Locked Keys In Car

I’ve locked myself out of my car before, a couple of time really, and I know exactly how terrible it feels when you suddenly realize that you are locked out of car. Once my son left his Keys locked in car while it was running during a snow storm!

When you lock yourself out of your car or lose or damage your car keys so much that they won’t work anymore all that you can think is where is there a locksmith near me for cars? If you are asking yourself that right now and you are anywhere in the Colorado Front Range don’t worry anymore, it’s us, Mile High Locksmith®! We have technicians near you right now.

OK, the first thing that we recommend at Mile High Locksmith® is just take a deep breath and stay cool. It happens all the time and even rocket scientists have said I locked my keys in my car! The next thing that we recommend is that you call us at Mile High Locksmith® at 1-800-351-0548 from anywhere you are in the Colorado Front Range and, because we are a 24 hour locksmith, including every holiday, we will do our best to be at your location within 20 to 45 minutes of your call. Here’s how it works- when you call us you get a live human dispatcher in our office. Shortly after your outgoing call you’ll receive an incoming call from our technician who has been assigned to your case and he will give you his best determination of how long it will take him to reach you. When he gets to you the first thing he’ll do is get you a free, no obligations estimate of what it will cost to get you back into your vehicle. Hopefully all he’ll have to do is unlock a car door and if that’s the case and the keys stuck in car you’ll only be charged for a car door unlock and then you’ll be on your way. And let us tell you, we do our level best not to do any damage to your car door lock when we are opening your door for you.

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Need a locksmith in Colorado? Mile High Locksmith offers 24/7 service across the Front Range. Our experts handle all lock and key needs - residential, commercial, automotive. Locked out? We'll come to you fast. Call us for help with lockouts, rekeying, repairs, and more. Reliable service from skilled locksmiths.

Roadside assistance insurance coverage

Speaking of charges, we know that everyone is always looking for cheapest way to do things, in this case, you’re looking for a cheap locksmith and we do want to be as cost effective for you as we can. So here’s a tip. Your car insurance will probably pay for our services. We work with car insurers quite a lot, most especially Geico insurance and AAA insurance, but most insurers will honor these claims. There 2 ways to arrange for your insurer to pay for these automotive locksmith services.

  1. Contact your insurer and have them call Mile High Locksmith® with a “P.O.” number which serves as a work order to Mile High from the insurer. Then all of the payment details are worked out between your insurance company and us.
  2. Pay Mile High at the time of service and then file a claim for reimbursement afterward with your insurer.

Handling it that way makes us not just a cheap locksmith when it comes to a locked car door, it makes us a free locksmith to you!

Locked Out Of House

A locked door on a home or business can be just as bad, or worse, that a locked car door. That’s when you really want your local locksmith for house and business lockouts. And that’s us again at Mile High Locksmith®! We are your local locksmith anywhere, anytime in the entire Front Range!

The same system applies for house and business lockouts as it does for car lockouts with the exception that house and business lockouts are not typically covered by insurance. For the house or business lockout call our dispatch center at 1-800-351-0548 and again you will get a live dispatcher and soon an incoming call from the technician assigned to your case. That tech will strive to reach your location within 20 to 45 minutes of your call. You will receive the benefits of a free estimate for the work, a 3 months warranty on the work, and a 3 day no questions asked return policy on the locksmith products installed.

Car Key Replacement

As a professional car locksmith we want to give you a quick tutorial here on what you can expect technically if you have lost or damaged your car key(s) to such an extent that they don’t work anymore. If you have an older car that simply has old fashioned metal, mechanical keys then your problem is the simplest to solve and Mile High carries all of the key blanks, cutting gear and data to cut you a perfectly workable key in no time. But if your car is modern enough to have a transponder key or, even more modern, what appears to be a “Keyless” key fob, you are going to require locksmith key programming to get your transponder key (the transponder is in the plastic piece at the “grip” end of the key) or fob to connect electronically with your specific car. Your two choices then are to contact a full service locksmith with locksmith key programming like Mile High to come to you or to have your car towed to a dealership. Please be advised that every one of our mobile units has all of the info and computer technology onboard that the dealerships have and we come to you, thus saving you the price of the tow. So, it makes sense to call us. We save you money and can do as good a job on car key replacement as the dealerships can.


If your keys are locked in your car or you’re locked out of your house or business, or you’ve lost or damaged your car keys such that they must be replaced, get in touch with us right away. You can call us for mobile service anywhere in the Colorado Front Range at 1-800-351-0548 and speak with a live dispatcher. Or you can also use the appointments-scheduling page on our website and access it through your Smart Phone, I-Phone, tablet or computer. The App is very user friendly and when you book online we automatically give you 10% off on whatever service it is that you need. Our online appointments App is constantly monitored and when you use it you may expect a call from the tech assigned to your case in about one half hour after you initially use the App. He will be about to get on his way to you and he’ll let you know what his best estimate for a time of arrival at your location is.

Mile High Locksmith, the Emergency Locksmith you can count on in the Colorado Front Range any day of the year, any hour of the day or night.

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Looking for a locksmith in Colorado? Mile High Locksmith has you covered. As a 24/7 full-service locksmith, we offer fast and reliable locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive needs throughout the Front Range area.

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