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    Thank you for reading our blog. If we missed any information you may have or if there are any questions you have, please leave them in our comment box. You can also add the link if you have it. We would like to hear about any solutions or other problems you have found that we didn’t mention here.

  2. Dan

    i want to have an ingnition key for a 2014 Savanna van which will start the vehicle but not unlock the doors. Is there a way the cut a new key in a way it will work in the ignition, but not unlock the doors?

  3. David

    Comment…When I reprogram the remote, does it change the “code” on the vehicle or just program the remote to the vehicle? Since I lost my keys w/remote near my home, I am concerned that someone could access my truck with the old remote.
    Is it possible to reprogram the vehicle code?

  4. Jim

    I have a 2002 GMC Sierra pickup with keyless entry. I can not use the ignition key anymore to open the door locks. The key still turns the ignition easily but neither of the doors can be opened without the remote. could this problem be because the door lock had very little if any use during its lifetime? If so if I have a dealer made key useing the serial number would that key be able to open the door locks?

  5. John

    Are ignition and door keyed the same on 1989 gmc 1500?

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