Is your front door having problems closing? There is an easy way to fix your door without removing the door or the hinges. You will not even need to use a cordless drill or power drill. These days there are many DIY tools that can help you adjust the hinges on your door or your door frame. Mile High Locksmith is a locksmith company that has been working on front doors for many years. Many times we have faced a job where the door didn’t close and some adjustment was required. We would like to introduce you to one of our favorite DIY tools for adjusting front doors, The Hinge Doctor.
The Hinge Doctor is a small tool kit with an Allen tool included that helps you adjust your door very easily and quickly.

“The Hinge Doctor” – Fixing common problems for home entry doors

To adjust your door hinges, many professionals will suggest you remove the door and the door hinges from the door and door frame.
With The Hinge Doctor you can save all of this work. No need for any other tools besides The Hinge Doctor tool. You will not even need to remove the door or the hinges at all.
If the screws on the door hinges are loose, make sure to tighten the hinge screws on both the door and the door jamb before you start using The Hinge Doctor.
The Hinge Doctor will fix your door when your door won’t close in about 30 seconds by following four easy steps.

The Hinge Doctor, which is sold by American Door Products, is a 30 second fixing tool for your home or office doors when your door is not lining up with the door frame and is the main source for closure issues. The Hinge Doctor is a tool made to use only on the upper hinge and not on the bottom one. The Hinge Doctor is a great tool since in many cases your upper door hinge will most likely be the hinge that will need to be adjusted when your door is not closing.

You can buy The Hinge Doctor tool online. Some of the stores we recommend you try are Amazon, Ebay and American Key Supply.

How to adjust front door hinges:

  • Step 1: Determine which end of The Hinge Doctor is the correct size for your door hinges. Apply that end to the uppermost hinge knuckle attached to the door itself by sliding the tool over the hinge knuckles. Make sure the arrow faces the door lock.
  • Step 2: With the arrow facing the door lock, tighten the Allen head bolt using the Allen tool so the tool just fits snug on the hinge knuckle, (it does not have to be tight).
  • Step 3: Rotate The Hinge Doctor toward the door lock applying sufficient pressure to bend the hinge knuckle.
  • Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other hinge knuckles that are attached to the door.

Using excessive force with an extension will damage The Hinge Doctor.

Sufficient pressure should be able to be applied by hand. However if more leverage is needed, a pipe or crescent wrench can be used as a lever by adding it to the opposite end of The Hinge Doctor and pushing toward the door knob.

Adjusting the bottom hinge is not recommended!


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