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The Washington Park Neighborhood is one of the jewels of the Denver, Colorado Metro area. The Park itself is almost 120 years old and the beauty of the neighborhood, alongside its’ younger sibling Wash Park West, is unsurpassed. It’s a place with lovely old trees, sunny open spaces, handsome homes and captivating bistros. In every way Wash Park deserves the finest in services of all types and it has the finest of locksmith services in Mile High locksmith Washington Park. Mile High Locksmith® is a 20 year old Colorado locksmith that has been serving Wash Park for that entire time. We have the exemplary A rating from the BBB, a Subscriber Verified & Approved status with Home Advisors and over 1000 “5 Star” ratings from our actual customers on Google. In 20 years we have learned our way around “Greater Wash Park” intimately and we are a 24 hour locksmith and a completely mobile locksmith. What that means to our Wash Park customers is that we will come to you every hour of every day, holidays included, at every location in the neighborhood. Wash Park, we want your business and we will perform at an unparalleled level to get it and keep it. We are far more than an average locksmith.

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Washington Park Neighborhood Denver Colorado

The most secure home door locks and business door locks are essential, there’s not a better or more exact word for it. No home or business can be healthy without seamless safety. To fulfill that necessity Mile High Locksmith® is a distributer for and seller, installer and servicer of Schlage locks, Defiant locks, Kwikset locks, Yale locks and Baldwin locks which are, in our opinion, the safest door locks available. The Baldwin locks are the most beautiful which, given the gorgeous nature of many homes in Wash Park, may be a best choice for our customers there. Baldwin also has a fine array of “keyless door locks”, which are electronic door locks or “Smart Locks”, which are very attractive and satisfy the most current technological tastes. That said, we want to make sure that you understand that our expert key replacement services, lock installation services, rekeying locks services and lock repair services also extend to almost any make and vintage of lock. We have never met with a lock that we couldn’t successfully service.

But please be aware that our services go well beyond front door locks, a back door lock or other entry door locks. We can absolutely change a lock on a patio door or screen door, install a locking mail box and make you mailbox keys and if you require a gated yard or lot we install and service gate lock with key systems including electronic and remote control versions. Another service that we offer at the home and business is the sale and installation of the finest brands of garage doors and garage door repair. As regards businesses, there is no job too small or too large and we regularly execute business garage door projects that involve the largest and most secure industrial grade doors.

Washington Park Car Keys

Many motorists today are not aware that when it comes to car key replacement they really need an automotive locksmith. This is especially true of the majority of cars that we see in Wash Park. Some drivers don’t even remember the days when a car key was a simple metal mechanical blade device that went into a channel in the ignition, tripped the basic tumblers there, and turned over the ignition. Very simple, but not very theft proof. Rest assured, we still carry all of the info and key blanks to replace a key of that type. But in the last 20 years anti-theft technology has led to the transponder key and the “Keyless” key fob. You probably have one or the other in your car. These keys have electronic components in them that allow them to “talk to” the onboard computer in one, and only one, car. A replacement key for such a system requires locksmith key programming to code the key to the car. If a person isn’t competent and equipped to do this they can’t make you a key, transponder key or key fob that will work. All of our mobile units have the info, technology and gear to get this job done successfully. In fairness let us say that your car dealership can perform transponder key locksmith jobs but the problem there is that they must have your car there at the dealership and since you don’t have a working key you’ll probably have to have it towed there while we come to you as a 24 hour auto locksmith. We submit that’s a better and more convenient deal.

There’s another frequent automotive problem that we can help you with- your ignition switch. If your key won’t turn in ignition or you have other ignition switch problems symptoms you should have us come and take a look at that ignition switch sooner rather than later. Each of our mobile units has an extensive inventory of switches onboard and if there’s one that we don’t have onboard we can get it. When our techs arrive they can assess the extent of your problem and either repair or replace the ignition switch, whichever is best for you.

Emergency Locksmith

Though locks of all kinds are meant to prevent emergencies they can sometimes cause them, like when you’ve locked keys in car or locked yourself out of your home or business. That really is an emergency and we appreciate and take being an emergency locksmith seriously and will always come to you quickly with the professional gravity and skill that the situation deserves. We provide a 24 hour lockout service to unlock car doors and structural doors. You can think of us as an “ASAP locksmith”. Here is how our 24 hour lockout service works: our phone lines and website are monitored 24/7 by live humans. Each is monitored just as closely as the other.

24 Hour Locksmith

You may call us and your call will be answered by a live dispatcher who will assign your case to one of our techs. That tech will then call you back, usually within a 5 to 10 minutes to give you a best possible ETA and then the tech should arrive at your location within 20 to 45 minutes of your initial call to us.

Or you may use your Smart Phone, I-Phone, Tablet or PC to reach us on our website at:


The regimen is very similar on the website. A live dispatcher will assign your case to a tech then the tech will call you and will be there with you usually within 20 to 45 minutes. We have learned that the website is actually the fastest way for us to get a tech in motion toward you so please note that we automatically give you a 10% discount on all services when you summon us online. We consider it a small bonus to you for helping us give you better service. Incidentally, these scheduling procedures and policies obtain in the case of non-emergency bookings also.
10% OFF

We always want to try to make your locksmith prices as cost effective as possible so here’s a tip, but please remember that it only applies to car lockouts, not home and business lockouts. Most car insurers will pay to have us unlock your car. You can go about this in two ways. Either you can contact your insurer and have them contact us directly to give us what amounts to a work order for the job, which keeps payment completely between Mile high and the insurer completely (except for deductible). Or you can pay us “out of pocket” for the services and then file a claim with your insurer for reimbursement. There will probably be a deductible but it will still save you some money.

Also, if you have to use our house lockout services or our car or business lockout services we assure you that we will do everything in our power to avoid any damage to your extant locks even if we have to unlock door without key.

We are your locksmith Washington Park, and we look forward to serving you!

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