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If you lost your Acura key, broke it, or it is damaged in some way, call Mile High Locksmith™. We are a locksmith company located in Denver, CO, however we serve all of the surrounding cities as well. Mile High Locksmith™ has all the tools and resources to make you a new working Acura key. Our expert technicians have been working with Acura keys and locks for many years and know everything there is to know about the Acura key and locks.

Acura is a very easy car to unlock. With the right tools, we can unlock this vehicle in minutes. In our service vans, we carry different types of tools to make sure we will unlock your car in a professional way with no damages.

Acura MDX Key

Mile High Locksmith has been making the Acura MDX Key since 2001, and we make them up to 2018. Our technicians can cut and program an Acura MDX key at your location. We usually have Acura MDX keys already in our service vans, no matter if it is a regular transponder chip key or a high security key. We can make all the keys.


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