General Motors key replacement

GMC Acadia key replacement

Did you know that you can program a key to your GMC Acadia yourself, without using any professional tools?

Does your GMC Acadia have an electronic chip inside the key? What is your keys item number? How can you save some money when you need a new key made? Where can you get a key copy made and where can you get a replacement key made if you lost the only key you had? Mile High Locksmith™ would like to share some answers to these common questions.

If your GMC Acadia was made in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 then your key has an electronic chip inside the key head which is invisible. This key has to be programmed to the vehicle in order for the vehicle to start.
You can program this key yourself or use a locksmith company or GM dealership to do it for you.
The difference between the locksmith company and the dealership is the type of service and prices. If you lost the key, the best solution will be to use a mobile locksmith company. The locksmith will be able to make you a working key at your trucks location.

Program GMC Acadia key

If you have some time and you want to save some money and have lost the key to your GMC Acadia here is what you can do:

First get a key blank to your truck. You can buy these keys at one of the many stores online. After you receive the key and don’t have any other key you can ask a locksmith to cut the key for you by using your trucks VIN number or key code. If you just need a key copy you can copy the key at one of the many hardware stores as well. After getting the proper cuts made to your new key this is how you program it:

Program a key if you lost the only key you had:

  1. Insert your new key that you just had cut into your ignition switch and turn it to the on position. The theft light on the dash will light up and stay on for ten minutes and then turn off.
  2. After the light goes off turn the ignition switch back on for another ten minutes.
  3. Do this once more to make a total of three times.
  4. When the theft light goes out it means your new key has been programmed.
  5. Now your truck is in the programming mode.
  6. If you want to program a second key in less than 20 seconds insert another cut key and turn the ignition switch to the on position. The theft light will go on and once it has gone out your second key is programmed.

Program a duplicate key:

  1. In order to program a key copy to your truck you will have to have two working keys already.
  2. Take one of your old keys and insert it into the ignition switch. Turn it to the on position. A theft light will light up. When the theft light goes out turn the ignition switch off and remove the key.
  3. Repeat the same steps again with your second old key.
  4. Now insert the new key you had copied and repeat the same steps one more time. After you remove your new key it will be programmed.

GMC Acadia key stuck in ignition

The best solution to fix the problem with your ignition switch is either by making a new key by your trucks VIN number, and if this doesn’t fix the problem, ask a locksmith to rekey your ignition cylinder.

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