What is the process of using a locksmith to change locks after the sheriff has evicted my tenant?
How much will the locksmith cost and when should I call a locksmith with the sheriff eviction process?
Mile High Locksmith™ is a locksmith company located in Denver, Colorado. We have been working with landlords with eviction processes for many years. We would like to share some basic information with you about our services of unlocking the doors, rekeying the locks, or changing them.
How much does Mile High Locksmith ™ charge to unlock a door with the sheriff eviction process?
We charge $75 to unlock your door. If you have more than one lock to unlock, an additional $30 fee will apply for each additional lock.
As a landlord, what should I do before I call Mile High Locksmith™ for their services?
As a landlord a written three-day demand notice must be given to the tenant. You must post this notice on the door, or you can even mail it to the tenant. Anyone in the household over 15 years old can receive the notice.

The three-day notice does not mean the tenant must be out of the household in three days. It means the tenant has three days to correct the problem or pay rent, or else the court will get involved.

If the tenant has not fixed the problem by the fourth day, as a landlord you can go to court and file a summons and complaint.

If you take the tenant to court and they lose, this means a sheriff can remove the tenant after 48 hours. You can schedule an appointment for a specific time and date with Mile High Locksmith ™ to unlock the door for the sheriff. Our technician will wait on site for the tenant to leave and will be able to either rekey the locks or change them.

What is the difference between re-keying locks and changing them?
Rekeying the locks is an easier process from changing the locks. Rekeying a lock means disassembling the existing lock from the door and changing some parts inside the locks in order to cancel the existing key and to have a new key that operates the lock. Rekeying the locks will save you knew modification problems that you can have with installing new locks that can happen on the door or the door frame.

To change the locks means to replace the lock itself.

What is the cost to rekey the locks?
Mile High Locksmith™ charges $19 for each lock that needs to be rekeyed.
Schedule Mile High Locksmith ™ for the sheriff eviction process
Mile High Locksmith ™ can meet with the sheriff and the landlord at a specific time and date that the sheriff set for the eviction process. As part of our service, we will unlock the door for the sheriff.

To set up an appointment, it is a good idea to schedule with us ahead of time after you know the date and time the eviction will occur.
Mile High Locksmith ™ provides sheriff eviction locksmith services in Denver, CO, as well as the surrounding cities. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at 720-248-8087. Our normal business hours are 7 days a week, including holidays, 24 hours a day.

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