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Security Door Locks

For a proper discussion of “Security Doors” and security door locks we need to define a security door, or the type of security door, that we are discussing. So, for the purposes of this short article we will be focusing on exterior security doors and exterior security door locks for residences. These doors are most commonly installed over the main front and back doors at homes and are ancillary doors to those main house doors. They are metal framed, and, in most cases, they have a “screen” component that allows air flow into a home where the solid wood or, in some cases, metal door does not. However, they are not simply “screen doors”. Their metal frameworks are quite strong, thus allowing air flow but nonetheless discouraging unwanted intruders. Structurally the security door is stronger and harder to break through than a typical wooden door. So, the nature and caliber of the security door locksets that are installed on the door are a critical concern. You must have strong locks that cannot be subverted by an intruder and the security door locks hardware must fit the door seamlessly. Because of the air flowing nature of the door itself the homeowner is left exposed to a certain extent and given that this is the case the security door locks and handles must be symbiotic, they must co-operate with each other to keep you safe. Since you cannot compromise on your and your family’s security, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional locksmith company when you consider a security door and residential security door locks. Despite selling the doors, hardware stores many times will not have the exact lock for the exact door. You won’t run into this if you hire a locksmithing professional.

Residential Security Door Locks

Having defined and gone into a little detail about the security doors we wish to make a recommendation to you for your residential security door locks. Our experience in the field has led us to prefer the Marks Locks brand of security door locks for homes although there are other brands that are comparable when installed on the correct door (PLEASE follow us on this, we can’t make that point too many times). The Marks Locks Cylinder, or another comparable “mortise” lock, is the best choice for any security door that it will “mate” with. But whatever brand you elect you really need to get a “mortise” style lock. The “mortise” lock is a lock that is actually set in a recess, or “mortise” within the door itself. This is what you want, it’s the safest type of lock to have on a residential security door. However, you will most likely not find them at your local hardware store. But most professional locksmiths should be able to get them as well as install and repair them for you.

Professional Locksmith

If you can find a Marks Locks product that suits you or you locate another security door locks product that you conclude is sufficient for your door, make absolutely certain that you are getting everything that you need. These locks can be purchased as a complete set but sometimes they are sold in parts, or “by the piece” as it were. You don’t want to find yourself installing the door and not having everything that you require to make it secure. That of course is not a situation that you will run into if you are using a professional locksmith, which we strongly recommend you do for the installation of exterior security door locks for your home. If you hire a professional locksmith you know that you’ll get the Marks Locks or a comparable line and specifically the Marks Locks Cylinder lock product if you like. But do remember, you definitely want a mortise type lock. You also know that with a professional you’ll get the entire set and it will be installed properly on a door which it belongs on. We just don’t think it makes any sense to take short cuts or half measures when it comes to your security, and the security of your family and your belongings.

We hope that this article has been informative. It is happily provided to you by Mile High Locksmith.

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