Honda Key Replacement

Honda CRV key fob

Honda CRV key fob replacement

What is the cost to have a Honda CRV key made? What years of Honda CRVs are required to be programed, and what can you to do if your Honda CRV key won’t turn the ignition or open the doors? Mile High Locksmith is a Honda key and lock expert company and would like to share some information with you about what you can do if you have problems with your key or lock on your Honda CRV.

How much does a locksmith charge to unlock a Honda door? We charge $65 flat rate
Honda CRV replacement key cost
The cost for making a new key for your Honda CRV can change depending on three different questions. These three questions are:

What year is your Honda CRV?

Did you lose all the keys and need a new key made?

Do you have a working key and just need a spare one made?

Honda CRV key information by a year:

If your Honda CRV is from the years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001, you can have two different kinds of keys. You can have a regular key, a key with no features, or a transponder key. These keys can look alike. The differences between them is that the transponder key has a hidden chip inside the key head and these keys need to be cut and programed to your car immobilizer.

Honda CRV keys in the years 2001 and up to 2013 have the hidden chip inside and these keys will need to be programmed to your car.

Honda CRV keys in the years 2002, 2003, and 2004 require a transponder key with no other features. In these years, you can have a separate push button remote fob programed to your car.

Honda CRVs in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013 can have two different types of keys. A standard High Security transponder key, or a High Security Transponder key including a remote fob, (push buttons on the key head).

Lost key, cost to replace Honda CRV key

  • A regular metal key with no features. $95 (Up to 2001)
  • A transponder key with no push buttons $145 (Up to 2001)
  • A High Security transponder key $175 (from 2002 and up)
  • A High Security Fob key $240 (from 2005 and up)

A spare key for Honda CRV
If you have a working key for your Honda CRV and are just looking to get a spare key made, we recommend you shop around for prices between the Honda dealership and a locksmith company. From our experience, we have found that sometimes Honda dealerships have better prices for making spare keys, if you can drive the car to them.

Honda CRV key fob programming
If you lost your Honda CRV key and your car key needs to be programed, don’t worry. Mile High Lock and Key LLC has a service van with all the key blanks, key machines, and key programing machines to provide you with a working key wherever your car is located.

Honda CRV key won’t turn or open the door
If your key won’t turn or open the door it can be because of two different reasons. Either the key has worn out or one of the wafers has gotten stuck. Making a copy of the worn-out key, if this is the problem, will not help fix the problem. We will need to come to you and make a brand-new key using the VIN number, or we can get the key information by disassembling one of the locks, such as the ignition lock, trunk lock, door lock or glove box lock, on your Honda and getting the key code that is stamped on it. This is possible to do with every year of a Honda CRV. If one of the wafers is stuck on the ignition lock or door lock, we will have to disassemble the lock and re-key it to fix the problem.


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  • Anonymous

    I have a 2013 honda pilot need key made with the unlock door and lock door with it

  • Alfred Foster

    Hi how are you, I have a 2002 Honda cr v, I lost my key and I am now using the spear key, I have also lost the transmitter too, please let me know if you can cut a new key for my car, and the cost, if u need information for the car. Thanks I await your response.


  • Jc

    I have 2005 crv key that went through the warsh, ruining the electronics. It still operates car, but how can I fix the door lock/unlock function ?

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