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I lost my key to my car. How can I get a new one?

First, here is a short list for places that can make you a new car key:

  • An automotive locksmith, the locksmith will be the most convenient way to get a new car key replacement. What is great about a locksmith, is that most of the time, we have more knowledge and resources to make new keys. Many locksmiths will be able to make you a working key right at your car’s location. If you do call a locksmith, we recommend you always shop around between a few of them for prices. Tip: Always get the total cost over the phone from the locksmith you use.
  • Online stores, You can try to save some money by ordering your key online. A few stores we recommend you check are,,, as well as others. If you just need a key copy, you can take the new key you ordered online and your old key and copy it at many hardware stores or a locksmith shop. If you need to program the key, some vehicles will allow you to program the key yourself. For more information on that, browse our website or post us a question in our comment box on the bottom of our page. If you have no spare key, you can still order a new key online and take it to a locksmith to cut and program it for you.
  • Your car’s dealership, the dealership will not necessarily be more or less expensive. It is always a good idea to call them for prices. The dealer will ask you to come in or even tow your car in in order to make you a new key.
  • Tip: If you have full coverage insurance or roadside assistance, it can save you some money for getting a new key if you lost the key to your car. We recommend you to call your insurance company and ask them for more information.

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