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  1. Paul jose

    Local locksmith know and aware of local rules and regulations that pertain to door locks and other security mechanisms.

  2. MileHigh LockandKey

    Thank you for reading our blog. If we missed any information you may have or if there are any questions you have, please leave them in our comment box. You can also add the link if you have it. We would like to hear about any solutions or other problems you have found that we didn’t mention here.

  3. Anonymous

    My experience with Kwikset locks has been very bad. I recommend spending the extra and purchasing Scalage from the start. Also, Kwikset has an onerous warranty that requires you send the lock back to them. This puts homeowners in a bad position with no lock. Hence – few get replaced. Homeowner has to go buy a new lock.

  4. Leah

    Thank you for sharing your comment. We also believe that Schlage locks are better. For just a few more dollars you can buy Schlage locks. Kwikset locks are lighter locks. For example, the locks that you can purchase from the hardware store can even have plastic parts inside instead of metal. The smart key locks from Kwikset can actually be opened with just a flat head screwdriver. We still think that Kwikset locks are good to use since you can find them on old doors working just fine. So let’s say, if you are looking for more quality locks, we believe you should buy Schlage locks.

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