the broken key shell with a new key shell, you are basically taking your existing electronic chip that is already programed to your car and installing it in your new key shell. This means that besides cutting the key, you do not need to do anything else.

Honda High security key copy

We hope that you find the information on this page useful. We always like to hear comments from our readers to help us improve information on our website. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in our comment box below. We will reply as soon as possible.

Mile High Locksmith is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We are an expert automotive company and we would like to share some useful information with you about what to do when you have lost your car keys and have no spare, or if you have lost your car keys and are worried about someone finding them and getting into and/or stealing your car.

First, you need to understand that there are many ways to change the keys to your vehicle or to have a new key made in a case where you have lost the keys to your vehicle. To begin with, we will break down your options if you are worried that someone will find your car key and will get into and/or steal your vehicle.

Here is what you can do:

  1. You can rekey your car door locks.
  2. You can rekey your car ignition.
  3. You can erase your car key electronic chip and reprogram your car key to a different code.

So which one is the best option? We recommend you chose option three. The reason is because it’s the most cost effective and the safest way to go. Let us explain why.
It doesn’t matter if you rekey your vehicle’s door locks. The vehicle manufactures intentionally make it not so difficult to unlock your vehicle’s doors whether you have the key or not. For safety reasons, the vehicle companies make it easy to unlock the doors. All you really need are the most simple tools. To unlock your vehicle’s doors, you just need to make a gap between the door and frame, take a long stick and press the unlock button. So, even if you change the locks on the doors, it will not really stop anyone from getting into your vehicle if they really want to. To rekey your ignition would also not be the best option for two reasons. The first reason is the cost. Ignitions on most vehicles are very expensive. They are also very difficult to work on. The question is why to open and change such a difficult part in the vehicle when it is not necessary at all? The second reason is if you are rekeying your ignition and not the doors, you will end up having two keys for your vehicle. One to lock and unlock the doors and another to start the vehicle.
This is why we recommend you reprogram your car key when you want to rekey your vehicle. Since 1997, most vehicle manufactures install anti theft systems into the vehicle’s ignition. This system, in simple words, has an antenna in the shape of a ring around the ignition locks and in addition, the car key has an electronic chip inside the key head. These two parts have to be able to communicate with each other in order to start the vehicle. With these two parts, you can register keys and erase keys with special equipment. The companies that normally carry this equipment are automotive locksmith companies and car dealerships.
For service, we recommend you call a few locksmith companies and car dealerships and shop around for prices.

First, be ready with your vehicle information. This information is the vehicle’s make, model and year. Second, if you are the owner of the vehicle, have your driver’s license or another form of ID, and the car title or registration or insurance card.

What to do if you lost your car key and have no spare and just want a new key made

If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you should get a letter or an email from the owner of the vehicle that authorizes you as the agent for the owner. Also, ask the owner of the vehicle to take a picture of their ID and send it to you and make sure they are available in case the technician making the new key needs to speak with them over the phone for further verification. Places that can make you a new car key will be an automotive locksmith or dealership. To save money, we recommend you shop around between locksmith companies and different dealerships. Keep in mind that most locksmith companies will come to your vehicle’s location and will be able to make you a working key right on spot. The dealership will ask you to come to them, and in most cases, tow the vehicle in.
If you have full coverage insurance, we highly recommend you call your insurance company and ask them what your options are. Losing your car key is not the same claim as an accident with an insurance company. Losing your car key is considered a part of the roadside services and will not increase your insurance rate. You will also not be liable for any deductible.
The last tip we want to provide you with is to check the rate for a second key to be made. In many cases, when you are making a key to your vehicle, it will cost half or even less than that to have a second key made at the same time.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you find the information here useful. If you have any other questions we did not answer here, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Key copy

Losing your house keys is a common thing people do. Even more common than what you might think. As a locksmith company located in Denver, CO, we see many people day after day losing their house keys and after many years in the business and after rekeying many homes every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we have learned a thing or two about door locks and deadbolts for homes. We also know the options that you have in a case where you have lost your house keys. We would like to share with you some of this information and provide you with recommendations about how to rekey your house door locks quickly and easily. We will answer some questions such as who you should call, how to lower the cost, or even how to rekey your locks yourself. If you have lost your house keys we recommend you either use a locksmith to rekey your locks, (a locksmith is also a good option to use if you haven’t lost your keys but are only locked out), or go to your neighborhood hardware store and buy new door locks yourself.

Rekey Locksmith

Using a locksmith company to rekey your locks will be the easiest way to go. However, before you run to the phone and call a rekey locksmith company, be sure to know which locksmith company to call. There are a lot of good locksmith companies to use out there but some of them can get you and the final cost will have hidden fees and they could possibly even overcharge you by hundreds of dollars. We believe there shouldn’t be any hidden fees for rekeying services for house door locks.
To get away from these locksmith companies, first you need to understand rekeying locks is a pretty easy thing to do for a professional locksmith company. Parts cost only a few dollars and many times it is so easy to do that with the right tools you can even learn how to do it yourself in a very short time.
If the locksmith you call does not give you a total cost for rekeying your locks during the phone call, and if they mention something about the lowest service call and the lowest rekey fees in town plus “and up” fees, (by this we mean something like $15 and up for a service call), then we believe it is a big red flag.

Rekey house door locks

What are your options? To rekey locks or replace them, you can use a mobile rekey locksmith company. Using a locksmith company will provide you with the premium service, and yes it will cost more. We estimate that by using a locksmith company to rekey your house door locks, on average, it will cost you about $100 more than it would by doing it yourself. However, by using a locksmith company you will get professional service, the process will be fast and easy, and if your lock is broken, you will have an option to fix or replace it right away. Also, most locksmiths will care about your lock condition and will provide you with a warranty on their work. You will be worry free about rekeying your locks and will be able to focus on other stuff.

Another option will be to do some of the work yourself. Most of the house door locks are very easy to disassemble or install. Most of the house door locks will be held by only two screws, as you see in the picture, and you can easily remove the screws with a phillips screwdriver.

You can take the locks to your neighborhood locksmith shop and rekey them there for a lower fee than the premium service.

Another option and the first one we recommend you do, (if you are ready), is to do it yourself. This is a way to save some money. Instead of rekeying the locks though, you will be changing the locks to completely new door locks, and yes your locks will all still share the same key just like if you rekeyed them.
There are all kinds of types of door locks for homes like electronic door locks or simple door locks such as deadbolts and knobs. Whatever you decide to spend will be up to you. We recommend you read our, “cheapest way to rekey locks,” post, but as an idea we would like to tell you that most of the door locks for homes are very easy to change yourself and it is not always necessary to use a professional in order to get it done.

Front door lock change cost

Most of the house door locks for homes will cost anywhere from $7 to $40 in hardware stores. Keep in mind that many locksmiths will charge you about $60 for each new lock including the labor to install it. The most common locks you can find will be either Schlage or Kwikset locks. Most locks will come in a package of 1, 2, or 4 locks and the most common front door lock color you can find will be bright brass or bright nickel.

Jeep Compass key fob replacement

What should I do if I lost my Jeep keys? What are my options? Does my Jeep Compass keyless entry have a chip and if it does, can I program it myself? What is this chip? Mile High Locksmith is an expert car key locksmith company. If you are in Denver, CO, we can provide you with our services. If you are in a different city or state, you can still use the information we provide here.

Jeep Compass key fob programming

What is this chip? How can you program the Jeep remote? From 2007 until 2016, there are two electronic chips in your Jeep Compass keyless entry remote. The first chip and the most important one will be the chip for the anti theft security system. The second chip will be for your car alarm. If you lost your keys and have no spare, you need to understand the difference between the two to understand your options. We will try to break it down for you here.

The first chip is the anti theft security system chip. This chip is made only for the purpose to start the vehicle and has nothing to do with locking or unlocking your doors or your car alarm. Which one of your chips works on a battery? The chip that works on a battery is the car alarm chip. This chip has nothing to do with starting your vehicle. The only thing it does is lock and unlock your doors and controls the panic alarm. So if you have a key to your Jeep and the key doesn’t start the car, it has nothing to do with the Jeep keyless entry battery.

Now that you understand the difference between the two chips, these are your options of getting a new key in a case where you have lost your only key.

Your first option is to get a simple key without any push buttons. This key will still have the anti theft security system chip inside of it in order to start your vehicle. The key will be easy to recognize by its grey color as you can see in the picture.
The reason to use this key is to get a working key for a lower cost. Even if you use your lost key to lock your doors and enable your alarm, by programing this grey colored key, you will turn the alarm off and be able to start the vehicle. Then you will be able to lock and unlock your doors manually and the alarm will stay off.

Gray color of Jeep key
Gray color of Jeep - Dodge key - Y164-PT

Jeep Compass keyless entry

The second option will be to make a Jeep Compass keyless entry. This key will of course work exactly the same as the key you lost. It will have the push buttons on it and you will be able to use it to lock and unlock the doors and set up the alarm.

Rekey Jeep ignition

If you want to rekey your Jeep Compass, (in simple words, change the keys), you do not need to rekey your ignition cylinder. You can just reset your anti theft system code. By doing that, anybody that has or finds your old, lost key will be able to unlock the doors but not start the engine. Reprogramming your Jeep key will be a better way to rekey your Jeep.

How to program a Jeep Compass key

First, you cannot program a Jeep Compass key yourself, unless you already have two working keys with you and you want to program a third key. If you don’t have any keys or only have one working key for your Jeep, you will have to use either a locksmith, dealership or another professional in order to program any additional keys. If you do have two working, programed keys for your Jeep Compass, here is a short guide on how to program a third key:

  1. Insert one of the two keys you have that are already programed into the ignition lock and turn to the ON position.
  2. Leave the key in and on the ON position for about 10 seconds. Make sure to leave it for at least 5 seconds but do not leave it for more than 15 seconds. After about 10 seconds, turn the key back to the OFF position.
  3. Remove the first key and put in the second programmed key that you already have. Turn the key to the ON position. Make sure you do this within 15 seconds of taking the first key out. Also, make sure it is a different key then the first key.
  4. A theft alarm light should come on after about ten seconds
    and you will hear a sound that will indicate entry into the
    “Customer Programming Mode”.
  5. Within 60 seconds, turn the key to the OFF position and take it out.
  6. Now, put in your new key that you would like to program and turn it to the ON position.
  7. After about 10 seconds, you will hear the
    sound like you did before and the theft alarm light will turn off. Wait five
    seconds and turn the key to the OFF position.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope that we answered your questions, but if not, we would like to provide you with any other information you need. You can post your questions in the comment box at the bottom of this page and we will reply as soon as we can.

Same key for all door locks

Cheapest way to rekey locks

Multiple locks with the same key

Rekeying house door locks is a very common service that most locksmith companies provide. However, did you know that you do not need to rekey your house door locks at all? You can actually change your own door locks. In many cases it can even cost less and you will get fresh, brand new locks on your door. By replacing your old locks with brand new locks you can take the opportunity to change the color of your locks if you would like, and maybe most importantly, you can get all the locks keyed to the same key. With a big thanks to places like The Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware, finding house door locks is easy.

You might be wondering how you can have multiple locks with the same key. First, you need to know the most common house door lock manufacturers make lock sets with one, two or four locks per package. These packages will come with a key that will work on all the locks. You will even be able to make house key copies in most of these hardware stores. These manufactures are Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, and Defiant. There are other brands of locks, however, if you do decide to buy new locks yourself, these are the bands we recommend you look at first.

A common question is what do you do if you need more than four locks working with the same key? These manufactures have already thought this through for you. In every package there is a sticker with a code on it. In many cases the sticker will say “key,” or “key code,” and have a serial number on it. If you match the serial number between the packages, you will find the same keys work on all the locks.

After you know that you can get as many brand new locks as you want that work with the same key, the next question is, is it easy to replace them? Yes it is. First you need to understand that these manufactures are selling the locks to you, not to a professional locksmith. This means they are trying to make it easy to install them. Most locks such as deadbolts and knobs will come with an instruction booklet inside the package that will explain to you how to install the new locks. In most cases, each lock will have a total of four screws. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and… that is about it. Before you become a professional locksmith, we want to give you a few more tips on how to install a door lock. First, if you have a power screwdriver we recommend you use it. Do not use the power screwdriver on the lock itself, but it is a good tool to use on the door or the door frame.

Tip: To avoid a difficult situation, try to get a new lock made by the same manufacture as your old lock. At least make sure they are the same size if not the same manufacture. This will help you avoid a situation where the new lock will not fit in the space that the old lock fit in.

Here is a quick guide on how to replace a door lock:

  • To remove the old lock, always start by removing the screws on the old knob or deadbolt. Next, remove the screws from the old latch. Now you should be able to remove the old lock. After you remove the old lock, you will be able to remove the old latch as well. You can decide if you want to remove or keep your old strike plate. In many cases you can just leave the old strike plate on the door frame.
  • To install the new lock, place the latch on the door and screw it in. When you place the latch on the door, look for the arrow with the word “up” on the latch to know the right direction to place the latch.
    Next, you can install the lock itself. The lock will only need two screws. Do not overtighten the screws on the lock.
  • After you have the lock on the door, you need to check to make sure the latch will go into the door frame. If not, open the door and put the lock on the lock position. Then simply take for example lipstick or something sticky, color the latch where it will hit the door frame, put the lock back to the unlock position and close the door. Then repeatedly lock and unlock the lock to have the latch mark it’s spot on the doorframe. Now you can adjust the plate on the door frame.

Thank you for reading our blog. If you are installing new locks on your door and you cannot find all the answers you need here, please leave your question in the comment box and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What is the most secure lock for a front door?

Best door locks

Mile High Locksmith™ is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We have been working with design house door locks and security for many years. We have become experts on the more common house door locks when it comes to either repairing or installing them. We are familiar with door locks that are common in the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. It is safe to say that about 90% of the locks that you can find on homes are locks that have been made by the manufactures of Schlage or Kwikset. Even if the lock has a different factory name, it can still be owned by Schlage or Kwikset. For example, Defiant door locks is owned by Kwikset. Dexter door locks is owned by Schlage. The difference between Defiant and Kwikset or between Dexter and Schlage is the quality and cost of the lock. We find that the quality is better with either Schlage or Kwikset and we encourage you to buy these two brands instead of Defiant or Dexter, for example.

There are many different types of door locks. There are deadbolt locks, knob locks, keypad door locks, high security locks, handle locks, decorative locks, just simple door locks, as well as many other types. On most of the residential door hardware you can find two types of locks. You can find knob locks or deadbolt locks. The deadbolt lock will be on the top and the knob lock will be on the bottom.

Even when you have two locks on the door, the most secure lock to use will be a deadbolt. A knob lock is made more for the purpose to use as a handle or knob to open and close the door. The knob lock can also keep the door shut, even when the door is unlocked. The knob lock is used also to have the option to shut the door and keep it closed. The weakness of the knob lock, or handle lock, is the latch part of the lock. No matter what you do, even if you place the knob lock in the lock position, the latch part will always remain unlocked. In simple words, when you have the knob lock in the lock position and you cannot turn the knob to open the door, you are still able to use the old fashioned way of opening the door using a credit card or a tool of some sort to push open the knob latch. With a deadbolt, it is completely different. When you lock the deadbolt, the deadbolt latch is locked as well.

Where to buy door locks, The best place we recommend you buy door locks is at a locksmith storefront. The locksmith company will be a more reliable source to sell you more quality locks at a lower cost. The second place we recommend you buy door locks is at the lock company. If you want to lower the cost of buying new locks, the biggest hardware stores will be good places to shop at. After you buy the locks, many of the mobile locksmith companies will be able to install the locks for you, or you will even be able to install the locks yourself. Most of the locks will come with instructions on how to install them.

What is the difference between a lost car key to a key copy? How can you make a car key when you have no spare? What can you do to save some money? What can you do if you have a broken car key? Can you just copy the key, or will it be easier to just make a new one? What does it mean when you have been told that you have a chip in the key? Mile High Locksmith is a locksmith company located in Denver, CO. We are experts in car keys. Our technicians can make car keys, whether you have lost the key or just need a key copy, for about 99% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. We are here to help you to get the best results in a case where you have lost your car key. If you have any other questions that we don’t answer here, please post your question in the comment box.

Lost Car Key

We did heard from many of our customers that car dealerships have told them that because they have a Toyota smart key, for example, and that because their Toyota is a 2015, or for another example, they have a Lexus or even a Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler 2015, or maybe even a Nissan smart key, (all of these keys are also known as Proximity Keys), that their keys are very special and no one besides the dealer can make them a key. Well, maybe not just anyone can make a key, but many locksmiths can make these keys and they can also make these keys at your vehicle’s location. This means that they can program the key, cut the key, make you a key copy as a spare key, and even erase the old key from the vehicle’s memory, (just to be on the safe side so that anyone who might find your old car key will not be able to start your vehicle. Basically, rekey the car.), right where your vehicle is. A dealership will not be able to come to you and will ask you to tow the car to them. A licensed automotive locksmith that carries a license, will have access to make you a car key the exact same way as a dealership would.

Chip Car Key Replacement

What is this chip? This chip has nothing to do with your car’s door locks or your car alarm, (also know as a keyless entry). In fact, most people don’t even know that this chip exists until they lose their car key. This chip is invisible to you and is located inside the key. This chip is there to add additional security to your vehicle. In simple words, this chip carries a code like an ID card to tell the vehicle that this is the right car key for this vehicle. So even if someone will cut copy your key without cloning the chip or programming the chip, they will not be able to start the vehicle. In most cases, you cannot replace this chip unless the key has been made specially so that you can replace this chip. Let me tell you that I always find that it is much easier to just get a new key. To my knowledge there are two places you can get this chip key. The first place is the dealership, and the second place is an automotive locksmith company. This chip key, also known as a transponder key, are inexpensive in most vehicles. The dealer or the locksmith will charge you for labor, service, programing and so forth. You can find a transponder car key in many online stores but we encourage you to first find a place that will program this key for you and ask them what they prefer you do. Ask them if you can either just bring them a key you have already purchased, or purchase a key from them, and if one of the two ways can save you some money.

Is making a key replacement for a lost car key the same as making a key copy? What type of service should you search for when you have lost your car key?

No, having a key replacement made is not the same as making a key copy. It will always be easier to make a car key copy using a spare key you still have rather than making you a brand new key when you have lost all of your car keys. This is the reason why we always encourage our customers to have two keys for their vehicle at all times. One key in a safe place and one key to use. Let’s take for example a scenario where you have a working car key and you want to get a second car key made. The locksmith or the dealer will find it less expensive and easier if you can, A) drive the vehicle to them and B) they can clone your key using a spare key you still have. This will also save you some money. Another scenario would be where you have lost all copies of your vehicle’s key. Then, A) the locksmith will need to drive to you or you will have to have the car towed to them, and B) they will need to pay fees to get your key information. The key information for example, is your key code or in some cases also your car’s pin code. This scenario would cost you a little more money since you would need to pay for towing your vehicle or a service call fee as well as paying to get your vehicle’s key code and/or vehicle’s pin code. So yes, there is a difference cost wise between making a key copy or replacing your key when you have lost the key and you have no spare. If you are just making a key copy we recommend you grab all of your existing keys and bring them to the locksmith or dealership. Some cars will erase all of the old keys when a new one is programmed to the car causing the old keys to not work anymore. If you bring all of your old keys with you, the locksmith can reprogram them when they program the new key. When the locksmith is done, before they leave, check all of your keys and make sure they all start the vehicle. If your key is just broken, many times, a locksmith will consider it as key copy service. We recommend you have a locksmith look at the key and tell you what they can do.

What to do if you lost all of your car keys and have no spare ?

Many of my customers call me when they have lost their car key. A lot of times, after they have lost the key, they first get a taxi or someone to come pick them up from where they lost their car key, go home and then call me the next day. Then they have to call a taxi again or have someone take them back to where their vehicle is located. You do not need to go through all this trouble. Or sometimes they buy the key blank online, thinking they can save some money, and then call me to cut and program it for them. This is also unnecessary because I already buy these keys at a fairly low cost compared to what you can find online. The work for cutting and programming the key as well as the service call fee is where the majority of the cost comes from. When you have lost your car key, first, you need to know it is our business to help you. We are here to make you a car key replacement if you have lost your key and have no spare. In any city or state, there are automotive locksmiths or car dealerships that can help you in this situation. If you are in Denver, CO please call us. We are open everyday including weekends and holidays, from 7am to midnight. If you are in a different state, we recommend you search for a locksmith on the ALOA Association locksmith website. You can locate a licensed locksmith in your area on their website.
Either way, if you get your car key from the dealership or a locksmith company, they will need to verify that you are the owner of the vehicle or authorize with the owner of the vehicle in order to be able to make you any key. You can use your car title, registration or insurance card, along with an ID to verify ownership. Most locksmiths will take either credit cards or cash as payment. You will need to be by the car or have a representative by the car during the process. That’s about it. Anything else, the locksmith should provide.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key replacement

With the 2014 and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee smart key you can lock and unlock your doors as well as open and close the lift gate from up to 50 feet away. In addition to the Jeep’s alarm, this vehicle has an anti-theft security system installed. The anti-theft security system has nothing to do with unlocking or locking the Jeep’s doors.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee smart key anti-theft security system has a wireless connection between the key and the Jeep’s ECU immobilizer, also known as the computer. When the Jeep’s ECU immobilizer doesn’t recognize the key, it will prevent the vehicle from starting.


Lost Jeep Key Replacement

In a case you need a lost Jeep key replacement, there are basically two places we recommend you call. The first place is the Jeep dealership and the second place is an automotive locksmith. The difference between the two will be the cost and type of service. We recommend you shop around between the two and always make sure to get the final cost over the phone.

How to replace a lost Jeep key

As we said above, there is a difference between the type of service offered between the dealership and an automotive locksmith. The dealership will ask you to bring the vehicle in whereas an automotive locksmith will be able to provide you with mobile service at the Jeep’s location.

Remote Proximity Keyless Entry Jeep

Where can you buy a Jeep key replacement? How to program a Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob?

First, we would like to warn you and encourage you to be more careful about where you buy Jeep Grand Cherokee keys and who you allow to program those keys for you. There are many websites online that sell those types of keys for a cheap price. Obviously there is a reason why those keys are sold for such a cheap price. In many cases they are not the original keys made by Jeep. They are just knockoff keys that have been made in different countries. We normally see that keys that are not original keys have problems with the chip inside of them not being the right one. We also see very often that these keys stop working after a very short time. We encourage you to spend a bit more money on the key and always purchase the original key. This can save you money in the long run.

Second, we often find locksmith companies buying programming machines that are not the same as the original machines from different countries around the world so they can save money. The problem with these machines is that when they are connected to your vehicle’s computer, in many cases, they can actually damage your Jeep’s computer in the process of trying to program your key.

Basically, we recommend you buy your Jeep key from the dealership or from a licensed locksmith company. If you do contact a locksmith company, be aware there are a lot of advertisement companies that will send you an unlicensed contractor. Always make sure that the company you call has a good reputation which is easy to find out just by searching the companies name online. If you do not find the company name online or if you find too many companies sharing the same name, it is safe to say avoid this company.

Can you program a Jeep key fob yourself?

No, you cannot program a Jeep key fob yourself. In order to program this key, a key programming diagnostic machine has to be connected to the Jeep’s immobilizer. Only an automotive locksmith or Jeep dealership will have these machines.

The Jeep emergency key is made specifically for emergency situations. Although this key can work for an unlimited amount of time on your Jeep, the reason Jeep made this key is to allow you to have a solution to lock and unlock your Jeep’s doors and to be able to start and drive your vehicle in case you have lost your original key. This key has no push buttons on it but still has an invisible electronic chip inside the key head. This key looks like a traditional key and you can use it to manually unlock the doors and have it programmed to the vehicle’s immobilizer in order to start the engine. One of the benefits of this key is you can purchase it at a lower cost than the smart proximity key.

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I lost my key to my car. How can I get a new one?

First, here is a short list for places that can make you a new car key:

  • An automotive locksmith, the locksmith will be the most convenient way to get a new car key replacement. What is great about a locksmith, is that most of the time, we have more knowledge and resources to make new keys. Many locksmiths will be able to make you a working key right at your car’s location. If you do call a locksmith, we recommend you always shop around between a few of them for prices. Tip: Always get the total cost over the phone from the locksmith you use.
  • Online stores, You can try to save some money by ordering your key online. A few stores we recommend you check are,,, as well as others. If you just need a key copy, you can take the new key you ordered online and your old key and copy it at many hardware stores or a locksmith shop. If you need to program the key, some vehicles will allow you to program the key yourself. For more information on that, browse our website or post us a question in our comment box on the bottom of our page. If you have no spare key, you can still order a new key online and take it to a locksmith to cut and program it for you.
  • Your car’s dealership, the dealership will not necessarily be more or less expensive. It is always a good idea to call them for prices. The dealer will ask you to come in or even tow your car in in order to make you a new key.
  • Tip: If you have full coverage insurance or roadside assistance, it can save you some money for getting a new key if you lost the key to your car. We recommend you to call your insurance company and ask them for more information.
General Motors key replacement

GMC Acadia key replacement

Did you know that you can program a key to your GMC Acadia yourself, without using any professional tools?

Does your GMC Acadia have an electronic chip inside the key? What is your keys item number? How can you save some money when you need a new key made? Where can you get a key copy made and where can you get a replacement key made if you lost the only key you had? Mile High Locksmith™ would like to share some answers to these common questions.

If your GMC Acadia was made in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 then your key has an electronic chip inside the key head which is invisible. This key has to be programmed to the vehicle in order for the vehicle to start.
You can program this key yourself or use a locksmith company or GM dealership to do it for you.
The difference between the locksmith company and the dealership is the type of service and prices. If you lost the key, the best solution will be to use a mobile locksmith company. The locksmith will be able to make you a working key at your trucks location.

Program GMC Acadia key

If you have some time and you want to save some money and have lost the key to your GMC Acadia here is what you can do:

First get a key blank to your truck. You can buy these keys at one of the many stores online. After you receive the key and don’t have any other key you can ask a locksmith to cut the key for you by using your trucks VIN number or key code. If you just need a key copy you can copy the key at one of the many hardware stores as well. After getting the proper cuts made to your new key this is how you program it:

Program a key if you lost the only key you had:

  1. Insert your new key that you just had cut into your ignition switch and turn it to the on position. The theft light on the dash will light up and stay on for ten minutes and then turn off.
  2. After the light goes off turn the ignition switch back on for another ten minutes.
  3. Do this once more to make a total of three times.
  4. When the theft light goes out it means your new key has been programmed.
  5. Now your truck is in the programming mode.
  6. If you want to program a second key in less than 20 seconds insert another cut key and turn the ignition switch to the on position. The theft light will go on and once it has gone out your second key is programmed.

Program a duplicate key:

  1. In order to program a key copy to your truck you will have to have two working keys already.
  2. Take one of your old keys and insert it into the ignition switch. Turn it to the on position. A theft light will light up. When the theft light goes out turn the ignition switch off and remove the key.
  3. Repeat the same steps again with your second old key.
  4. Now insert the new key you had copied and repeat the same steps one more time. After you remove your new key it will be programmed.

GMC Acadia key stuck in ignition

The best solution to fix the problem with your ignition switch is either by making a new key by your trucks VIN number, and if this doesn’t fix the problem, ask a locksmith to rekey your ignition cylinder.

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