Replacement Lexus Key

Mile High Locksmith ™ can make Lexus car keys by the vehicle VIN number or key code.

Over the years, Mile High Locksmith™ has been helping consumers in Denver, CO to cut a replacement Lexus key in a case they have lost the key, the key broke, or the key just wore out. The Lexus key has changed over the years. Mile High Locksmith™ has very experienced technicians with 5 or more years of experience of making Lexus car keys. We guarantee that your key will be working and will start your car before we charge you.

Over the years Lexus has changed the type of security for the vehicle keys. In order to get the price for a new replacement Lexus key, you will need to know your Lexus model and year.

Lexus Car Key
Why should you use Mile High Locksmith™ when you need a new Lexus car key? If you have just a regular, simple key, or a high security key, our technicians will have the key machines needed to cut either of those types of keys.

Program keys:
We can program your Lexus car key at your vehicle’s location. This will save you the cost to tow your car to the Lexus dealership in a case where you have lost your key.

Keys made at your location:
Mile High Locksmith ™ can make Lexus car keys by the vehicle VIN number or key code. If you lost the key and have no spare, we will send one of our mobile units to you right away. Our technician will be able to cut and program a new Lexus car key for you right on spot.

Lexus Key Locked in Car
If your Lexus key got locked in the car, we know how frustrating it can be. This is why Mile High Locksmith ™ will try to make the rest of the day easy for you. The good news is that it is very easy to unlock most Lexus vehicles. Our technicians will have all kinds of different tools for unlocking cars to make sure that in the process of unlocking your Lexus it will not be damaged.

How does the vehicle unlocking process work?
In general, besides having your drivers license with you or inside the vehicle, we will need either your registration, car title, or insurance card. If the vehicle is a rental, we will need to see the rental agreement. Besides this, the rest of the service will be very easy and quick. After your call, our technician will call you within minutes to contact you himself over the phone to get better directions to your Lexus. After our technician gets to you, your vehicle will be unlocked within a few minutes. You will be able to pay the technician directly with a credit card, debit card, or cash.

We make keys Lexus:

  • GX470
  • HS250h
  • IS250
  • IS300
  • IS350
  • ISF
  • LS 600h L
  • LS400
  • LS430
  • LS460
  • LX450
  • LX460
  • LX470
  • LX570
  • RX300
  • RX330
  • RX350
  • RX400h
  • RX450h
  • SC300
  • SC400
  • SC430

Lexus key shell replacement

You can buy a Lexus key shell. These shells have been made for many types of Lexus.

Mile High Locksmith is a local locksmith company in Denver, CO and we specialize in Lexus key fobs. We can cut Lexus keys with our high security key cutting machine, program transponder chip keys and keyless remotes. We are also able to make you as many key copies as you need.

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