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That said, we are not attorneys and are not offering legal advice on these pages. We use the term “evictions” in a very general sense and in a way that applies to all the myriad forms of recovering possession of a residence, rental or business premises following the issuance of a court order for possession. The removal of any person from a physical location where they have habituated or conducted business is something that you must never undertake lightly. We are your evictions locksmith but only after an Order For Possession of the location has been awarded to you, our client, in the case. If the Plaintiff, our client, attempts to simply remove a tenant, domestic partner or tenant without the proper judicial action Mile High will not be able to rekey locks or change front door lock with the intention of denying entrance to an established resident. For us to conduct these actions the Order For Possession must be in place no matter who you are “evicting”. Otherwise your actions could arguably be illegal in themselves. So whether you are evicting a boyfriend, or evicting a tenant or evicting a family member in Colorado make absolutely certain that the court has issued an order allowing you to take possession of the subject unit and that your court order is “In Hand”. This also applies when you evict a roommate on lease or evict a roommate not on lease.

In evictions cases it is standard operating procedure to have a Sheriff’s Deputy present at the time that the Plaintiff/client takes possession of the unit and, during what are frequently referred to as “Sheriff evictions”, the Sheriff’s Deputy is there on a “Civil Standby” to insure that the court order for possession is enforced and to forestall any hostility or violence that could arise from the eviction. Likewise, in a case of Domestic Violence where a Restraining Order has been issued and you have to evict domestic partner or spouse just make sure that your “ducks are in a row”. And when the ducks are in a row we will supply you with all of your locksmithing needs driven by the Court Order, even to the extent of scheduling the taking of possession with the Sheriff’s Department ourselves, but just a word about scheduling with the Sheriff. Every Sheriff’s Department has, aside from evictions, a very busy schedule of law enforcement and compliance assignments waiting in line all of the time. So, if we schedule with the Sheriff we will set the taking of possession at the earliest possible moment but it will still always depend on how quickly the Sheriff’s Department can accommodate us. Once the date is set and we are on site we will open the door for the deputy even if s/he suspects the person who is subject to the Order is in the structure, perform re keying locks, perform replacing door lock, and all other services required to return the structure to your possession and prevent the evicted individual from re-acquiring access to your structure and possessions.


Allow us to go ahead and supply you some answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions on this specific process.

When should I call a locksmith in the eviction process?
That depends on a couple of things. If you are a professional Landlord and are doing frequent or fairly frequent evictions you will have the process “down” and have these things on your calendar. Thus, if you are expecting an Order For Possession in the near future and it is perfectly reasonable to give us a “Heads Up” as to what actions are on your calendar. If you are not a professional Landlord and are new to the evictions process or handle evictions only rarely then we feel that it is more appropriate to contact us after you have been granted the Order For Possession.

What is the difference between rekeying locks & changing locks?
Rekeying a lock amounts to “cancelling” the existing keys to the lock by changing some internal components inside the lock and creating a new key that operates in the lock. This insures that the evicted person cannot use the key that s/he already has. Rekeying is your most cost effective option. Changing a lock is virtually that, taking out the existing lock and installing an entirely new one. This is by nature more expensive AND you can run into problems within the door or frame that complicate the issue.

How much does Mile High Locksmith charge to unlock a door in an eviction?
We charge $75.00 to unlock the first door and an additional $30.00 to unlock each additional door.

How much does Mile High Locksmith charge to rekey a lock?
We charge $19.00 for each lock that needs to be rekeyed.

Can Mile High Locksmith® offer me legal advice in an eviction?
No, we cannot.


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