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Baldwin Locks & Hardware

The Baldwin Company entered the lock and lock hardware business in 1946 and in the intervening 72 years Baldwin has gotten locks down to a virtual art. Baldwin Door Locks and their accompanying Baldwin Hardware are some of the best, if not the very best, locks and hardware in the world. They are seen in many of the most elegant new construction projects and prestigious residential areas that demand Designer door locksets. Baldwin lock and Baldwin hardware finishes are available in a broad variety of brass, silver and dark tones and “Hand Relieved”, “Lifetime PVD” and “Living” finishes. They are, put simply, things of beauty, works of art. The multitude of tones and finishes insures that there is a Baldwin style that will compliment any design and décor. But with all of that said you must remember what the most essential priority is in residential door locks, which is the safety of yourself, your family and your belongings. Baldwin Entrance Locksets and all Baldwin locks are second to none in security and resistance to tampering. And if you are anywhere in the Colorado Front Range, Utah Wasatch Front or the city of Las Vegas, NV and are wondering where to find Baldwin door hardware dealers or asking yourself “Where are the Baldwin door hardware dealers near me?” the answer is elementary- Mile High Locksmith®.

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Mile High Locksmith® has been in business based out of the Denver Metro area for over 18 years and has an exemplary A rating with the BBB. Also, we provide a 3 month warranty on all of our work and we have a 3 day full refund policy on top of Baldwin’s own warranty which is the best in the industry. WE are your full service locksmith anywhere in our service areas every day of the year, including holidays, 24 hours a day. And we are your single source supplier for All Things Baldwin. We can provide you with all of the Baldwin Door Locks in all of their myriad styles and finishes. We sell and service Baldwin locks and provide Baldwin front door lock installation and Baldwin door knob installation. We are also dealers in all of the Baldwin parts that you might require on occasion. We regularly have in stock, or can quickly acquire, Baldwin door lock replacement parts, Baldwin lock replacement keys, a Baldwin thumb latch assembly and, in fact, any Baldwin hardware for doors. We can of course offer you the excellent Baldwin mortise lock with Baldwin mortise lock installation. You may feel quite comfortable in considering us THE Baldwin lock and hardware service for the Colorado Front Range, Utah Wasatch Front and the city of Las Vegas.

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Baldwin Key
Designer door locksets
Designer door locksets

Baldwin Lock Repair

It is uncommon that Baldwin Door Locks or Baldwin Hardware requires repair. But in the event that your Baldwin product does need care or repair we offer you our services. We candidly suggest that you choose us over all other locksmiths because the truth is that not every locksmith has the complete access to Baldwin products and the symbiotic relationship with the Baldwin Company that we have. We are a certified Baldwin door hardware dealers and we can perform all necessary Baldwin lock repair and service. If you need Baldwin keys cut or a Baldwin key replacement we have your parts in stock and will get you taken care of. Should you need a Baldwin thumb latch repair or a thumb latch door handle repair we have your parts in stock and are ready to come to you and perform the needed service.

We just wish to mention again at this point that not every locksmith is able or equipped to service the Baldwin products. This is why we say in the utmost honesty and good faith that if you are located in the Colorado Front Range, Wasatch Front of Utah or the city of Las Vegas we are your very best choice for Baldwin sales and service.

Baldwin handlesets parts
Baldwin handlesets parts

Baldwin Lockset Installation Instructions

With every purchase of Baldwin Door Locks the buyer receives an instructional booklet on how to install their specific product. Baldwin Door Locks are something of a horse of a different color and the non-locksmith shouldn’t embark on a Baldwin installation lightly. They are more difficult to install than your average lock and they may require some very specialized drilling in your door to create the proper “match up”. Mile High Locksmith® recommends that you not try to install your Baldwin if you don’t have fairly competent fairly locksmithing skills. You don’t want to damage your door or other structural feature and render the lock un-mountable. We urge you to contact us to install your Baldwin properly for you. Or, better yet, purchase your Baldwin from Mile High and just have us handle the entire process for you. We don’t say this just to try to get your business, we really are certain that it’s the best way to get your Baldwin properly installed.

Mile High Locksmith® has been selling, servicing and installing Baldwin Door Locks and Baldwin hardware for nearly 20 years. We can and will take care of you and your elite and beautiful Baldwin products. You may call us at our toll free number of 1-800-351-0548, email us at or you may visit our website and access our user friendly appointment app to schedule a time for us to come to you. Once we are on site at your home we will give you a free estimate and will not proceed with work until you have approved the scope and cost of our serves.

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