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Greetings Ft. Collins, if you haven’t heard of us yet please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Mile High Locksmith Ft. Collins. We’ve been serving the area for over a decade and we are an A rated company with the BBB, are Subscriber Verified & Approved with Home Advisor and have over 1000 “5 Star” reviews of our locksmith services on Google. And we KNOW Ft. Collins!
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Fort instance, did you know that Ft. Collins was a military post founded to protect the Overland Mail route in 1864? Or that alcohol was illegal within the city limits until 1969? You see, we must know Ft. Collins because we are a 24 hour locksmith (all holidays included) as well as a mobile locksmith and we will be at your service or come to your rescue every hour of every day from Country Club Road to the Pelican Marsh, and from Horse Tooth Reservoir to South County Road 5. We are your locksmith Ft. Collins, always alert and ready to roll. Our 24/7 operating model makes us your perfect emergency locksmith and of course we do front door locks but our locksmith services exceed just front door locks by a long, long way. For ALL DOORS we provide lock installation services, lock repair services, rekeying locks services and key replacement services. We can change a lock on a patio door for you, service locking mailboxes and make you mailbox keys and if you have a secure yard or business lot we can design, install and service any gate lock with key system including electrical and remote control. We even offer expert garage door repair! And if you are looking to have an excellent quality new lock installed, we are purveyors of the finest including Schlage locks, Baldwin locks, Kwikset locks, Defiant locks and Yale locks. And here are some policies of ours that we think you’ll appreciate. First, we warranty all of our work and product for 90 days from service/installation. Second, we are always happy to come to your location, assess what you need or desire, and give you a free no obligations estimate for the work. Third, and we don’t think you’ll find this anywhere else, we have a 3 day no questions asked RETURNS policy. Honestly! If you’re dissatisfied and tell us that we’ll come back out and remove everything that we did, no fee, no hassle, no questions. So, Ft. Collins, whatever locksmith services you need we have them for you 24/7/365!

Locksmith Fort Collins
Ft. Collins, CO.


Ft. Collins Car Keys

Another circumstance where our 24 hour emergency locksmith services can be a real life saver is when you have a “car lockout” or problem with your car’s ignition switch. Before the 1980s car keys were pretty straight forward key and channel devices but the advance of security technology has made them less so. If your key won’t turn in ignition you’ll probably need locksmith key programming and if you require car key replacement you will definitely need this key programming. There are ignition switch problems symptoms that can be resolved without this programming, but key creation requires it. You see, with transponder keys or “keyless” ignition fobs each key device can only speak to one car and so any locksmith that doesn’t have access to the data and technology that all our mobile units carry won’t be able to get this work performed for you. Your dealership can typically perform locksmith key programming but the problem there is that, first, you don’t have a key that works so you’ll have to have the car towed to the dealer and, second, you’re at the mercy of the dealership service schedule. So, you should just call us because we’ll come to you very quickly and get you back on the road. And here’s a tip but we want to make certain you understand that this ONLY APPLIES TO CAR LOCKOUTS and not to business or residential lockouts. Usually an insurance company will pay to get a client who’s locked out of their car back into that car. So, when locked out of your car call your insurance company first because they may actually have a lockout service of their own or, as we say, they most likely will pay to get you back in the car. Ask them if they want to contact us directly and send us a work order or if they want you to pay us “out of pocket” and then file a claim with them for reimbursement. We’ll work with you either way.

Emergency Locksmith

When you’re locked out of your home, business or car it can be a real emergency, sometimes even life threatening. And we appreciate that and bring a sense of professional urgency to the matter. Ft. Collins, you should consider us your emergency locksmith. Whether you require our house lockout service or our business or car lockout services we are always standing by to assist you. Here are some contact details. contact us online or call us at: (970) 515-3338. And we want you to understand that we cover the website and the phone lines 24/7/365 and you will receive LIVE HELP either way from a well-trained and salaried employee of Mile High Locksmith Ft. Collins. We never- NEVER- use call centers. That’s not the way we do business. You may schedule your service at your convenience but if you need emergency locksmith service just let us know that and we’ll usually have your tech on the phone with you within 2 minutes and then that tech will usually be onsite with you within 20 to 45 minutes. No locksmith working Ft. Collins will get to you more quickly than we will. And to show you how seriously we take getting you a rapid response when you need one, we’ve determined that the fastest way for us to get one of our techs to you is by having you send for us via the website. So, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. It saves you a little money and helps us serve you better. Win-Win!

Ft. Collins, we are on duty RIGHT NOW and ready to come to you at your convenience or if you need us RIGHT NOW, we can be on our way in no time. Remember the 10% discount for the using the website to summon us.

Mile High Locksmith
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