Did you know that Honda stamped the key code on the Honda CRX ignition, door, trunk and glove box lock? For your convenience to get the key code information, the key code will be the last four digits of the serial number.

The Honda CRX has just a simple key, or what we like to call an old fashioned key. What can you do if you have lost your key and need a replacement? Where can you get a key copy made? What is the reason that your ignition will not turn? Mile High Locksmith ™ is an expert automotive locksmith company and we would like to share some information with you that can be useful when you need to make a key for your Honda CRX.

Honda CRX key replacement

If you lost the key to your car, the place we recommend you get a key replacement is with an automotive locksmith company. The locksmith will be able to come to your car’s location and cut you a new key.

If you are looking to save some money, you can do some of the work yourself. Basically, the Honda CRX has the key code stamped on almost all the locks such as the ignition, door, trunk and glove box lock. The key code will be the last four numbers that you find stamped on the lock. The easiest way to get the keycode is by disassembling the glove box lock. If this doesn’t work, you should try to disassemble the trunk lock or the door lock if that doesn’t work. The last lock you should try will be the ignition lock.

After you have the lock in your hand, you can either read the key code to a locksmith or just give them the lock itself.
Sometimes the locksmith will not have the right key for your Honda CRX. If this is the case, some people find it useful to order the key from one of the many stores online such as ebay.com, amazon.com, or ikeyless.com. After you get the key blank in the mail, you can bring it to a locksmith shop with the key code information and get a new key made.

Below, we will share with you the key blank item number by your Honda CRX year:

  • If your Honda CRX was made in the years 1984, 1985, 1986 or 1987, then your key blank number will be X181.
  • If your Honda CRX was made in the years 1988, 1989, 1990, or 1991, then your key blank number will be X182.

Honda CRX key won’t turn in ignition

Over the years we have received phone calls from our customers after their key doesn’t turn the ignition. It is always a surprise to our customers to find out that the problem is not actually with the ignition lock and is with the key itself. Over the years after so much use, the key gets worn out. Even just a small modification to the key that the eye cannot even see, will be just enough to prevent the ignition switch from turning.

  • What we recommend you to do is to ask a locksmith to make you a new key either by your car’s keycode or VIN number. However, do not just try to make a copy of the old key.
  • If this did not fix the problem, you can ask a locksmith to rekey your locks.


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