Lexus key replacement

Lexus key shell cutting

How can you fix a broken lexus key? Mile High Locksmith is a local locksmith company in Denver, CO and we specialize in Lexus key fobs. We can cut Lexus keys with our high security key cutting machine, program transponder chip keys and keyless remotes. We are also able to make you as many key copies as you need.
The key fobs we are talking about here are fobs between the years 2001 and 2008 with the push buttons to lock and unlock the doors and that also has the red panic button. The types of Lexus we repair key fobs for are ES300, ES330, GS400, GS430, GX470, IS300, IS350, LS400, LS430, LX470, RX300 and RX330. Lexus has been making these keys for many years and often times they fail.
In fact, we have seen so many of these keys break, that we would like to share with you this information about how to repair the key at a low cost.

Replace Lexus key shell

You can buy a Lexus key shell for just a few dollars online. These shells have been made for many types of Lexus. Whether you have more or less buttons on your key fob, Lexus makes shells for both. You cannot just buy the right shell for your Lexus and fix it yourself. The reason is because the blade is attached to the shell permanently and you will have to have the high security blade cut by a professional. The only part that you can replace yourself will be the inside part.

So obviously, the part you are replacing between the broken key fob to the new key shell is the inside part with the push buttons. This part has a chip and is what makes your car start, so be very careful with it.

Lexus key broken car wont start

If your Lexus key fob broke there is a way to fix it at a lower cost from actually replacing the whole key itself. Let us break it down for you:

Let’s separate the Lexus key fob into two parts. The first part will be the plastic cover including the key blade that goes inside the ignition. The second part will be the inside of the key which is the electronic chip with the push buttons. Which part is the most important?

The most important part of your Lexus key will be the inside part, the electronic chip with the push buttons. An easy fix for your key will be to purchase a Lexus key shell and have a locksmith cut copy your new Lexus key shell from your old key and simply replace the electronic chip from your old key to your new Lexus key shell.

When you fix your key by replacing the broken key shell with a new key shell, you are basically taking your existing electronic chip that is already programed to your car and installing it in your new key shell. This means that besides cutting the key, you do not need to do anything else.

Lexus key shell

Lexus key shell

The Lexus key shell as you can see in the picture fit the Lexus models as follow:

ES300 2002-2008
ES330 2002-2008
GS400 1998-2000
GS430 1998-2004
GX470 2003-2008
IS300 2001-2008
IS350 2005-2008
LS400 1998-2006
LS430 1998-2003
LX470 2001-2008
RX300 1998-2003
RX330 2004-2008
SC430 2002-2008

Lexus key cutting

Your Lexus key, in professional terms, is called a High Security key. Not just any locksmith can cut this key for you. Only locksmiths that have specific machines for High Security car keys can cut these keys. As you can see in the video, this cutting machine points a laser to a key in order to cut the key from the inside out. That is what makes this key a High Security key.

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