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Looking for a locksmith in Colorado? Mile High Locksmith has you covered. As a 24/7 full-service locksmith, we offer fast and reliable locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive needs throughout the Front Range area.

The safety of your family and cherished belongings is the most important thing in the world and Mile High Locksmith® is the best professional home locksmith service for your home. All of our technician experts are trained and bonded professionals who understand how critical your security is to you. front door locks are one of our main focuses but we also recognize that your needs go far beyond the front door and our expertise extends to all locksmith services that you may require. We offer lock installation services, lock repair services, and rekeying locks services. Should you inadvertently lock yourself out of your house you may take advantage of our 24/7 house lockout service to get you back home. If you have a problem with your mailbox key we can correct that situation for you and if you have a gate lock with key and something goes wrong there we can get that corrected for you as well. Also, we are highly proficient at garage door repair in the event that you require service in that area. We confidently and proudly promise that Mile High Locksmith® is your best choice in a locksmith service for your home.   

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Our Services:

  • Front Door Locks
  • Lock Installation Services
  • Lock Repair Services
  • Rekeying Locks Services
  • House Lockout Service
  • Mailbox Key
  • Gate Lock with Key
  • Garage Door Repair

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Rekey a Lock Services.

Locksmith Near Me

Mile High Locksmith® is nearby and are ready to serve you! Our home locksmith services at Mile High Locksmith® are comprehensive- whatever it is that you need in a locksmith, we provide it. We have multiple “Brick and Mortar” locations which means that we provide our clients with human customer service, have inventory ON HAND most times and can provide you the option of in-store service when you prefer. But of course we provide a complete array of mobile locksmith services and we will always come to you whenever that’s what you need.

Our store hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and our 24/7 mobile services include ALL weekend and holidays.


Residential Locksmith Services

Our expert locksmiths provide complete lock and key services. We pride ourselves at our ability to rekey a lock, we can Rekey a Schlage lock, rekey Kwikset lock, almost any lock. And in cases where a lock is failing to function we always repair a lock when that is possible. If a repair is not possible we sell and install locks right from our service vans. We copy keys flawlessly and can provide you as many key copies as you require. If you lose your mailbox key, Mile High Locksmith® can either rekey your mailbox lock or replace mailbox lock right there at your mailbox location.


Cost To Rekey Locks

There is a certain level of uniformity across the locksmithing industry on what it costs to rekey a lock. A mobile locksmith will charge you a service call to bring his vehicle and equipment to your location. That service call itself can typically cost between $30.00 to $70.00 which will be a fee over and above or seperate from the fee for rekeying a lock. Not surprisingly the charge or charges for the rekey will be based upon the number of keyholes. The majority of household locks have one keyhole and thus one key. However, there are some locks with 2 keyholes, one from the outside and one from the inside of the door. Rekeying of such a lock would be considered a “double rekey”. Most locksmiths will charge from $10.00 to $30.00 to rekey each locks’ keyhole(s). Remember, the rekeying will be seperate from the trip fee. And most mobile locksmith companies will provide you with the total cost of their services when they arrive just by counting the key holes they need to rekey.

Rekeying VS Changing Locks

In most cases when you have locks in good condition on your door changing the lock will not be necessary. Rekeying locks is less costly than locks and we strive keep your costs down at all times. Rekeying your operable and safe locks will deactivate your existing/old keys ensuring that no one who has a set can gain entry through the rekeyed lock and you’ll have a new set of keys. Whenever it is possible we rekey to prevent you from having to change the locks completely.

Changing Locks

Most mobile locksmith companies will be able to change your locks the same day you order the service unless you have unusual locks. If the lock you have is not considered a standard lock for its’ specific location there may be a delay for the locksmith to obtain the lock you really need. Changing door locks is one of the most common services locksmiths provide.

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Need a locksmith in Colorado? Mile High Locksmith offers 24/7 service across the Front Range. Our experts handle all lock and key needs - residential, commercial, automotive. Locked out? We'll come to you fast. Call us for help with lockouts, rekeying, repairs, and more. Reliable service from skilled locksmiths.
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