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Locksmith Shop on Wheels

Introducing Mile High Locksmith Denver, a nearly 20-year-old Denver based locksmith services company that is a virtually a “Locksmith Shop on Wheels” that you should know about. There are a lot of decisive reasons that Mile High should be your locksmith Denver. First, they are a fully mobile locksmith so though they have brick and […]

Nest Yale Lock

One cannot help but notice the trend in homes and businesses installing the new keyless electronic locks. You might think that, in an age of popular and expensive “gadgets”, these locks were just another example of our cultural tendency to always have the latest contraption. But if you assumed that you’d be wrong. The new […]

LGBT Friendly Locksmith Service

We are Mile High Locksmith®, an 18-year-old company that serves all members of all communities, neighborhoods, ethnicities, persuasions and beliefs. Having said that we wish to state another thing plainly and in print: WE ARE AN LGBT FRIENDLY BUSINESS. We serve and respect all people. The caliber of service that all communities and groups have […]

Security Door Locks

For a proper discussion of “Security Doors” and security door locks we need to define a security door, or the type of security door, that we are discussing. So, for the purposes of this short article we will be focusing on exterior security doors and exterior security door locks for residences. These doors are most […]

Toyota RAV 4 Key Fob

The lowly car key has changed quite a lot in the last 20 years as has the nature of car key replacement and car key replacement cost. In fact, many “keys” are now “Hi-Tech” devices that drivers from 30 years ago wouldn’t even recognize. And many of today’s drivers probably aren’t even aware that there […]

Chevy Malibu Key Fob

Some Useful Information From Mile High Locksmith® Mile High Locksmith® is a full service locksmith company that has been in existence for many years. And one of our areas of expertise is automotive locksmithing. Honesty as well as a commitment to being genuinely helpful in as many ways as possible is a hallmark of the […]

The Brinks Digital Deadbolt

A product assessment review from Mile High Locksmith® Brinks Locks It’s a Digital world these days, and it will be a more Digital world tomorrow. Digital devices and technology are improving many industries and devices and making those devices easier and more convenient to use. That’s certainly true in the area of home security and […]

Acura Key Fob

Honesty and fair play are the hallmarks of the Locksmith profession. Adhering to those hallmarks is very important to us and we believe that disseminating accurate and useful information to consumers is one of the best things that we can do for both the consumers and for our profession. We are Mile High Locksmith and […]

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