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  1. MileHigh LockandKey

    Thank you for reading our blog. If we missed any information you may have or if there are any questions you have, please leave them in our comment box. You can also add the link if you have it. We would like to hear about any solutions or other problems you have found that we didn’t mention here.

  2. Darin

    Have an 02 Taurus. Need door key made. Its different from ignition key. Think it was a repo. Bought it with ignition key and found out the hard way it didnt work on the door lock. Wondering how much if I come to you.

  3. Dwayne winters Jr

    I can’t find my 2006 taurus se ignition key its the only car I have its the only car i have. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  4. Dwayne winters Jr

    The door key n the ignition key are the same

  5. Robb

    I have lost one of my two fob keys for my 2011 Ford Taurus. Ford dealership wants $200 to make a replacement key. All I want is a valet key to start the car.
    Is there an economic solution?

  6. Leah

    It depends on your area, but that price sounds about right. Try the ALOA association website. You may get better deals there.

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