Locked out of car or lost keys

Most vehicles will be very easy to unlock. Normally it will take any locksmith only a few minutes to unlock your car door.

It has happened to us all at least once. You get locked out from your car. You would be surprised to know how many people do it on a daily basis. So what do I do if I locked my car keys in the car? Because people do get locked out from their vehicles, you will find many roadside assistance companies ready for your call. Some of these companies will be mobile locksmith companies, roadside assistance such as AAA, and even insurance companies. All of them understand that you can find yourself locked out from your car when you forget the keys inside the ignition. These companies will give you the option to have your car unlocked for responsible fees.
Most locksmith companies will always have a technician on call and will not charge you any additional fees, even when you need them to come to you right away. Most locksmiths will use the easiest method to unlock your car. The most popular ways are using an air wedge or slimjim.

Lockout service

Locked keys in car. Mile High Locksmith service.

Car keys locked in trunk in their trunk.

It can happen when you are shopping and go to put your shopping bags inside, or when you are using your trunk for any reason. Many vehicles allow you to unlock the trunk from the inside of the car. This will be just a normal car lockout service. Some vehicles do not have this option, and some of them require the ignition switch to be on to unlock the trunk. If for some reason you locked your car keys in the trunk and you do not have any way to unlock the trunk except from the trunk lock, some locksmiths will be able to just pick the lock open. If that doesn’t work, we recommend you to make a valet key for your trunk.

Locked out of car or lost keys

Another situation that we find our customers get into is they are not sure if they locked their car keys inside the car, or they have actually lost the key. In this situation we recommend you to double check with the locksmith you use to see if they can unlock the car for you and, if the keys are not inside if they will be able to just make you a new key.
There are two places for most vehicles to have a new key replacement made. The first one, and most convenient, is with a mobile locksmith. The locksmith will be able to make you a new key at your car’s location. The second place will be at your car’s dealership. Although, the dealership will ask you to come in, and in some cases even bring your vehicle in.

How much does a locksmith cost to open a car door
If you are wondering how much a locksmith should charge to unlock your car door, at first you need to understand that it is a very simple process. To determine the rates to charge you, the locksmith will calculate the distance to drive to you and the time of the day, or the day of the week.


If you have full coverage insurance, call to your insurance company and ask them if your policy includes insurance roadside assistance services. You will get some, if not full coverage, for the lockout expense. It will not hurt your insurance rate and you will not need to pay any deductible.
Some of the insurance companies will have their own list for local locksmiths in your area, and will even be able to make the call for you. If they don’t have anybody to send to you, they will offer you to contact a locksmith company yourself, and when the locksmith is done, you will be able to submit the locksmith receipt to the insurance company for some refund, or a full refund.

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