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Schlage VS Kwikset

Can you rekey a Schlage or Kwikset?

Schlage or Kwikset are the most common keyway locks you find today in the U.S.

Can you rekey a Schlage or Kwikset? Yes. To re-key locks means to change the keys that operate the locks. It’s a great thing to do to at a lower cost than changing the lock itself. You can re-key both types of locks, (Schalge or Kwikset), however many times you want. If you think you need to change the keys of your locks more often, for residential property, the Kwikset locks will be a good choice for residential properties. For commercial properties Schlage locks will be the best choice. With the Schlage interchangeable core cylinder, you can easily keep changing your keys without disassembling the lock itself. To re-key the interchangeable core Schlage cylinders you will need to use a locksmith company. It is a very simple process to do. You can change the cores yourself by purchasing a few cores for each lock from the locksmith you use.

Schlage or Kwikset Keys Copied. Schlage or Kwikset are the most common keyway locks you find today in the U.S. You can copy these keys almost anywhere. Any hardware store in your neighborhood will copy this key for you, as well as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and even Walmart.

Schlage VS Kwikset


  • The Kwikset locks have more shapes, colors, designs, and more choices all around. If you are a contractor or a house owner who is looking for locks to fit the design of your property, we recommend that you start looking at Kwikset locks first. You will have a much larger collection to choose from.


  • We will tell you there is no question that Schlage locks are a higher quality from Kwikset locks. This answer tends to be different depending on who you ask… Most of the Schlage locks also cost more. However, Kwikset locks have good quality locks as well. From our experience, if you need to install locks on a residential property you can use the Schlage locks or the Kwikset locks. These locks are great for this purpose, and for residential properties we do not see any difference between these locks. If you need to install locks on a commercial property, we believe you should only use Schlage locks.


  • We have been working as locksmiths for over a decade and can tell you that it is very rare to see a Schlage or Kwikset lock getting rotten or destroyed. On a daily basis, we find locks that have been on a door for over 20 years. We think it’s safe to say these locks, (Schlage or Kwikset), can hold for a lifetime. If you have one of these locks and you want to see if there is a warranty on it, call the lock company to find out.

Re-key Schlage Lock to Kwikset

Basically, you cannot re-key the lock from Schlage to Kwikset, but you can change the lock cylinder from Schlage to Kwikset. A locksmith will be able to do it for you. Changing the lock cylinder will still cost less from changing the lock itself. You can change about 90% of the Schalge lock cylinders from Schlage to Kwikset, and about 10% of the Kwikset lock cylinders are able to be changed at all.


  • Paul jose

    Local locksmith know and aware of local rules and regulations that pertain to door locks and other security mechanisms.

  • MileHigh LockandKey

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  • Anonymous

    My experience with Kwikset locks has been very bad. I recommend spending the extra and purchasing Scalage from the start. Also, Kwikset has an onerous warranty that requires you send the lock back to them. This puts homeowners in a bad position with no lock. Hence – few get replaced. Homeowner has to go buy a new lock.

  • Leah

    Thank you for sharing your comment. We also believe that Schlage locks are better. For just a few more dollars you can buy Schlage locks. Kwikset locks are lighter locks. For example, the locks that you can purchase from the hardware store can even have plastic parts inside instead of metal. The smart key locks from Kwikset can actually be opened with just a flat head screwdriver. We still think that Kwikset locks are good to use since you can find them on old doors working just fine. So let’s say, if you are looking for more quality locks, we believe you should buy Schlage locks.

  • jerry kruse

    as a old time homeowner, I have tried both Kwikset and Schlage…. on my home, childrens homes, etc.
    Have had no trouble with kwikset. the smart key version after wear, will de-code itself, key starts getting sticky, janmming, etc. however, just rekey it and works perfectly…. Schlage seems to be very tempermental, keys jamming, etc. … had to return some new out of the box , due to keys stuck on first try… Its Kwikset for me any time… caution… always purchase a notch up from their entry level low price style … Big box stores don’t like to sell quality, they have on shelf the lowest cost, and unfortunately, the least reliable.

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