Car key

Did you know that when you need a replacement key for cars, trucks or SUVs – Mile High Locksmith ™ can cut and program for you a new key by using your vehicle VIN number?

Mile High Locksmith™ is an expert automotive locksmith company located in Denver, Colorado. When you need a replacement key for cars, trucks, or your SUV, our technicians will be able to make you a working key right at your vehicles location. In our service vans we carry car key cutting machines, high security laser cutting machines, car key programmer tools, and computer software for making keys by VIN numbers or key codes.

Replacement key

If you need a replacement key for a car or truck, the cost and the type of service will depend on your car or truck year, make and model.

Where can you make a key to your vehicle in case you lost the key or need a key copy?

There are two places we recommend you to shop around in a case you need to have a key made for your vehicle. The first place will be a dealership and the second place will be a locksmith company. The dealership will ask you to come in, and in some cases even bring your car in, when a locksmith will be able to come right to your cars location.

Car top carrier key

It has happened to us all. It is very easy to lose a small key such as the one for your car top carrier. In many cases, it is a low cost to just get a new replacement key. If you lost the key for your car top carrier, see if you can see any numbers on the lock cylinder, where the keyhole is.Mile High Locksmith™ can make you a new replacement key for your car top carrier by using these numbers you find on the lock cylinder.

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