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Cost to repair ignition switch Honda Pilot

HONDA Car Keys

All kinds of reasons can cause this to happen. Mile High Lock & Key LLC would like to share some information with you and provide you with a few tips of what you can you do if your Honda Pilot key won’t turn the ignition or your door locks.

Worn out key won’t start car

Typically, a worn out key is the first reason why your key won’t turn. Even if your key still turns the lock on your car door or trunk, your key can still be worn out. This can happen because of the key cut.
The (X) in the picture above represents the key cut. In some cars, the key cut for the ignition is different from the cut to the door or trunk. Because of this reason, your key can turn the door or trunk lock, but not the ignition.

Problem with the ignition switch

Over time, many cars will have problems with the ignition. Many times, one of the ignition wafers gets stuck.
Tip: If your key still turns the ignition sometimes and then other times it doesn’t, or sometimes is hard going, then the first thing you should do is stop trying to turn the key. Then you should call a locksmith for repair. It will cost less to fix your ignition when it is just showing signs of problems but you can still turn it, rather than from the point that the ignition won’t turn at all.

Why doesn’t my car key turn the ignition lock?

The best way to fix a car key that won’t turn your ignition lock is by making a new key. Making a key by code or by VIN number is necessary in this situation. To just make a key copy of your old key will not fix the problem. A locksmith or your car dealer will be able to make you a key by code or a key by VIN number.

  • If one of the wafers inside your Honda Pilot ignition lock is stuck, then a locksmith should be able to fix the problem by re-keying it.
Where can I get my Honda Pilot ignition lock or key fixed?

Call us at: Mile High Lock & Key LLC at (720) 248-8087

Are you not in the state of Colorado? Go to Aloa website to find a nearby locksmith in your area.
Shop for prices with your Honda neighborhood dealership to see if they are a better deal than a locksmith.
Check if you have AAA Auto club. They should be able to help.

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