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Need a locksmith in Colorado? Mile High Locksmith offers 24/7 service across the Front Range. Our experts handle all lock and key needs - residential, commercial, automotive. Locked out? We'll come to you fast. Call us for help with lockouts, rekeying, repairs, and more. Reliable service from skilled locksmiths.

Mile High Locksmith® is a full-service locksmith with an A rating from the BBB, over 1000 “5 Star” reviews from customers on Google and a Subscriber Verified & Approved standing with Home Advisors. One of our many locksmithing specialties is in the area of residential security doors and residential security door locks. If you will allow us to give you some information on security doors and security door locks and tell you a bit about ourselves we’re sure that you will choose us for your security door and security door locks projects. First, what exactly are we speaking of when we discuss security doors and security door locks for homes? For residences, a security door is the metal framed exterior door, usually with a screen component, that is outside of the main door or doors to a home. They are not simply “screen doors” because they are of heavy-duty construction and though they allow air flow they prevent entry to the home by unwanted persons. Many homeowners look at this type of project and imagine that it can be a “do it yourselfer”. We don’t recommend that. It is imperative that the security door locks hardware be perfectly compatible with the specific security door itself. And security door locksets are frequently not available at hardware stores even if the door itself is. At Mile High Locksmith® we sell and install the security door locksets that are meant to be matched to the specific security door that you have purchased. We know every door brand and the exact lock that is most suitable for them. Remember, the key word here is SECURITY and you don’t want to create an entryway for strangers, let alone intruders, by having a mismatched or weak lock on your security door. Your best and safest bet is to have a master locksmith install the security door and the security door locks and handles. And Mile High Locksmith® is your best and safest purveyor of these services.

We mentioned our A+ BBB rating, 5 Star reviews and the Home Advisors status. But let us mention a few more good reasons to choose us. We are a 24 hour locksmith and a fully mobile locksmith so our business model is built around coming to you and bringing everything that we need to perform flawless work. We are also always more than happy to send one of our excellent technicians to your home and provide you a free no obligations estimate for the project. We warranty our work and product for 3 months as well. And we extend to all our customers a 3 day no questions asked returns policy. And that really MEANS what it sounds like- if you advise us that you are dissatisfied in the 3 days after work is finished, we will come back to your home and remove our work and material, no charge, no hassle, no questions. We hope that this tells you how confident we are in what we do.

Residential Security Door Locks

When it comes to exterior security door locks for your home by far the most preferable type of lock is a mortise lock manufactured by a first-class company like Marks Locks. The mortise cylinder lock is a device that actually fits into and “seats” in a secure recess within the door. This type of lock is the most suitable for residential security doors because it is almost impossible to break or subvert. But remember, as reputable and just plain good as the Marks Locks are, we must make certain that that’s the product that is best for your door. And that’s really a job for professionals like Mile High Locksmith®. If the Marks Locks Cylinder will be appropriate for the door that you have chosen, we will know it. If it’s not, we’ll know that too and secure the best lock that can be had for your door. Other fine options are made by Falcon, Schlage, Yale and Arrow, each of which we sell and install, and we will find the lock and handle system that is optimal for your door and get that entire system installed perfectly for you.

Professional Locksmith

We would just remind you of our credentials and stress a last time that we take our professionalism and the quality of our services very seriously. Also, because security is the name of the game, we remind you that we are 24/7/365 all holidays included and fully mobile. So, if the unthinkable happens and someone or something damages the security door locks hardware on your door we can come to you and make repairs or perform replacements at any time day or night. In the event of an exigent situation like that we can usually be at your location within 20 to 45 minutes of your first contact with us. We can be summoned either online or by phone at 1-800-351-0458. You can book both regular and emergency locksmith® services both ways and you’ll always get a salaried employee of Mile High Locksmith® when you reach out to us.

Mile High Locksmith, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%!

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